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Tipperleyhill – Pet Artists Extraordinaire 

April 13, 2018
Tipperleyhill - Pet Artists Extraordinaire 

When you combine a love of art with a love of pets and animals, you just know you’re on to a winner. Which is exactly what I did last Christmas when I ordered a pop cat print from Tipperleyhill. We absolutely love it as it makes for a fun piece in our cloakroom and also because she reminds us of our cheeky kitten Tabitha. And so with a massive 45% of the UK population owning pets, I thought you might…

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Meet The Designers – The Curious Department

November 14, 2017
Meet The Designers - The Curious Department

I hold my hands up to not writing nearly enough about art and accessories for our homes. Considering these elements are as important as the paint we put on our walls or the chair we choose to sit upon, I thought I’d introduce you to this weeks Meet The Designers – The Curious Department. They address both in a somewhat curious way that I’m sure will delight all of you that seek the unique and different for your homes.  …

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