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Radiator Love – Heating Up Your Homes In Style

July 31, 2018
Radiator Love - Heating Up Your Homes In Style

Yes, I know it’s the middle of summer and we’ve been in the midst of a heat wave, but we all know that here in the UK we spend at least the best part of nine months of the year huddled inside trying to stay warm. There’s of course, nothing like a bit of forward planning especially if you’re looking or in the process of doing up your home. With this in mind, you might want to take time to…

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Bedrooms Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

January 16, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

  Our bedroom redesign has finally begun and one important aspect has been to re-address the lighting. Lighting is so often an afterthought but it’s as important as the colour scheme and textures we choose to decorate with. If you’re looking to create better lighting for your bedroom or going for a complete redesign you may want to read on.   The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom Our bedrooms are multifunctional spaces. Getting the lighting right will create the…

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Interior Inspiration Texture

Add Texture To Your Walls With Decorative Wall Hangings

May 23, 2017
Add Texture To Your Walls With Decorative Wall Hangings

I adore texture and how it can take a room from blah to wow! If you’re wondering why it’s so important check out my post Texture, Your Secret Weapon here. Today, I thought we’d look to our walls and provide us with some wonderful textural inspiration rather than the usual suspects of cushions and throws. Our walls tend to play host to art work, and although they add colour and interest to the room, they don’t necessarily always provide textural qualities to…

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Colour Inspiration Interior Inspiration

The Colour Edit – Yellow

May 16, 2017

I set out today to write a completely different post but instead found myself thinking about colour and how it makes us feel. The weather may have been a contributing factor as it’s been decidedly miserable. Oh, and I got to wear my new Barbour raincoat (a birthday present from the OH). Its bright yellow and apart from keeping me dry, it actually cheered me up. Yellow has a way of making us feel that little bit better don’t you…

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Bite Size Design Tip Interior Inspiration

How to Use Texture & Colour

April 25, 2017

  We’re looking at texture and colour today and how they interact with each other. A while ago I wrote about the importance of texture in my post here, and how it can be your secret weapon in designing your homes. Today is about how colour and textured surfaces translate their visual and tactile qualities.     Texture has an effect on the appearance of how we see colour because of how colour absorbs and reflects light from its surface. For example, rough…

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Colour Inspiration

The Colour Edit – Red

February 13, 2017

With tomorrow being Valentines day and all, I thought it only apt to do a post, not on love itself, but the colour red that represents our celebration of love. Not for the faint hearted, red is definitely an IN YOUR FACE kind of colour. It’s not surprising then, that most of us are perhaps a little scared, or unsure of how to implement it within our homes. Our concept of red is hugely variable. It’s emotionally charged colour that is representative of  quite…

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