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How To Choose The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home

October 18, 2019

Dining tables are one piece of furniture that is guaranteed to be a workhorse in our homes. Rarely used as just a surface to eat from, they’ve become a place to work, a place to gather and reconnect or to partake in family activities such as arts and crafts with your little ones. It goes without saying that it pays to choose the perfect dining table for your home as they are very much an investment. How To Choose The…

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Bed In A Box – Space Saving Saviour By Living It Up

October 27, 2017
Bed In A Box - Space Saving Saviour By Living It Up

Having partied at the Amara Blog Awards on Wednesday night, my thoughts have to turned to future festivities that are just around the corner. And by festivities, I do mean Christmas!! Yes, I know it may be a bit early to mention the C word, but when it comes to organising our homes, it can really pay off to get your act together now.  There are, of course, the seating issues to consider for those extra guests, as well as finding…

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