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The Lighting Guide – Part 3 – How To, Tips & Cheats

December 9, 2016
The Lighting Guide - Part 3 - How To, Tips & Cheats

Yay Friday has arrived, and today you get to read the final part of the Lighting Guide. We have already covered the basic principles of lighting to your homes here and here. Today, it’s all about how to go about implementing the perfect lighting scheme, as well as some helpful tips. So without further ado, let’s go! Plan The key to a successful lighting scheme is to plan ahead, and not when you’ve finished decorating. If you are going for a complete redesign of…

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What Is An Interior Designer?

September 27, 2016

What Is An Interior Designer? A few weeks ago, I wrote a post for those of you who were interested or intrigued about Considering Studying Interior Design. Today, I thought I would clarify what Interior Designers actually do. Over the course of my time studying Interior Design, I have, and still do, hear many misconceptions and preconceptions as to what an Interior Designer does, and doesn’t do. I’ll be first to admit, when I look back before embarking on my studies, I really didn’t…

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