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Sustainable & Ethical Eco Shop – Wearth London

September 5, 2018
Sustainable & Ethical Eco Shop - Wearth London

And just like that summer is over. The kids are back to school and hopefully some form of normality is resumed as we begin to fullback into routines that are more familiar. We can breathe a little easier don’t you think in the knowledge that we aren’t having to juggle all the balls?!!   Sustainable & Ethical Eco Shop – Wearth Whilst routines are being resumed, I also think it’s the perfect time to take a step back and re-evaluate…

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Accessories Affordable Design Finds Seasonal Touches Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide – For Interior Lovers

December 1, 2017
Eco-Friendly Gift Guide - For Interior Lovers

Yes, we’re on the countdown to Christmas and whilst the mania of Black Friday has swept the country there will be those of us that have yet to start the festive shopping, myself included. Today we are looking at gifts for those interior loving friends and family members or you might just want to treat yourself. I thought we’d look at eco-friendly gifts rather than cheap mass marketed goods that have a drastic effect on our planet. It’s a great…

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Home Trends Interior Inspiration

Marble – The Ongoing Home Trend

September 19, 2017

Regardless of what’s in or out in the interiors world, there’s no doubt that marble has grown in popularity over the past few years and it looks set to stay for a few more yet. Today I thought we’d take a closer look at this marvellous natural material for our homes.   Marble – The Ongoing Home Trend   Favoured since the Roman times’ marble was, and has been, a statement of wealth. Now accessible to all, it’s grown in popularity…

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Form & Function - Design Finds Interior Inspiration Sustainable Living

We Do Wood – Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

March 17, 2017

Forever on the look out for some eco-friendly goodness for our homes, I recently came across We Do Wood. They’re a Danish company that pride themselves on their sustainability of their designs. In case you haven’t come across them before, We Do Wood use responsibly sourced Bamboo for all of their designs.   Yes, I know I’ve written about bamboo in our homes before, but We Do Wood’s designs showcase just how great bamboo can look. I have to say that I…

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Interior Inspiration Texture

5 Ways to Use Natural Woven Materials to Create A Warm & Welcoming Home

March 10, 2017

5 Ways to Use Natural Woven Materials to Create A Warm & Welcoming Home No matter what your style, most of us want to create a warm and welcoming home. It’s actually very easy to implement just by adding a few natural materials to your spaces. Today’s focus is on woven materials such as wicker, and rattan, which add texture, depth and interest to create those warm vibes. SEATING/FURNITURE Woven materials have seen a revival in many shapes and forms, and some such as…

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Sustainable Living

A Guide to VOC Free Paint For Your Homes

October 25, 2016

A Guide to VOC Free Paint For Your Homes On my quest to cover all things environmentally friendly as part of my Interior Design Degree, I discovered a whole new world of VOC free paints. As an Interior Designer, being knowledgeable, and offering sustainable/eco-friendly are important aspects of the design process. If you haven’t heard of these eco-friendly paints before, you might be interested to read on. Conventional Paints – What You Should Know You may not know this, and I certainly didn’t…

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