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Mapping It Out – Decorating Your Home with Maps

March 15, 2017

Maps are incredibly fascinating when you look at the detail and information they provide. And whilst they are a means of communicating the wondrous world around us, they can be perceived as works of art in their own right. Whether it be a tube map, or a more complex city map, you can’t deny they’re interesting to look at. Maps have provided us with a universal medium for centuries, regardless of language or culture, and the earliest known maps go back as far as 16,500 bc, and related to the sky.

There are a number of ways that you can incorporate maps into your home environments. You can use them to either add interest, for educational purposes, or purely for their decorative detail. The good thing is they don’t date, and are a great conversationalist piece. So whether you’re the adventurer type or just love their aesthetic qualities, there are lots of interesting ways to incorporate maps into your homes.

I’ve rounded up some map inspiration for you to get you started….



Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Decoist [Design: Applegate Tran Interiors / Christopher Stark Photography]

If there was ever a more perfect space for a map it has to be a bedroom ceiling. Just think of all those lazy Sunday mornings where you could fill your time dreaming of places to visit or streets to walk. Typically we tend to think of children’s bedrooms because of their education value, but this gorgeous bedroom space above demonstrates that grown ups can have some fun with maps too.


Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Homeanddecor

Map ceilings are also great for hiding uneven surfaces, and perfect for making a feature out of an unusual shaped ceiling like the one above.



Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Byronieporter

Maps aren’t just for walls, as this unique statement furniture piece from Byronie Porter demonstrates. Her website is full of delightful upcycled furniture or if you have a particular piece of furniture in mind, Bryonie offers a bespoke service.


Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Surfaceview

Surfaceview offers a whole range of maps in the form of blinds to suit most decor. I’m thinking study or children’s bedroom, but actually they would look great anywhere, and are definitely more interesting than a plain or patterned blind.


There’s something about tube maps with their circled destination points and connecting lines mapping out the underground systems below the streets we walk. So it’s great to find this lampshade designed by Rosies Vintage Lampshades available over at Not On the High Street.



Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Thepaintedhive


I love this concept of taking one vintage map and breaking it up into several framed images. It works a treat and looks fab as a gallery wall. A great upcycle of old or new maps.


Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Benpentreath: Photo by Jan Baldwin

There’s a sense of order with this huge map gallery above which creates a cohesive whole. It provides a wonderful feature, and one that you’d never tire of looking at. I like the fact that it has been broken down into individual pieces so that you can appreciate each part of the map. Designed by Ben Pentreath. 



Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image –Houzz | | Susan Hable Smiths & Peter Smiths Guest Cottage Bathroom

Most maps provide a huge amount of detail, which means you will never get bored looking at them.   If framing your maps seems like too much hard work, then you could always layer found maps straight on to your walls. It works a treat in small spaces such as a downstairs cloakroom, where they’d provide a interesting and unique look.

Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Houzz | Wallpaper – Created by MajestyMaps

You may want to consider having bespoke wallpaper like this kitchen above which creates a great unique feature wall. If you were brave enough you could even mark out where all your favourite places or places you’ve been to. Although some restraint may be needed if you find yourself plotting where all your favourite pubs and restaurants are!

If you’re looking for a UK based company, Custom Wallpaper Printing offer a bespoke service allowing you to choose your map and size requirements.  You can check out their website here.


Maybe you’re an all or nothing type of person, if you’re the latter, then a giant sized map certainly adds some impact. I love how Jenny Brandt has taken inspiration from the map, and picked out colours from it to decorate her dining area. It makes for a wonderful space, don’t you think?


If you’re looking for a UK-based company then Murals Wallpapers have an excellent range of map murals to suit all tastes and decor like this feminine pink and grey number. If your thinking colour palettes, there’s plenty more to choose from, if you’re not particularly into pink.



Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Theultralinx

I think the above map has been crafted from wood, and you could be forgiven for taking it for cork material. If you prefer a more subtle approach to decorating with maps, then Cork maps are a great way to add texture and warmth to a space and perfect for kitchens. You can either use it to pin notes to or use it purely as a decorative feature. The Conran Shop offers a simpler version of the one above for only £25.


Mapping It Out - Decorating Your Home with Maps

Image – Plasterinlina | Designer PLASTERLINA

Lastly, this contemporary cork map has been put to use in this open plan space. The kitchen area frames the map perfectly providing an insight into the owners worldwide travels. Definitely a conversation piece.


That’s all from me today. Until next time….

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to stop by the blog today!




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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson March 25, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    This is another of my favourites….just read the second half :) Maps are so versatile and look great in a vintage setting. I’ve been thinking about one for behind the bed for some time. Fantastic post :) xx

    • Reply Maria March 25, 2017 at 6:12 pm

      Thank you Amanda! A vintage setting would be perfect for styling with maps. Go for it… a map behind your bed would look fabulous!! :D xx

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