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Bathroom Edit Interior Inspiration

#10 Ways to Add Personality To Your Bathrooms

February 6, 2017

#10 Ways to Add Personality To Your Bathrooms Most of us play it safe when it comes to the bathroom. The reason behind this may be to do with what we think rather than going with what our hearts desire. It’s only natural for us to get lost in our thoughts when considering redesigning our homes, from saleability, to what our friends or family may think. Or it could just be that we are scared of doing something different? Ultimately, though it often boils down to…

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Bathroom Edit Lighting

The Bathroom Edit – Lighting

July 15, 2016
The Bathroom Edit - Lighting

A bathroom is a place that we don’t typically spend much time in, but when we do, we want to feel the love of the space. For most, it’s the only private, relaxing and quiet area in the home. It’s our little escape from the outside world. It’s usually one of the smallest spaces and so a little love and due care to the design elements is important. After all, our well-being is ever more prevalent considering the pressures of our everyday…

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