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A Poster A Day – Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

November 10, 2017
A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE


Ok, so I am mentioning the C word today, but as I’m combining Art and an Advent Calendar, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.  My excuse? The latter most definitely has to be addressed before 1st December AND I’ve not written a post on art before.

My latest discovery is JUNIQE’s brilliant A Poster A Day Advent Calendar. It’s already hit my list of wants and needs for the home. And the I.E. Hubs is ecstatic that I’ve added it to said special list. Ok, perhaps I’m not being totally honest here.  All this researching and finding new and wonderful things to share with you guys might mean my list has grown a little too long for his liking. But A Poster A Day Advent is for Christmas so I moved it swiftly across to my Christmas Wish List so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! Ready to find out why?……


A Poster A Day – Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

Whilst there’s been a massive increase in creative advent calendars, JUNIQE’s A Poster A Day Advent provides you with more than a forgotten memory of chocolate or other edible gifts. It has longevity and creativity to it that provides the lucky owner with the perfect opportunity to experiment with art and their walls.

A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

Artwork can be something that most of us will have hesitated and/or pondered over at some stage in our lives. Often questioning ourselves as to where to start or what to buy.  Blank walls can have the effect of creating feelings of uncertainty and you’d also be forgiven for thinking that art is expensive. It’s not hard to understand why some of us will put it off time and time again.  A Poster In A Box Advent could be the solution you are looking for.


A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

JUNIQE have been helping revolutionise the European art market by making art accessible to the masses since 2004. Catering to the individual, their curation of exciting designs by authentic artists and inspiring people means that art can be apart of everyone’s everyday lives and not just those with deep pockets.


Every day, we work to empower emerging and established artists to profit from the sales of their work so that they can continue to do what they do best—create art. Our platform enables these talented individuals to share their work with a pan-European audience. (JUNIQE)


A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

The Poster A Day Advent comes with, as you’d expect, 24 different posters. Each one is part of a limited edition of 1000. 

If you’re a wannabe art collector or you’re one already, then this would be the perfect gift to yourself for all the Christmas organising, present buying and food shopping that you’ll have to endure for the whole of December! If it’s not for you, it’d make a great gift for an art lover, gallery wall addict or perhaps a young adult whose wanting to make their room their own.


A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE

Poster lowdown – Size: 20x30cm – Digitally White 240 g/m2 premium paper, semi-gloss finish, white border (1 cm wide)

And if your one of those people who like to see before they buy JUNIQE do have a spoiler page here where you can check out the types of prints to expect in the advent calendar. They cover a wide range of different styles to suit most interiors. I’ve already had a peak and spotted quite a few I could adorn my house with especially my office  ;)

You may be thinking that you or the person you’ve bought it for might not like all of the 24 posters, but as these will be opened before Christmas, the ones you’re not so keen on could always be gifted to someone who would.

At £49.50, The Poster a Day Advent Calendar is a total bargain as the value of the artwork individually comes to £237.60. A brilliant cost-effective way don’t you think to add some artwork to your walls? (if you’re buying this for yourself that is). All you’ll need to do is buy some frames or check out your local charity/thrift shops.


A Poster A Day - Advent Calendar by JUNIQE


You can find Juniqe’s Advent Calendar here or if you prefer to pick out your own artwork, you may want to check out JUNIQE’s website here where they have an abundance of affordable artwork as well as home accessories, stationery and gifts.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Maria x

All images – JUNIQE




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