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The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

July 10, 2018
The Terrazzo Trend - Inspired Look & How To Use It
The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Whether you follow trends or not there’s always something we can take away from the latest in interiors. Today we’re looking at the latest Terrazzo inspired designs that have been filtering into the interiors world.

Terrazzo itself has been around, albeit in a rough inventive kind of way, since the Neolithic times.  And I have to say its graphic like aesthetics work well in our modern home settings.  It may even be your preferred choice over the cool look of marble that has dominated in recent years.


The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

The matte texture of the Suspence Pendant Light (Light Grey) from Nest looks fabulous against the terrazzo wallcovering. The soft grey colour helps visually connect the terrazzo pattern and pendant beautifully too!

Considering you’ve probably walked on terrazzo without batting an eyelid in the supermarket or shopping mall, your probably wondering how its managed to filter its way into our interiors. I’m always amazed at how designers reinterpret something that has become so commonplace amongst us.

When you get down to it and actually take a closer look at terrazzo, you can see its immediate appeal. Scaled up those irregular flecks of marble and granite embedded in pigmented cement and you can see why. Designers have applied this definitive terrazzo aesthetics to different surfaces altering its dimension and colourings and you have a material that can be utilised in a number of different applications through the use of textiles, wallpaper coverings and a whole host of other design elements.

It’s also a great alternative to the cooler marble trend that has been around just as long.

Designers are taking terrazzo to new heights literally from our floors to other interior related pieces from soft furnishings to art and then there are the colour combinations that appeal to our modern-day living. From greys through to peachy pinks the flecks of graphic pattern provide our homes with interesting surfaces.

TERRAZZO FACT: 15th Century Venetian builders repurposed discarded marble chips during the construction of that time to create outdoor terraced floors. Terrazzo means terrace in Italian.


And in case you’re smitten, I’ve compiled some of the latest terrazzo finds that you might like to update your homes with as well as 5 quick looks to get your creativity going and to provide you with some interior inspo.



Hands up who doesn’t love a design that not only has wonderful aesthetic properties but also offers you an easy to care for solution to your floors and maybe your walls. More often than not practical equals boring but terrazzo is incredibly durable and hard-wearing material that will outlast most flooring materials. Even if you’ve mistreated it, terrazzo can be restored and repolished to bring it back to life.


The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Ofelia Rustic Porcelain Floor Tile – Tile Mountain

You can, of course, like anything today fake it. Tile Mountain offer a terrazzo look-alike Ofelia Rustic floor tile shown above. It’s a replication of terrazzo style but in durable porcelain and is virtually indistinguishable from the floors that have inspired it and there’s no need for post-installation sealing that terrazzo requires. And it’s cheaper too than the real deal at almost half the price. These tiles are £28.99 (on sale from £37.68 psm) whereas Terrazzo comes out to about £75 psm.


Unlike other surfaces,  terrazzo can be restored to pristine condition years after it’s been laid by re-grinding and re-polishing the floor.



The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Ferm Living Terrazzo Wallpaper Rose Cloudberry Living

Visually we are attracted to colour and pattern when we enter a room. The appeal of applying terrazzo by way of wallpaper means that your eye is drawn to its random display of coloured chips that provide you with a sense of movement. This particular wallpaper is also available with a grey background if you’re not ready to move on to adding colour to your walls with soft pink. On sale at £58.50 per roll.


The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Terrazzo Side Table AUDENZA

This classy little terrazzo side table would look just as great outdoors as it would inside. Perfect size for a lamp and a cup of tea, or a glass of wine or two. The terrazzo top makes for an understated and stylish small side table or display table. The frame is made from iron coated in a matt black lacquer. Folds up for easy storage. It’s currently on sale at £138 saving you £57 at the time of writing.

Terrazzo happens to be a sustainable material to use in your homes as it reuses off cuts to create the flecks within it’s design.


Textiles – Soft Furnishings

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Terrazzo Bedding OOSTOR.com

With its distinctive and colourful confetti pattern, Terrazzo is a catchy and playful design, which is perfect for bed linen. This bedding set is made from 100% cotton with a satin weave that ensures your bed linen is extra smooth. You’ll also be pleased to note that it’s been manufactured in Poland according to the Öko-Tex standard. Öko-Tex is an independent certification system guaranteeing that the products are free from harmful levels of pesticide, heavy metal and formaldehyde residues. £89




The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Iggy Outdoor Cushions 45 x 45cm, Blue MADE.COM

Cushions soft enough for comfort but durable enough for life outside.  There are two gorgeous colours to choose from too or why not invest in both.  It’s an easy way to introduce the terrazzo trend to your outside space and they’re water resistant. On sale at £12 from £20


The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Jett Table Lamp, Grey Terrazzo MADE.COM

Add an artisanal touch with Jett, a range of lamps in on-trend terrazzo. In a pared-down palette, this table lamp is the ideal addition to your bedroom – just add a statement bulb. Jett comes in a pendant light style, too, so you can match your top half to your bottom half, interior-wise.


With terrazzo being applied to a number of different design elements for our homes, there really is no excuse not to use this pretty speckled pattern in your home. It applies itself to a variety of styles from cool minimalist look to warmer homelier vibes. Designers are playing with colour combinations and scale of terrazzo ensuring it’s popularity amongst those who want to add subtle colour pattern without it becoming overbearing.


Terrazzo Inspired Looks

I’ve put together 5 different looks inspired by terrazzo each adding their own appeal dependent upon your style and of course your preference in how you want to make your home feel which is paramount to creating a happy home.

Play on Graphics

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Simba Rug – Covet House, Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint – Annie Sloan, Leather texture,  Lámpara Terrazzo Bloomingville – Aixo

Playing with terrazzo’s graphic and abstract like qualities you can really have some fun with your homes. Look for complementary pieces such as the Simba rug above (and below) that connects the terrazzo design you’ve chosen through its colouring and play of pattern. I’ve added black leather here by way of a Butterfly chair to help ground the overall design,  but you could easily swap the black with white to create more of an airy feel.



The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

1. Abstract Minimal Black and White Terrazzo Poster – CROWDYHOUSE, 2. Scaninavian Pink Chalk Paint – Annie Sloan, 3 Lamp – Aixo, 4.Cult Living Xanthe Industrial Butterfly Accent Chair, Genuine Leather, Black
Cult Furniture, 5. Acute Matt Grey and Black Side Table
Danetti  6. Simba Rug – Covet House


There’s nothing to stop you from mixing two different terrazzo designs either. Consider choosing one more dominant design over the other. It’s all about scale and proportion; you don’t want to feel like your living in a terrazzo palace.


Terrazzo offers beautiful patterns that have a modern look and yet a natural feel to your homes.


Cool Calm & Collected

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Lightyears Suspence Pendant Light – Light Grey – Nest, Painted Wood Flooring, Ivy planter – House Plant Guide

Using terrazzo in the kitchen whether it be on the walls or floors, don’t forget to add some contrasting textures to add interest. Combined with concrete and painted wood terrazzo creates a clean minimalistic feel to a space. Just don’t forget to add some good old greenery to lift and add life to your scheme.

Warmer Vibes – Rustic Modern

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Vaso tulipano Terrecotte Poggi Ugo Impruneta – Poggiugo, Metallic Image,  Terrazzo Wallpaper Rose Cloudberry Living – Ferm Living, Tallulah 2 Seater Sofa in Blue Velvet and Linen- Aitkin & Thyme

It’s easy to mix other textures to create a warmer feel to terrazzo. This terrazzo wallpaper by Cloudberry Living with its rose-pink background and warmer honeycomb flecks allows you to introduce warmer textures such as terracotta and warmer metallics such as bronze. Mix it up further with luxurious velvet and you’ll create a welcoming feel to a room that adds a touch of glamour to it too.


TIP: You could even consider using this wallpaper to say back a shelving display to add interest in smaller pockets of pattern and colour.


Natural Look

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Lorena Canals Terrazzo Washable Rug – Amara, GET PLASTERED Flatt Matt Emulsion
Dowsing and Reynolds, Natural linen textiles, Image – Wishbone Chair

An alternative to tiling your floors and of course creating comfort underfoot this washable Lorena rug from Amara is perfect for adding the terrazzo look to your home. It’s soft muted colours allow you to play with terrazzo in a more natural way with linens, rustic woods whilst allowing you to add subtle colour choices such as this Get Plastered pale pink to your walls.


Relaxed Cool Betweeners (Not quite teens)

The Terrazzo Trend- Inspiration For Your Home

Terrazzo beanbag by Cloudberry – Ferm Living, Blue Movie Dead Flat Matt Emulsion Paint – Dowsing and ReynoldsSolve J Child Swing – Solvejswings

And lastly, never forgetting those with children and aimed at the inbetweeners (not quite teens but big enough to know what they like), there’s a very hip terrazzo inspired beanbag to sit back and chill out with their friends. Keeping it simple with this look decoratively wise with accents of blue and grey will allow them the freedom to express themselves either through art or accessories.


So what do we think? Are we loving this pretty speckled pattern and which look would you opt for? For me, the Natural Look does it for me.


Have a great week! And until next time thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx




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