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Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

February 6, 2018
Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Our attitude towards lighting has changed over the past few years, partly due to legislation but also because we’re appreciating the importance of good lighting in our homes. Lighting is fast becoming a lifestyle statement and what better way to do it whilst saving money and helping the environment in the long-term with LED lighting.

If you’ve struggled with going green with your lighting and haven’t been enamoured by LED light bulbs (or lamps as they’re known in the trade) for their light quality and/or flickering, I might have found the solution for your homes. I’ve recently discovered Well-Lit who are leading the way in revolutionary LED design and I thought I’d introduce you to them today.


Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

As part of Well-Lit’s exciting new range of flexible filament bulbs, KORE is a dimmable LED bulb. With a colour temperature of 2200k that gives you a soothing warm white light that will last you for approximately 15,000 hours, this is an energy-saving replacement for the more inefficient 40W incandescent bulbs. With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 90 and this 4 watt, screw fitting bulb gives you a lumen output of 200.

Unlike other companies, Well-Lit has the environment and ethical production at the forefront of their revolutionary LED lighting design and not just as an afterthought. They’ve also taken into consideration you and your homes and how light can affect the look and feel of them too. No more flickering and the brightness you need and want to prevent your homes from having that washed out look to them. But first a little about this fab company who are definitely one to look out for!!


About – Well-Lit

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra – Founders of Well-Lit

Based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Chris and Bujar set up Well-Lit literally from their kitchen table in 2013 and they’ve literally gone from strength to strength with their groundbreaking LED bulb designs.

Their hands-on approach and personalised service, as well as strong ethical and sustainable production process, have without a doubt added to their success. With a number of high-profile awards under their belt, Well-Lit was the first company to introduce flexible filament bulbs to the UK market and have now sold a whopping 70,000 units.


The Best of LED design

Aray 8  Flexible LED – Well-Lit

So what’s different about Well-Lit’s LED bulbs? Well-Lit has actually invented a low energy unit that is as bright as the traditional bulb which uses 85% less energy in comparison and will last up to nine years. Oh, and they’re beautiful to look at!

Their ethos is one of complete transparency so you’re in no doubt as to who or where the products are coming from. They’re also a company who takes responsibility seriously. This means their designs are not only sustainable but they also don’t exploit their workforce to achieve that either. Fair wage and a safe and professional environment are important to them and they regularly put in personal checks to ensure this is the case.


Revolutionary Design

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Aray 64 LED. This teardrop bulb part of Well-Lit’s revolutionary light bulb series – sitting comfortably between the smaller Aray 60 and larger Aray 80. Flexible, futuristic lighting

Well-Lit have designed a groundbreaking new lamp and you may be wondering where’s the rest of it is as it’s not your typical bulb.  They’ve pared down the traditional bulb to little more than a loop of clear polycarbonate which has a flexible LED filament. Completely redefining the classic Edison incandescent bulb, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s a fascinating design. It also offers perfect flicker-free dimming whilst offering bright 50w comparison light to ensure you can carry out your everyday tasks and move around safely as well as brightening up your homes.


Hand Made

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Ophelia Flexible Filament LED– an innovative new range of flexible LED filament globe bulbs (Providing a 2200k soft warm white light over an expected lifespan of around 15,000 hours. Combined with a(CRI) rating of 90 and you’ll be ditching your existing and inefficient screw fitting 40W incandescent bulbs for these beautiful replacements.

Well-Lit’s bulbs are all hand-made. This ensures the highest quality with the correct orientation and precise alignment of components something lacking with machine-made bulbs.

Well-lit co-founder Chris Stimson explains how ethical concerns inform every decision the company makes:

“When we looked at the low-energy lighting industry, it was clear to us that the ‘green’ credentials of buying and using the bulbs weren’t matched by the way they were produced. That side of the industry wasn’t ‘clean’ at all.

“So right from the start, we challenged that by being as ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We believed that if we got that right, commercial success would follow. Our competitors have focused on marketing with ethical considerations as an afterthought, and now they are struggling to keep up.”



Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Rhia Flexible Filament LED – has a retro feel, with a clear finish spiral squirrel cage and doesn’t need to be covered with a lampshade; in fact, it’s meant to be seen in all its naked glory. Enjoy the current trend for exposed lighting with a hint of steampunk and create your own urban chic environment. At 4 watts and with a lumen output of 200, this stunning dimmable bulb has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 90.

As a general guide, a quality LED lamp should have an effective lifespan of 25,000 hours.

LED bulbs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs and halogens. The only problem is some can make colours looked washed out and flat. Well-Lit bulbs have an impressive A+ rating.

Fantastic Colour Rendering Index – CRI

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Leda – Flexible LED Filament Candle by Well-Lit Part of our new range of flexible LED filament lighting  This 2.7-watt sleek candle looks the part in any setting and will give you a lumen output of 150 and a warm white light with a colour temperature of 2200k. It’s also dimmable and has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 90 for a quality lighting performance.

One of the problems you may have faced with LED bulbs is the actual quality of the lighting provided to your homes. They can make colours look flat and washed out. Well-Lit LED designs retain the quality of light by a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) values. So your homes will not only look great, you’ll be saving money and energy.

The quality of light is preserved by high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) values which ensures when you turn on your lights colours appear as they should and not washed out.

How CRI Works

Well-Lit explains and shows how CRI works with LED lighting below…

CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index and in simple terms is based on a figure from 0 to 100. This is the measurement of the ability of light sources to accurately reproduce colours in comparison to a standard reference source. The higher the CRI rating the better the light source is at accurately reproducing every colour of the spectrum. There should be no excessive excess or loss of any colour generated from the lamp in order that illuminated objects appear naturally. With LED lighting, look for an absolute minimum CRI figure of 80 but to recreate the quality of light achieved by a halogen or incandescent lamp you need CRI levels of, at the very least, 90 but 95 is preferable. (Well-Lit)


Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-LitRevolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

The lamp in the left image is a 6w LED Bulb, with around 480 lumens with a colour temperature of ‘warm white’. However, the colour temperature is actually 3000k, so not warm white at all. To make matters worse, the CRI is only 80.

The LED Lamp in the right image is Well-LIt’s 7w Dimmable LED Bulb,  470 Lumens, Colour temperature of 2700k with 97 CRI – this is an LED Bulb that does produce a high quality, warm and ambient light. In fact, the difference between 3000k / 80 CRI  and 27000k / 97 CRI is absolutely massive. (Well-Lit)

Well-Lit advises that the next time you look to buy LED bulbs and want a warm white light, make sure you actually know the colour temperature of the product before purchasing and make sure it’s 2700k.

If you’re looking for more advice or have questions on LED lighting, Well-Lit offer some informative and helpful  FAQ on their website.

An Array of Choice

As you’ve probably noticed having read this far, Well-Lit have a vast array of LED bulbs to choose from. All of which are beautiful to look at.  I couldn’t resist adding a couple more below so you can continue swooning over their brilliant designs.


These Theo LED  filament bulbs are not only eye-catching with the dipped metallic finishes they offer a gentle diffused light source that can be dimmed to suit the mood and create an atmospheric atmosphere. It’s perfect for pendants, floor and table lamps.


Whilst our bulbs may invite comparisons to classics of days gone by, the technology inside is state of the art. (Well-Lit)


Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Miranda – Flexible Filament LED

This beautiful Miranda dimmable bulb has been manufactured to give you approximately 15,000 hours of usage. On top of this, the combination of its energy efficiency and distinctive good looks make this an excellent alternative to the traditional but inefficient screw fitting 40W incandescent bulbs. Well-Lit’s 4 watt G95 globe has a lumen output of 200 and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 90. A colour temperature of 2200k provides a rich warm white light for any environment.

You may have seen the current trend for exposed lighting in restaurants and shops. Now you can create that same modern classic feel in your own home with this eye-catching range of flexible LED filament bulbs. The stunning amber filaments in the clear glass finish are designed to be seen in all their glory but of course, they work equally well behind a shade if that’s what you prefer.


Lighting Designs

Well-Lit offer you more than just revolutionary LED bulbs, they also have a range of unique lighting designs to add some cool personality and individuality to your homes.


Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Suva Industrial Pendant   – Well-Lit

The Suva Industrial pendant is one that brings a touch of retro design to your homes. Made from polished copper it’s designed to showcase a vintage-inspired LED filament bulb. Its adjustable cable length also allows you to suspend and create focal points within your rooms. It’d look great in a kitchen where it would add some warmth with its wonderful metallic texture.  Again it’s handmade to order and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.


A beautiful pendant light that adds a soft touch of sophistication to your decor, the Eden 35cm Clear Sphere Pendant is a simple and elegant glass globe design that effortlessly draws the eye to the glow of the bulb within. I love how it’s been designed to encompass one of their LED filament bulbs with its gentle curves which contrast beautifully with a pear-shaped retro lamp. It’d look cool suspended over a coffee or kitchen table. As with all their designs, it’s ethically handmade using quality materials.


Playful Designs

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Homino B Wall Light by Well-Lit

Not forgetting the kids, Well-Lit have created some playful designs that are perfect for the kid’s bedroom or why not indulge in one for yourself. The Homino B above resembles a person and his balloon and can be customised with various colours. Each design is handmade using quality materials


Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Homino C – Well-Lit

Or why not light up a corner or part of their room with a superhero hanging light with their Homino C design. It takes the guise of a figure sliding down a rope, brandishing a bulb towards the farthest corners of your home.

Revolutionary LED Lighting Design by Well-Lit

Solo by Well-Lit

The Solo lighting unit is a striking, tubular addition to contemporary or Scandi home styles. The pendant design lies just above the LED bulb itself, creating vivid contrasts with a cable tone of your choosing.
It’s good enough to look great on its own or bring multiple lights together in a group – there is a flexible scheme including turquoise patina, cold nickel, aged copper and more for the main material, so you get the effect you’re seeking.

A completely unique design, the Ommo is a ceiling light with a difference. It can be hung in groups with each and by dimming each of them to a separate point, you can play with luminosity, diversifying your creative light placement. There’s a range of colour choices from a turquoise patina to rich brass and the height can be adjusted to suit its surroundings.

This is my personal favourite of Well-Lit’s designs. Arco offers a clean minimalistic lighting to your walls in a subtle, but elegant way. There’s a range of colours such as green patina, rich brass and nickel and there’s a shade to suit any interior too. The Arco is compatible with LED, halogen or incandescent bulbs, depending on the aesthetic and shade you are moving towards. A hand-made finish ensures this investment is a stately, characterful piece of your wall decor.

So what do we think? I know the I.E. Hubs has had his mind changed about LED’s thanks to today’s post.  For me, you can’t go wrong with independent businesses who offer you more than just the basics and who constantly strive to provide you, the customer, with not only unique designs for your homes but great service too!
You can find out more about Well-Lit’s fabulous revolutionary LED and unique lighting designs here.
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
Maria x


All images courtesy of Well-Lit














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