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The Great Faux Plant Home Trend

March 30, 2018

There’s no getting away from the fact that we are embracing mother nature in our homes more than ever, especially when it comes to our love affair with houseplants. However, even I admit that sometimes the odd plant has failed and gone to plant heaven!  At least with faux plants, you remove the guilt factor of becoming a serial plant killer and that can be a wonderful thing in itself.   The Great Faux Plant Home Trend Personally, I see…

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10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

March 27, 2018
10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

A small disaster beset the I.E. household last week. Ok, not so much a disaster, but more of the breakage of a favourite kitchen lamp of which the I.E. Hubs is guilty. In his defence, it did happen whilst in the throes of decorating the other end of our kitchen dining space so all is forgiven. This has, of course, meant I’ve been doing a bit of virtual shopping in search of a replacement. With our new botanical look and feel of our…

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Home Trends Meet The Designer Sustainable Living

Contemporary Metal Designers – AnthologyFive

March 22, 2018
Contemporary Metal Designers - AnthologyFive

When contemporary metal designers AnthologyFive offered me a chance at a behind the scenes tour of their engineering workshops, I literally jumped at the opportunity. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see the design process let alone understand the complexities of how a design comes together.  And, if you’ve yet to have heard of this relatively new and exciting company, I can assure you, you’re in for a treat.   Contemporary Metal Designers – AnthologyFive AnthologyFive’s high-quality…

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Childrens Bedrooms Interior Decor

Wall Stickers – Quick & Easy Children’s Bedroom Decor

March 16, 2018
Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

  I can’t help but love a quick and easy design solution that offers instant gratification by the mere act of peeling and sticking, can you? And whilst I’ve covered quite a few stick and peel designs from windows, kitchens to furniture, I thought we’d turn our attention to the little one’s bedroom walls today. Wall Stickers – Quick & Easy Children’s Bedroom Decor Having had 3 children myself, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed and that is how quickly they evolve from…

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Interior Decor Interior Inspiration

How To Create A Happy & Healthy Home You’ll Love

March 13, 2018
How To Create A Happy & Healthy Home You'll Love

  For some of us putting a home together that makes us happy and, dare I say it, one that is good for our health,  can be a tricky one for us to master.  On the one hand, we want our homes to not only look great but we also need them to feel comfortable to live in too. Then there are, of course, the everyday practicalities and reality of how we use our home to take into consideration whether or…

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Interior Decor Interior Inspiration Kitchen Decor Room Decoration

Kitchen Makeover with Photowall

March 6, 2018
Kitchen Makeover with Photowall

It’s been an exciting week at the I.E. Household as we’ve been in collaboration with Photowall who very kindly provided us with the opportunity to choose and install one of their rather fabulous wall murals. Decoratively, our home has only really ever seen paint hit the walls so it was definitely a first for us to introduce a feature wall and one that could be considered a brave step away from the paint! So we basically went for it, with only…

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