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The Best Sleep Experience With The Fine Bedding Company

December 20, 2021
The Best Sleep Experience With The Fine Bedding Company - Boutique Silk Duvet & Pillows

Ad | I received the Boutique Silk Duvet and Boutique Silk Pillows from The Fine Bedding Company for an honest and fair review for the purposes of this post. All words are my own. The Best Sleep Experience With The Fine Bedding Company If there’s one thing we’ve personally missed these past couple of years, it has to be spending a night away in the comfort of a hotel where everything is just as it should be AND you realise…

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DIY PROJECTS Room Decoration Sustainable Living

How To Paint UPVC Doors Easily – Frenchic Paint

October 16, 2020
How To Paint UPVC Doors Easily - Frenchic Paint

Life at our cottage has been pretty hectic with our living room in full makeover mode. I did want to share with you part of this rooms journey though as it also forms a little update to our garden room which you may recall we redecorated last November. How To Paint UPVC Doors Easily – Frenchic Paint We have two sets of double patio doors made from UPVC in our garden room one of which you gain access to our…

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Kitchen Edit Sustainable Living

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal – Practical Kitchen Solutions

April 17, 2020

No pretty images today but more about a practical solution that you might not have considered for your kitchens. We’re talking about Food Waste Disposal systems, which if we hadn’t have actually inherited one with our ’70/80’s kitchen, we might never have given a second thought to upgrading to a modern version. Of course, this is all about planning whilst in lockdown, which not only helps pass the time but gives us something to look forward to on the other…

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Accessories Interior Decor Meet The Designer Shop Love Sustainable Living

Shida Preserved Flowers Sustainable Longlasting Home Decor

February 28, 2020
Agatha Bouquet - Shida Preserved Flowers - 100% biodegradeable Sustainable floral home decor

AD: I received the Agatha Bouquet from Shida Preserved Flowers for the purposes of styling and showing how beautiful their longlasting flowers are in the home. With our adoration of all things nature-inspired ever on the increase, I thought I’d introduce you to Shida Preserved Flowers. Not only are these naturally preserved flowers and foliage exquisite in every way, but they also provide you with long-lasting decor that is sustainable and longlasting. You might even be tempted to ditch the…

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Home Trends Houseplants Interior Decor Sustainable Living

The Natural Environment Biophilic Design, Our Homes & Our Wellbeing

June 25, 2019
The Natural Environment Bioliphic Design, Our Homes & Our Wellbeing

I thought we’d take a closer look at our connection with the natural environment, biophilic design and our homes and the effect that it has on our wellbeing today. You may or may not be aware but we all invariably take some visual comfort from mother nature. Our connection with the outside world is without a doubt a powerful one. And we’ve been stimulating our senses with nature-inspired decor and other elements for thousands of years. It’s no surprise that…

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Houseplants Real Homes Tour Sustainable Living

The Botanical Modern Boho Home of Judy Lynch

June 14, 2019
The Botanical Modern Boho Home of Judy Lynch

We’re ending the week with one of our wonderful @greathomestaketime winners, Judy Lynch aka @whynotknot. Her fabulous home is one to be admired for on her amazing plant collection alone that breathes life into every corner. And then there are the limitless textural delights in the form of thrifted goodness. Proving that you can create a warm and inviting home without all the paraphernalia of expensive decor and accessories. Ready to be inspired? I know I am. The Botanical Modern…

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