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Handwoven Turkish Towels & Rugs that your Home will Love – House of Luf

December 18, 2018
Handwoven Turkish Towels & Rugs that your Home will Love - House of Luf

In a world full of plastic and synthetic materials at the detriment to our environment,  finding natural products for the home that are environmentally friendly are becoming more important today than ever before.  House of Luf is one such company that will enable you to buy for your home with peace of mind as well as keeping traditional craftsmanship alive too. 

About House of Luf

Personally, I  love that Luf are keeping an ancient tradition and centuries of experience alive by producing beautiful pieces for our homes. 

House of Luf is definitely one to watch when it comes to our home. Purveyors of the finest traditional Turkish handwoven towels and rugs that are 100% natural and are made on traditional manually operated looms by skilled artisans.

Trying to find the perfect balance between buying green whilst retaining quality and modern day aesthetics can sometimes be challenging. With Luf Home, you’ll find that they’ve got everything covered.

It’s amazing to think that these towels have been made the same way as they have been for centuries and look as though they were designed to fit in with our current lifestyles and interiors. Luf’s range of Turkish towels or Peshtemals as they’re also known, are perfect for today’s modern home. To be honest I was intrigued, so Luf Home kindly sent me one to see for myself and to share with you just how beautiful they really are.

I chose one of Luf’s Kas towels in natural as it fitted the aesthetic of our main bathroom perfectly.

Beautifully wrapped with the environment in mind as its all recyclable.

When it comes to towels, we automatically think of towelling and the fluffier the better. Turkish towels (also known as Peshtemals are 100% natural made from cotton handwoven on traditional looms. 

Towels have to be one of the most practical and most used textiles that we have in our homes. So it pays to invest in good quality towels that will stand the test of time and look as good as the day that you bought it. 

Why Consider a Luf Handwoven Turkish Towel

Hey Good Looking…

Luf’s Turkish towels certainly added some much-needed eye candy to our uninspiring bathroom with its colourways as well as the intricate handwoven details

We are so used to thinking of towels in the form of towelling that it can be hard to get your head around using anything else. That is, of course, until you see one for yourself. They are quite simply beautiful to look at and can you honestly say that about a standard towelling towel? There is simply no comparison when it comes to good looks.

With a Luf towel, your bathing experience is completely different. For one, its textural quality and detail are exquisite not only visually but also to the touch. 

Investing in good quality towels ultimately saves our landfill sites and your pocket in the long run.

Whats To Love?

Smooth and silky to the touch the Luf towel drapes beautifully and feels wonderful against the skin. You might even be fooled into thinking that these handwoven towels are more of a pashmina than an actual towel to dry your body. They feel and look luxurious which will add to your bathing experience.

Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty, as well as all subjects of the empire would use these special towels in the hammam (Turkish Bath) and in their everyday lives. According to the ancient Ottoman traditions when a couple decided to marry, they would give each other a bath set, with these towels being the key piece.

Luf Home

Super Absorbent

Super absorbent, these handmade Turkish towels are made from 100% cotton which when it comes to quick drying is the best material you can use for both you and the towel. 


When you own a Luf Turkish towel, you will be owning a special piece of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s an ancient process that’s been taught and learnt for many centuries as far back as the 13th Century.

Each Turkish towel/peshtemal design, including its colour is representative of the people and the regions they are from. They’re very much like Scottish kilts where each region has a distinct colourway and style.  


If space is tight, then opting for a Luf towel is a great option for smaller bathrooms and shower rooms as they take up less space than a traditional towelling towel.

If space is tight, then opting for a Luf towel is a great option for smaller bathrooms and shower rooms as they take up less space than a traditional towelling towel. 

The Perfect Travelling Companion

Datca Towel 

Not just for the bathroom, Luf’s towels are ideal for the traveller or gym as they’re a lot more compact than regular towels. 

Luf’s Range of Towels

With 7 different ranges of towels, you’ll be hard pressed not to find the one for you. I also love that each of Luf’s towels are named and have taken their inspiration from Turkey’s popular beach towns. 


Datca is a peninsula in south Turkey just a few miles away from the Greek islands. Its natural beauty and beautiful beaches are attracting many tourists every summer.


Inspired by the beautiful town of Kalkan in south Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast.


Bozcaada is one of only two islands that belong to Turkey in the Aegean sea.

You can find more of Luf’s beautiful handwoven towels here. And they currently have them on sale from £24.99 down to £19.99! A bargain when you consider you are getting a beautiful handmade towel that will last and is such a great travel companion too.

Luf Home Turkish Rugs

This beautiful hand woven vintage rug is 100% wool. It’s from 1960s and from a small village close to Kayseri, Turkey.

As well as Luf’s range of beautiful towels, they also stock vintage handwoven Turkish rugs. Ideal if you’re looking for a colourful unique addition to the home that’s also 100% natural. I love their vibrant colourways and the attributing designs that have been skillfully created.

You can find more of Luf’s vintage rugs here.

Have a great week and thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria x

*I received this towel in return for an honest and open review. As always I only share with you products that I feel will be of interest and benefit you and your homes.

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