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The Copenhanger – Vertical Storage Solution

May 12, 2017

Yikes somehow we’ve arrived at Friday again. With the weekend inviting us to sit back and relax, it’s a chance for us to take five, breathe, and recap before starting all over again on Monday. But first, a little inspiring design post for you today. The Copenhanger – Vertical Storage Solution I’m forever on the look out for innovative designs that are not only functional, but also provide us with good-looking pieces for our homes. I’m sharing the Copenhanger with you today, as…

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Design Crush Interior Inspiration Let's Get Organised!

Lets Get Organised with Iconic Brand string®

May 5, 2017

It’s this time of year with its brighter mornings, and evenings, that you might start to look at your homes in a different light, and I do mean in the literal sense. If not because you start seeing the dust more, but also because of the transition from Spring to Summer, (which feels like forever), the majority of us are looking to make changes to our homes. It’s the perfect time to get organised, and free ourselves from the accumulative…

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Design Crush Furniture Design

CH24 Wishbone Chair – Hans J Wegner 100th Birthday Celebration

April 28, 2017

 CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J Wegner 100th Birthday Celebration April has been a month of birthday celebrations for myself and my youngest.  It also happens to be the birth month of revered master craftsman, Hans J Wegner.  I thought we’d celebrate together with one of his iconic chair designs, the CH24 chair or as it often referred to due to the Wishbone Chair due to its form. Hans J. Wegner Hans Wegner had a passion for designing chairs, and with…

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Interior Inspiration Pattern

How To Use Subway Tiles

March 31, 2017

I thought you might like a little light reading after my last post on 100 Years of Italian Interior Design at Heals. It was quite a mammoth post even if I do so say myself. So today we’re taking it easy and seeking some inspiration from a classic tile for your homes, the Subway Tile.   I actually have them in our kitchen, and you may have too, as they’re  a popular choice. The Subway tile is your no-nonsense, versatile, and easy…

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Design Crush Pattern

Designer Crush – Timorous Beasties

March 3, 2017

Designer Crush – Timorous Beasties I’ve had a serious crush on Timorous Beasties designs since my Interior Design study days. You may have already come across their designs, but just in case you havent, they are a predominately a fabric and wallpaper design company. Having said that, for me their designs are works of art in their own right. And who doesn’t want to have some form of art in their homes.   Timorous Beasties fabrics and wallpapers are handprinted and are the mainstay…

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Design Crush Furniture Design

Eames & That Lounge Chair!!!

November 11, 2016

Eames & That Lounge Chair!!! It had to happen sooner or later. I would have to write a post about one of my favourite Iconic chair designs, the Eames Lounge Chair. As it turns out, I had yet another encounter with this 20th Century design classic at Heal’s last week, and its been on my mind ever since. So this post comes to you sooner than planned. To be honest, as I don’t actually own one (YET), I have become a bit of an Eames…

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