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We Do Wood – Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

March 17, 2017

Forever on the look out for some eco-friendly goodness for our homes, I recently came across We Do Wood. They’re a Danish company that pride themselves on their sustainability of their designs.

In case you haven’t come across them before, We Do Wood use responsibly sourced Bamboo for all of their designs.   Yes, I know I’ve written about bamboo in our homes before, but We Do Wood’s designs showcase just how great bamboo can look. I have to say that I am quite smitten!

We Do Wood – Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

I’m fascinated how designers are using bamboo to create wonderful pieces for our homes that will last.  Bamboo is incredibly strong, which helps prevent waste so you may want to consider investing in some quality furniture pieces. I think we will be seeing more designers embracing bamboo and its sustainable qualities as time goes by.

Todays post is entirely dedicated to We Do Wood. Their designs are definitely worth a post all to themselves. They are, quite simply, BEAUTIFUL!

Ready for some swooning?


Established in 2006, the duo behind the We Do Wood are furniture makers and designers, Sebastian Jørgensen and Henrik Thygesen. Sebastian Jørgensen, is the designer behind We Do Wood and a trained furniture and cabinetmaker. The design process usually starts with sketches, and from there Sebastian will  make 1:1 mock ups and prototypes. His background as a cabinet-maker means he will prepare each piece himself before going into production.   You can watch him in action here in one of their videos.

We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

We Do Wood only use Moso bamboo in their designs. Its one of the most sustainable natural resources. Sourcing their bamboo from only certified plantations, ensures that the bamboo is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. So there’s no nasties to pollute your home with.

“sustainability is quintessential to our choice of materials and techniques.  We simply place an honour in creating the most environmentally friendly furniture possible..Good furniture must quite simply stand there and invite you to use it”. (We Do Wood )

They’ve also considered their carbon foot print by shipping directly from their Chinese plantation to their European production facilities. All of their designs come flat packed. Yes, I know what your thinking, flat packs = time putting together and the odd expletive! But there is a reason behind this. Minimal packaging and decreased shipping volume reduces the carbon footprint of their products. If you’re not sold on the environmental side, then maybe the fact that once constructed, they will stand the test of time due to bamboos durability.  You’re looking at long-lasting, great quality pieces for your home that are truly sustainable. There’s no comparison really. Oh and there are videos to watch how to assemble the pieces, which should help, and from what I’ve seen they are pretty straightforward.


We Do Wood’s furniture pieces are sold worldwide, so don’t be put off by the fact that I have only included UK sellers below. Here are a few of my favourites from their range of eco-friendly goodness.


We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

Having watched the video tutorial for these shelves on We Do Wood’s website, these fab box shelves actually slot on to the bamboo backing board. It makes them quite versatile. You can change the look to the shelves by moving the shelf boxes around to accommodate any changes or just to create a different perspective.

Good To Know: MIDI Horizontal bookcase: 27x37x22 cm, Square bookcase: 32x32x24 cm, Vertical bookcase: 42x26x26 cm, Mounting bar: 115 cm Colours: Olive, Cool Grey, Dark Grey

Price: £415 Available from Theorganisedhome (Midi)


We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

I adore the sheer simplicity of this coat frame. Unlike, hooks on the wall, where your coats can look messy, this piece actually contains and frames them.  I think it’s aesthetically beautiful and for a tactile person like myself, the pull down rod coat hooks are a winner. It’s also great if you have the smallest of hallways. Sadly, I do, and I am completely sold on this coat frame as it takes up very little space and makes good of the vertical. When we do get round to redecorating our hall, I will seriously be considering this!

Good To Know: Material: moso bamboo and steel, Height: 150 cm, Width: 53 cm, Depth: 7 cm

Price : £215 (Available at Connox)


We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

The Correlations bench is one of those pieces of furniture, that you know you could put to good use. It has a removable lid with plenty of storage. Simply designed with no unnecessary details, you can interlink however many benches you like into one piece by a Correlations Link connector.  Scandi design at it’s best, don’t you think?

Good To Know: Height: 43 cm, Depth: 50 cm, Length: 80 cm

Price – £480  Available from E-Side

We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – We Do Wood


The Field Desk is another flexible and functional piece that can be disassembled easily by two specially designed clamps that hold the table parts together. So if you find yourself on the move a lot this desk would be the perfect option for you.

Good to Know: Height: 75 cm, Depth: 55 cm, Length: 95 cm

Price: £585 Available from Connox


We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

Not forgetting the little ones, We Do Wood have produced a functional children’s desk/table. A large pull out drawer ensures that all those pens and papers can be stored out of  sight when it’s tidy up time. Team it with the Lilly chair and you’ve got a gorgeous combo for your little ones to while away some time.

The beauty of this piece is that aesthetically it will fit into most rooms. You could even consider using it as a coffee/side table or, if you have the space, a bedside table. Just think of how much paraphernalia you could cram into that draw.

Price – £212 | Available from Miniobjectsofdesire


We Do Wood - Sustainable Scandi Furniture Brand

Image – Wedowood

“…my intention with Loop Shelf was to reshape the traditional shelf and give it more form and function. The shelf is very thin and yet 26 cm deep to give it more functionality and the turned bamboo parts add strength and are also used for mounting the shelf.”
Designer Sebastian Jørgensen

A wonderful versatile shelf, the Loop Shelf offers you the flexibility to hang individually or create a complete module shelving system.  The specially designed loop-shaped brackets are mounted directly onto the bamboo shelf, creating a light and exceptionally strong piece of furniture. The brackets are available in brass or black steel, which can easily be recycled when the product has reached end of life.

Good To Know: Height: 31 cm, Depth: 26 cm, Length: 72 cm

Price: £108 Available from Connox

There are other designs available, and you can check out their website here. If you’re tempted, as I am to own a piece, they have a list of world-wide suppliers to choose from.

Until next time….

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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson March 21, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Interesting read. I was recently contacted by someone doing a dissertation on the use of bamboo, it made me look further into it. Some nice things here Maria :) x

    • Reply Maria March 22, 2017 at 9:40 am

      Hi Amanda, thanks for your comments and stopping by the blog. I think we will be seeing more great designs using bamboo as time goes by. It’s such a fab eco-friendly material. :D

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