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Soft Furnishings Sustainable Living Texture

Ethical Soft Furnishings – Maud Interiors

June 23, 2017
Ethical Soft Furnishings - Maud Interiors

It dawned on me that I haven’t actually dedicated a whole post to soft furnishings, and so I  felt compelled to put that right today. Soft furnishings are so important in adding texture, pattern, colour and interest to our spaces. They also provide us with a feel-good factor and comfort. I also believe that if we can, we should look to ethical brands and I happened across one on my recent visit to Clerkenwell, Maud Interiors. ETHICAL SOFT FURNISHINGS – MAUD INTERIORS…

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Design Crush Lighting Sustainable Living

Design Crush – Scraplights by Graypants

June 6, 2017
Design Crush - Scraplights by Graypants

If you follow me on Social Media, you’ll have seen that I recently visited Clerkenwell Design week in London. It’s a must see event featuring the very latest in design as well as touching base with some old favourites such as Scraplights by Graypants.   I have to say these decorative pendant lights hold me captivated every time I see them. It’s not just their swoon worthy, good-looking textured forms, or how they provide warm, intimate ambient lighting that gets my attention.…

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Form & Function - Design Finds Interior Inspiration Sustainable Living

We Do Wood – Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

March 17, 2017

Forever on the look out for some eco-friendly goodness for our homes, I recently came across We Do Wood. They’re a Danish company that pride themselves on their sustainability of their designs. In case you haven’t come across them before, We Do Wood use responsibly sourced Bamboo for all of their designs.   Yes, I know I’ve written about bamboo in our homes before, but We Do Wood’s designs showcase just how great bamboo can look. I have to say that I…

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Lighting Sustainable Living

#Recycled Paper Lights – Sustainable Living

February 1, 2017

How are we all? If you managed to get through Dry January without a drop, well done to you!! Personally, I’ll be raising a mug or two of coffee to the arrival of February as I’m currently feeling under the weather, but still, here’s to Spring knocking at our door…… Cheers! Right, let’s get down to business with today’s post…… #Recycled Paper Lights – Sustainable Living It’s becoming easier to adopt an eco-friendly approach to decorating our homes as designers are providing us with…

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Interior Inspiration Sustainable Living

Cork Popping Spectacular!!! – The Amazing Natural Material for Your Homes

December 16, 2016
Cork Popping Spectacular!!! - The Amazing Natural Material for Your Homes

OK so your probably thinking right now the only spectacular thing about cork is that is holding up your 101 Christmas To Do lists on your kitchen wall. Or on a merrier note, your remembering last nights cork popping, and the bubbly flowing freely so those lists were a bit of a blur. Let’s face it, cork isn’t an obvious choice for our homes. However, this wondrous natural material has a lot more going for it than sealing your favourite bubbly or pinning things…

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Interior Inspiration Sustainable Living

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

November 8, 2016

Recently, on Facebook, a friend posted some amazing knitted sheep she had made. Jacquie,(I am sure she won’t mind me using her name), is without a doubt, a multi-talented lady. She appears to have countless abilities, and knitting is just one of them. These adorable knitted sheep, actually inspired today’s post. My crazy designer mind finds inspiration everywhere, and always connects with interiors ;)………Ready to read on and find out more?  Let’s go….. The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home We…

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