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The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

January 16, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom


Our bedroom redesign has finally begun and one important aspect has been to re-address the lighting. Lighting is so often an afterthought but it’s as important as the colour scheme and textures we choose to decorate with. If you’re looking to create better lighting for your bedroom or going for a complete redesign you may want to read on.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Bedroom Velvet Dark Blue With Black and Gold Suspension Lamp – Delightfull

Our bedrooms are multifunctional spaces. Getting the lighting right will create the perfect place to unwind and relax and for some, be able to study/work. Flexible and easily controllable lighting is key in bedroom spaces.

Setting The Mood

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Vita Eos Feather Lampshade Light grey – Cloudberryliving

Lighting can affect us on an emotional level too. Too bright and we can feel uncomfortable. Overall lighting in bedrooms should encourage calm and tranquillity whilst providing additional functional task lighting for other activities.Ideally, lighting in your bedroom should be bright in the morning to aid dressing etc and intimate and atmospheric at night.

Lighting & Colour

Lighting is as important as the colour choices you make. In fact, the lighting you choose for any space will affect how you perceive colour especially the amount, quality and type of light. As a rule, brighter coloured rooms require less light than their darker styled counterparts.

Make A Room Feel Larger

Light can help draw your eye around the room so layer your lighting and highlight areas and not just your bed!

Spreading light around the room can make a room feel larger than it is. Position light at different height levels around the room to help draw the eye towards it. Don’t forget shadows are just as important so restrain yourselves from lighting your bedroom up like Blackpool. Without shadow and shade in our spaces, they will lack both texture and depth.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Abigail Ahern Bedroom Makeover – Abigail Ahern

Here, in addition to the decorative pendant light, wall lights and table lamps help spread the light around Abigail Ahern’s stunning bedroom space. Mixing up the style and types of lighting will not only add interest but helps the eye travel especially when placed at different heights.

Include Lighting In Your Budget

If you’re starting from scratch make sure you include lighting in your budget as you may well need additional plug sockets, re-wiring and channelling of wall lights and so on.

Plan Your Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Here task lighting is required for the desk, chair and bed area as well the chest of drawers which doubles up as a dressing table. – The Interior Editor

If you are starting from scratch like we are, you’ll need to plan your furniture. Once you’ve drawn a furniture floor plan (see here how to draw your own), you’ll have a better idea as to the areas within your bedroom as to where you need to light. Even if you’re not, you may want to make a note of areas in your bedroom that need more or better quality of light. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to give considerations to the different lighting available and what you need to change.

Natural Light

Natural light is without the doubt one of the most important aspects to consider when lighting your room. Ensure your bedrooms receive as much natural light during the day by ensuring curtains are easily drawn back, and that furniture doesn’t block light coming into your room.

Choosing the correct window treatments such as blackout blinds or curtains will ensure you get the best night sleep. Blinds offer more versatility for daytime dressing as you can alter the amount of light the room receives whilst providing privacy. Or opt for a combination of sheer blinds and curtains for the best of both worlds.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Bedroom – Ikea

If you can utilise natural light by placing dressing tables or workstations nearer windows to make the most of natural daylight.  For nighttime use add a table lamp or overhead light to these areas.


Mirrors are especially great at reflecting and bouncing light around a room. Place behind bedside lamps, or near windows to reflect light into the room. The larger the mirror the more light will be reflected. You could also opt for mirrored finished furniture such as bedside tables.


Cost Effective

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Atelier Grande Wall Light – Ylighting

Of course, you don’t have to start from scratch if you’re wanting to improve lighting in a room. You can always review your lighting by changing bulbs, lampshades and adding additional plug-in lighting like this Atelier Grande Wall Light above.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

House Doctor – Lampensnoer e27, brons Image – Shopinstijl

Get creative with your lighting. If your budget doesn’t stretch or you live in a rental property where channelling wires into walls are prohibited consider using existing lighting fixtures.


Fab Guest House, Brighton – Anglepoise

Make life easy for yourself by ensuring your lighting switches are accessible and close by. The last thing you’ll want to do is have to get up to turn the lights off.


If you’re layering your lighting, it’s important to have one circuit for overhead lighting which is dimmable and additional indirect lighting sources on another.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

WiFi Smart LED Bulb with Voice Control, Adjustable, Multicolor, Dimmable, No Hub Required, Compatible for Android iOS Smartphone – 6 Watts 100-240V [Energy Class A+] – Amazon

There’s also the option of the smart bulb where you can dim, turn on and off with your phone or tablet as well as hands-free, voice-controlled devices like Amazon’s Alexa. They may well help reduce electrician costs and also help if you’re renting if re-wiring isn’t an option.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights whatever your choice, be it a single pendant, chandelier or downlights offer your bedrooms general lighting to move around the room. They shouldn’t be the only form of lighting.


Decorative Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Nordicdesign

Like the clothes you wear define your style and personality, decorative lighting in your bedroom can really set and reinforce the style of the room. Decorative ceiling pendants are often the first thing you’ll see when entering a room and are perfect for creating interest within bedroom spaces.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Wall Light Simone – DelightFULL

Of course, task lighting can be decorative too and these Simone wall lights really make a statement and add interest to this contemporary style bedroom above.


In addition to overhead lighting, creating localised pools of light within your bedroom space ensures that tasks can be carried out with ease.

Bedside Table Lamps

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Urbanlife

When choosing bedside lighting, table lamps are one of the most popular choices and probably the most used source of light we use in the bedroom. Opting for larger lamps for the bedside, particularly if there aren’t any other lamps, will provide more ambient light as well as a better reading experience. They also provide soft background light.


When choosing your lampshade be careful of your colour choices. Lighter coloured shades allow more light to filter through than darker shades.

Lighting Goals

Overall your bedroom lighting should be soft and glare-free to create the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Glare-Free/Diffused Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Maret Discoco Pendant – DMlights

Glare-free options like this Marset Discoco 35 Grey are a great option for ambient/task lighting to the bedside. Light is diffused by the petal-like discs providing a softer indirect lighting effect.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Asia Pendant Light by Cattelan Italia – CHAPLINS

Hanging or wall mounted bedside lights are great at freeing up space on your bedside so perfect if space is tight.

When installing make sure they are the correct height as you’ll want to more than light up the bedside table, you’ll want to be able to read by it. If going for bare bulbs, make sure they fall higher than your eye level when sitting in bed to avoid glare. You’ll also need to ensure switches/plugs are located close to the bed for ease of turning on and off.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Creca

If you’re an avid reader, you may want to opt for LED task lighting to your bedside. They provide a comfortable lighting effect as they’re a cool to touch light source that are perfect for bare arms and fabrics.


Flexible Task Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

PASTORIUS Wall Light – DelightFULL

When deciding on your bedside lighting flexibility can be key. Wall lights on arms provide greater versatility for reading/writing in bed as they can be positional whether you’re sitting or lying down.


Add Balance

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Homeedit

Using symmetry in the bedroom provides visual balance which in turn creates a calming effect. Lighting can help reinforce this with the use of bedside lamps for example.

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Balance & How It Works – The Interior Editor

You can read more about symmetry and balance here.


Asymmetry, whilst harder to achieve, can create a more visually interesting space. Here, lighting has been used to accentuate and reinforce the asymmetry of the wall behind the bed with its hidden alcove lighting and the use of hanging pendant lights.


Light Up Your Wardrobes

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Lunetto Bed and Wardrobe by Team 7 – Wharfside

Consider lighting the front of your wardrobes with LED downlights. Doing so will help light be reflected in the room (making it appear larger) but will also provide some light inside the wardrobes. If you’re not a fan of downlights, then LED strip or attachable over cabinet lights, are great alternatives. And they only require a plug to be nearby.

If you’re planning your light from scratch think about having led downlights installed above your wardrobe opening and window areas. These tend to be forgotten about and become lifeless areas without light.

Feature Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Architectural

Consider incorporating lighting into joinery like this contemporary bedroom above. It’s the perfect way to create a feature in your bedroom space.


Image – Amazon

Floor washers used under the bed or bedside tables provide great night lights. They create a floating effect which works well in contemporary styled bedroom spaces. Some are motion activated or timer controlled like this one here available on and $15.99 it’s affordable too.

Alternative Lighting Ideas


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Image – Lights4fun

Use fairy lights to provide ambient mood lighting. In this instance, they help spread light across the wall in areas where task lighting doesn’t reach.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Black Marv Floor Lamp – Loaf

Floor lamps are a great alternative to table lamps. They provide a different height level of light. They’re also good at freeing up bedside table surfaces. This fabulous Marv marble based floor lamp by Loaf has been used on its own for more of a minimalistic look, but you could easily fit a bedside table due to its slim base.


The Ultimate Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Amour neon sign – Grahamandgreen

Not all of us read in bed so you might want to opt for something more fun like this fun neon sign (available from Graham and Green).


Right, I’m off to do some more bedroom planning. I hope you’ve found today’s post helpful.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Maria x















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