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The Best Map Pinboard Ever – Maps International Review

October 9, 2018
The Best Map Pinboard Ever - Maps International Review

*This is a sponsored post. You could say that I have a bit of a thing for maps in our homes having written about them in terms of our walls and even ceilings in the past. It’s not that I’m a seasoned traveller either. For me, it’s the gentle reminder that there’s more to life beyond our familiar surroundings. And should we wish to, we can venture and explore into the unknown.   The Best Map Pinboard Ever – Maps…

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Mapping It Out – Decorating Your Home with Maps

March 15, 2017

Maps are incredibly fascinating when you look at the detail and information they provide. And whilst they are a means of communicating the wondrous world around us, they can be perceived as works of art in their own right. Whether it be a tube map, or a more complex city map, you can’t deny they’re interesting to look at. Maps have provided us with a universal medium for centuries, regardless of language or culture, and the earliest known maps go back as far…

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