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The Big Floral Home Trend

May 22, 2018

Hands up who watched the Royal Wedding at the weekend? You too? Wasn’t it rather fabulous and even if you didn’t you wouldn’t have been able to avoid reading or watching the highlights. As with any high-profile wedding let alone a royal one, there’s always the guests and who wore what and if there’s one trend that goes hand in hand it’s fashion and interiors. I particularly fell in love with Carey Mulligan’s sweet floral print Erdem dress. And if you haven’t guessed from today’s title we’re going all floral with some of the latest designs in the interior world.


The Big Floral Home Trend

The Big Floral Home Trend

Sanderson Rose & Peony Rug – Modern Rugs

This week also sees the start of The Chelsea Flower Show and if you love your garden with its beautiful array of colour that mother nature has bestowed upon us, you might be tempted to bring some of those beautiful blooms inside. I’m not talking full on Laura Ashley from the 80’s (yes I remember them all too well), unless you want to that is, but it has to be said floral designs have a wonderful way of brightening up our homes.  Dare to go bold and daring with statement pieces or opting for a more delicate pared-back approach either are great. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I hope you’ll find some blooming marvellous inspiration for your homes with today’s post. As a former florist, I have to say that I’m loving quite a few of these and would if I could introduce most of them into my own home. Ready?…



The Big Floral Home Trend

Arpaio Roller Blind – English Blinds

Starting you off gently with a delicate number for your windows from English Blinds where the walls have picked out the soft dusky pink from this vintage print. Perfect for adding interest to a neutral setting and whilst they’ve been used here to full effect in a dining space, this design would also look great in a bedroom setting to create calm and soothing vibes.



The Big Floral Home Trend

Printed Silk Cushion – AUDENZA

British silk textile designer Emily Rose’s silk scarves impressed Audenza so much that they decided to ask her to make them some exclusive cushions. Playful designs inspired by bygone carnival era and are perfect for those of you that love maximalist or eclectic style interiors. They’re also nearly half price at the time of writing too.
The Big Floral Home Trend

Rossita Double Bedset MADE.COM

If you’re a lover of abstract art and prefer a less obvious floral design, this Rossita bedset would be perfect. It’s been designed by surface pattern designer Charlotte Beevor who is renowned for her impressionist aesthetic of unusual colour combinations and pattern.  Just check out the strong brush strokes in the pattern aren’t they fab.


Statement Chairs

The Big Floral Home Trend

Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Flowers With Holes ArmChair- Smithers of Stamford 

Nothing beats a statement chair and this one from Smithers of Stamford is definitely one for those of you that love vibrant colour with its oriental lilies and electric blue background. I can almost smell them now. It’s been designed by Seletti Wears Toiletpaper and like their name, this Italian brand designs wonderfully eccentric furniture. This Flowers with Holes retro-inspired design is my favourite one as the others are a little too out there for me especially with names like Shit Snakes lol.

The Big Floral Home Trend

Folding Chair Fläpps – Knife Flowers – OOSTOR.com

I love this space-saving folding chair that doesn’t need to be hidden away when not in use. In its folded state it almost becomes a piece of art. FLÄPPS is a mere 20 mm flat so doesn’t take up any space at all and is great for those unexpected guests. Easy to open and easy to close with a single snap. A chair to stow, print and adore. Due to its unique folding mechanism, FLÄPPS is always ready to use.



The Big Floral Home Trend

The Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Small Cabinet – Wooden Furniture Store

Ok, so furniture is more of a long-term commitment to your homes than a cushion or blind. But I say if it makes your heart sing, and this Oriental cabinet with its beautifully adorned flora and fauna elements does for me, then go for it. This Chinese inspired cabinetry also comes in black if this turquoise blue is a little too loud for you.



The Big Floral Home Trend

Summer Garden Charcoal – ARTHOUSE

There’s no denying that wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years and you may recall I wrote one of my longest and most informative posts here on how to go about using them. It would, of course, be rude of me not to include some floral wallpaper here today. It’s good to keep up with the latest designs don’t you think? This one is from appropriately named Summer Garden and also comes in a white background but I have to say I’m loving the darker charcoal one above myself.

TIP: To stop a room from feeling overwhelmed with more detailed larger scale designs, pick out the secondary colours in the pattern and use them as a to set the bar for the rest of the room. (The Interior Editor – Your Guide To Using Pattern In Your Homes)


The Big Floral Home Trend

Artworks Victorian Decorative Patchwork – Original Style

After my mammoth post on 22 Ways to Tile Your Homes, last week, I’m afraid I couldn’t resist adding just one more tile inspiration.  These tiles from Original Style show just how cool it is to combine two different styles that work in harmony together. Modern sink and fittings paired with Victorian-inspired decorative tiles, you wouldn’t think they’d work but they do.  It’s also interesting to note that this type of tile would have been used to adorn fireplaces in a Victorian setting. Using the unexpected and applying it in different ways really does make a unique home don’t you think?



The Big Floral Home Trend

Ted Baker Maximil Pink Rug – Modern Rugs

You’ve got to love a rug for adding a splash of colour to any room and I’ve been looking for a nature-inspired one for our living room for ages especially since we painted the fireplace walls dark. Rugs are a brilliant way to lift a room and add a beautiful decorative touch to our floors.  I say why not go for it with a standout statement rug. They’re perfect for adding some drama, colour and pattern too and there are some that are almost works of art in themselves to look at.

This gorgeous luxurious rug designed by Ted Baker has been digitally printed on a mix of pure Wool and Tencel. Tencel happens to be an eco-friendly fibre from the eucalyptus plant which has a look and feels very similar to silk, whilst also being very durable.

The Big Floral Home Trend

Odyssey Carpet – Carpet Right

Or if you prefer a more subtle approach but still want to add impact why not choose a monochrome carpet like this one from Carpet Right. It balances out the white walls perfectly offering interest to what is a neutral colour scheme whilst providing comfort underfoot together with its wonderful soundproofing qualities.

TIP: Take into consideration the size of your room when choosing patterned carpet of any kind. Smaller patterns including florals, are best suited to small-medium sized rooms so you can appreciate the detail.


The Big Floral Home Trend

Aquafleur Anthracite Drum Shade by MINDTHEGAP – Lime Lace

I adore Mind The Gap designs and featured one of their wallpapers here. Today we taking a look at their Aquafleur Anthracite Drum Shade which forms part of a brand new premium collection of eclectic style lampshades. It’s suitable to adorn your table or floor lamps and it’s a simply wonderful dramatic floral design that has taken some inspiration from the Art Deco era to bring you a really unique design for your homes. It makes my heart flutter just looking at it and the words “I need one of those” have been uttered as I write…. *sighs.


The Big Floral Home Trend

Biome Deckchair by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale – Art Wow

If your garden is lacking in colour and/or your gardening skills aren’t anything to write home about, this Biome deckchair would be ideal for injecting colour and spicing up your outdoor spaces. Or why not take it with you to the beach or that camping trip you’ve planned as it folds easily for storage and comes with a canvas sling for easy transportation. And you needn’t worry about it being left out in the rain either as the fabric has been heat set to prevent colour runs and doesn’t fade in sunlight either. This one’s on my list for our glamping trips to Cornwall!



The Big Floral Home Trend

Garden Whispers’ Wallpaper by Carol Robinson – Wallsauce.com

And lastly, before you go why not be brave and go bold with a floral ceiling. It’d certainly turn heads and make for an interesting feature.

Disguising an awkward ceiling can easily be achieved by wallpapering the ceiling and walls in the same wallpaper. This is great for any of you considering a loft extension. (10 Reasons Why Decorating Your Ceilings Can Enhance Your Home – The Interior Editor)
Are we loving florals or do you prefer them in a vase? It’d be great to hear from you!
Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by and if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll be able to catch up with all the latest from my trip to Clerkenwell Design event in London today.
Maria x
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