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10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

June 26, 2018
10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

When it comes to adding personalised decorative touches to our homes, you really can’t beat adorning a shelf or two with carefully curated pieces.

Shelves are a fantastic way to express yourself and you’ll be amazed by how much you can tell about a person just from how they’ve styled them. They pretty much reflect our interests, tastes and personalities. And with so many ways to style them, they provide us with the opportunity to get creative and change the look of a room pretty quickly too.


10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

No matter how many #shelfies you may have come across on social media, there will never be two like. Each shelf offers us the ability to express our individuality. Styling aside, there is also the shelf itself to consider. So today I thought we’d up our styling game with 10 Shelving Designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing with the endless possibilities of styling them. Ready?



10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Tickety shelves Loaf

This freestanding unit from Loaf is ideal for those that like a bit of order with their shelving. Each section allows you to compartmentalise perfect vignettes separately. Its open framework also provides a sense of space and would be great used as a room divider in a smaller space or pair with another to create a larger open display. Price: £645


Shelving Tip: Think about moving objects/art from one room to another allowing you to change the look of your shelves. Consider adding seasonal decor such as pinecones or a vase of shells from your latest beach vacation to bring the seasons into play and connect with the mother nature.


Shelf Art – Frame It

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Burnished Brass Shelves – Small Cox & Cox

These burnished brass wall shelves are the latest offering on the shelf front from Cox and Cox.  I adore how they frame whatever you choose to adorn them with. Creating a kind of shelf art for carefully chosen accessories. They’d make a great alternative to artwork on your walls and you get to change the look and feel of space by swapping the display as and when you fancy. Price: £55


The Tall & Narrow – Space Saving

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Highwire Shelf Loaf

This wired cage design makes great use of the vertical allowing you to combine storage with display. Great for the likes of bathrooms, home offices and kitchens especially if you’re rocking the industrial vibe. Price: £245


A carefully curated shelf not only enhances our homes but offers a reflection of those that live there. Refining your choices to only what you love and what makes you happy.



10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

House Doctor Black Chic Wall Mirror With Shelf Hurn & Hurn

Even those amongst us that prefer minimalistic design, would find it hard to ignore this chic wall mirror and shelf combination. Admittedly the shelf is small but it’s perfectly formed for those ready to hand essentials. It’s also a great space-saving design as it fits snug to the wall.  The mirror would also help create a sense of space with its reflective qualities so would work well in a bathroom or hallway as well as a bedroom. Price £159.95


SHELF TIP: Shelves also allow us to the versatility to change things up in a room. By swapping and adding artwork, books and objects from vases to shells, you can completely transform the look of a room by just altering and changing a few things up. It’s a quick and easy interiors fix and free (unless you’ve bought something new).


Rustic Combination

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Rustic Wood Shelf – Melody Maison

I love the look of the unperfect, don’t you? It adds character to a room and this charming rustic wood shelf appeals to my sense of there being a hidden story with its distressed finish. The metal brackets are also handy for hanging the likes of utensils and towels off whilst you curate the perfect shelfie to adorn your walls with. Price £29.89 (on sale at the time of writing).

Mixing It Up

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Deco Marble Shelving Unit Atkin and Thyme

There’s nothing like wood to add warmth to our homes and this one has brass edged details as well as the cool contrasting texture of marble shelves to add to its good looks. It’s also a great way to combine storage with display. I say hide the unsightly and show off your cherished accessories. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that would look great from your living room to a large hall or maybe a bedroom space. A rather delicious piece of shelving furniture that your eyes can feast on. Price: £599


SHELFIE TIP: Try not to over style your shelves by ensuring there’s a sense of visual balance with the objects that you choose. Creating space between will allow your chosen pieces to sing and be seen.


Metallic Timeless Glamour

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Milano Open Shelving Unit – Audenza

There’s nothing like metallics to add some wonderful glamour to a room that instantly lifts and adds an air of elegance. A timeless design, this Milano Open shelving unit from Audenza also helps with creating the feeling of openness and space with its glass shelves and minimalist framework. Leaving you to perfectly curate your collections within each framed section. You might even want to consider buying two as they would look fantastic as a room divider. Price: £425


Bathroom Shelfie

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Metal Wall Hanging Shelving Unit, Large – Cult Living

Bathrooms can be lacking in storage especially if it’s on the small side.  Opting for a versatile shelf design like this metal design from Cult Living allows you to hang towels as well. Just pop your lotions and potions in pretty jars and you’ll have created a functional but aesthetically pleasing shelf display. This would also be ideal for a kitchen area where space is tight. It’s also been put on my wishlist! Price: £69


Displaying objects that have meaning will make you happy and that’s what our homes should be about.


Compact Living

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Fläpps Patterned Narrow Shelf

This Flapps Patterned narrow shelf takes Compact Living to the extreme.  More about functionality than display, this shelf is handy for when space is at a premium; folding completely flat to the wall when not in use. I like that even when it’s not in use it then becomes a decorative feature. Price: £175


The Ornamental Shelf

10 Shelving Designs To Get Your Shelfie Fix

Monkey Wall Shelf AUDENZA

Of course, the shelf itself can be the feature rather than the objects you use to decorate it with. This quirky Monkey Wall Shelf is ideal for adding a bit of glam and the unusual. Great for your latest plant acquisition faux or real. Price: £55


On a final note, don’t fall foul of trying to please or copy others. Your home is your unique space and the art of display boils down to being true to yourself and what you like. Whether it be an old book or a handmade clay pot that your little one made, having objects on display that allow us to capture/remind us of a memory or have personal meaning, are important to our happiness and wellbeing.


That’s all from me this week as I’m taking a little break to recharge and sort the house out!

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are.

Maria xx

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  • Reply Hollie Brooks | July 2, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring our Monkey Wall Shelf & Milano Open Shelving, Maria! What a fantastic idea to use the Milano as a room divider!

    • Reply Maria July 3, 2018 at 8:56 pm

      My pleasure Hollie! You have some fantastic designs :D

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