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Unique Statement Wash Basins – The Way We Live London

August 6, 2021
GRACIE Pretty Blue Botanical Countertop Bathroom Wash Basin Sink - The Way We Live London

When it comes to updating our bathrooms and/or smaller cloakrooms, the humble functional wash basin doesn’t ordinarily get the creative juices flowing. The most you’ll likely give due consideration to will be the size and shape. In fact, you’ll probably spend more time choosing taps because let’s face it that’s about as exciting as it ordinarily gets. That could all be about to change! I thought I’d share with you my exciting new discovery of The Way We Live London.…

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Unique Bespoke Traditional Bathroom Sanitary Ware by Burlington

August 28, 2020
Burlington Bespoke Handcrafted Bathroom Ceramics/Sanitaryware

We’re looking at adding a difference with a totally unique collection of hand-decorated ceramics for your bathrooms/cloakrooms today. Although, if like us you have basins in your bedrooms, you might want to consider these beautiful new designs by Burlington for there as well. We may not spend a huge amount of time in our bathrooms and or indeed our cloakrooms, but that’s not to say they shouldn’t reflect the rest of your home’s decor. Indeed your personality and choice of…

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Get Organised – Bathroom Storage Ideas & Tips

January 23, 2018
Get Organised - Bathroom Storage Ideas & Tips

Today we’re banishing the clutter in the bathroom. Whether you’re redesigning or looking for ideas to keep your bathrooms looking their best, there’s something for everyone.   Get Organised – Bathroom Storage Ideas & Tips Bathroom spaces, whether large or small, should offer you somewhere to escape and indulge in some essential me time. Keeping it clear of everyday necessities will help at least create the illusion of serenity if not the reality, especially if you have children.   Accessories Even…

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Bathroom Edit Interior Inspiration

#10 Ways to Add Personality To Your Bathrooms

February 6, 2017

#10 Ways to Add Personality To Your Bathrooms Most of us play it safe when it comes to the bathroom. The reason behind this may be to do with what we think rather than going with what our hearts desire. It’s only natural for us to get lost in our thoughts when considering redesigning our homes, from saleability, to what our friends or family may think. Or it could just be that we are scared of doing something different? Ultimately, though it often boils down to…

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