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The Versatile Brick Tile & How To Use It

May 7, 2019
The Versatile Brick Tile & How To Use It

There’s something about the simplicity of a tile in the form of brick that makes it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It also lends itself to a variety of pattern formations allowing you to create different looks to your home. There’s also the latest colours and different finishes to consider too. The brick tile’s familiarity in our buildings formations and repetitive pattern (no matter what layout you use) is reassuring to the eye too. I’ve compiled 7 ways…

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A Guide To Skylight Blinds – A Skylight Blinds Direct Review

August 22, 2018
A Guide To Skylight Blinds - A Skylight Blinds Direct Review

A Guide To Skylight Blinds – A Skylight Blinds Direct Review Boy have we had a summer to remember with one of the hottest on record unless, of course, you’re in your middle youth like myself where you’ll not have forgotten the summer of ’76!  Its been too hot to work in my office so the kitchen table has seen a lot of activity. Not that I’m complaining as it’s allowed me to dip in and out of the garden…

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Kitchen Makeover with Photowall

March 6, 2018
Kitchen Makeover with Photowall The Botany Banana wall mural has created an urban jungle/garden feel that provides interest, depth and character to our kitchen/dining area.

It’s been an exciting week at the I.E. Household as we’ve been in collaboration with Photowall who very kindly provided us with the opportunity to choose and install one of their rather fabulous wall murals. Decoratively, our home has only really ever seen paint hit the walls so it was definitely a first for us to introduce a feature wall and one that could be considered a brave step away from the paint! So we basically went for it, with only…

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The Alternative Kitchen

October 24, 2017
The Alternative Kitchen

  I have to say the I.E. kitchen is the most used space in our home which has resulted in it looking a little tired and battered around the edges. From time to time I get to thinking about how, if we could afford to (it’s on the large size so would cost a fortune), I’d change how it looks. Having opted for a traditional set up of wall cupboards and base units ten years ago, I wish we could transform…

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How To Make Your Kitchens Stylish & Unique To You

July 11, 2017
How To Make Your Kitchens Stylish & Unique To You

As a mum and someone who loves to cook, I spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen. It is as they say the heart of our home; our place for family gatherings and to chill out with friends.  When you spend that much time in one place it makes sense to create a space that is unique to you.  So how to make your kitchens ooze with character and style, let’s take a look…..   HOW TO MAKE…

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