Childrens Bedrooms

The Ultimate Guide To Preteens & Teenager Boys Bedrooms

August 17, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Preteens & Teenager Boys Bedrooms

  The Ultimate Guide To Preteens & Teenager Boys Bedrooms The daughter has now finally flown the nest or should I say the departure lounge aka her bedroom and our ten-year-old son has taken up residence. Thankfully we’re back to calling it the bigger bedroom as we’ve at least 8 years before he even thinks of moving out! That is, of course, if we ever let him now our two eldest have gone. Thankfully, the bedroom he inherited from his big sister…

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The I.E. News


August 15, 2018

AMARA BLOG AWARDS – VOTING TIME! Yep, it’s voting time folks (gulps). The Oscars of the Interior Blogging World aka the Amara Interior Blog Awards have opened for voting as of today! Just in case you missed it, a few weeks ago some of you lovely people nominated for The Interior Editor for Best Design Inspiration Blog and I haven’t stopped smiling since. To get through to the shortlist stage, I need you to actually VOTE!! If you think The Interior Editor blog…

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Radiator Love – Heating Up Your Homes In Style

July 31, 2018
Radiator Love - Heating Up Your Homes In Style

Yes, I know it’s the middle of summer and we’ve been in the midst of a heat wave, but we all know that here in the UK we spend at least the best part of nine months of the year huddled inside trying to stay warm. There’s of course, nothing like a bit of forward planning especially if you’re looking or in the process of doing up your home. With this in mind, you might want to take time to…

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Accessories home decor Sustainable Living

Save A Tusk With A Tea Towel – Sophie Allport’s Savannah Collection

July 27, 2018
Save A Tusk With A Tea Towel - Sophie Allport's Savannah Collection

Like many of you, the closest I’ve ever gotten to see some of the amazing creatures that walk our planet is at a handful of zoos over the years. Those memories of awe and wonderment have stayed with me, and as an adult, you realise just how lucky we are to have such beauty and diversity of wildlife in our world. It’s also heartbreaking to know that illegal wildlife trade continues to threaten these amazing animals. I don’t think I…

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Outdoor Spaces

Camping In Style – Home Comforts

July 24, 2018
Camping In Style - Home Comforts

Some 4.38 million people go camping in Britain every year, according to Visit Britain and that includes me and my family. We’re now in our 8th year which comes as a surprise considering our first experience was one of a badly erected tent that resembled the Telly Tubby’s abode and an overflowing potty. The threat of the tent being torn down every time the Hubs attempted to stand up and got doused by the growing condensation was also very real.…

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Timeless Decorative Tiles – Original Style’s Capsule Collections

July 20, 2018
Timeless Decorative Tiles - Original Style's Capsule Collections

There’s something to be said about tiles in our homes. Their durability and low maintenance, particularly in high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways make them invaluable especially if you have a family or pets. Decorative tiles, in particular, have become hugely popular in recent years with lots of bolder, colourful patterns widely available. However, these designs can be hard to live with especially across larger surface areas where they can become visually overwhelming.  You may well have…

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