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Form & Function - Design Finds Houseplants Meet The Designer

Meet The Designer – Bujnie

December 19, 2017
Meet The Designer - Bujnie

With less than a week to go, you may be suffering from a little Christmas fatigue.  I know I am so with this in mind, today is going to be the last post of the year.  Being a huge plant and design lover,  I’m  combining both with Meet The Designer – Bujnie. I’ve been itching to write about them for some time and today is my chance to share with you this relatively new design company.   Meet The Designer…

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Form & Function - Design Finds Meet The Designer

Meet The Designer – Isabel Quiroga

October 31, 2017
Meet The Designer - Isabel Quiroga

  If I’m completely honest with you, today’s post nearly didn’t make it as a Meet The Designer one today.  You know when you discover something refreshingly new and innovative, and you find yourself thinking about it 24/7? That was and, still is me, from when I came across Isabel Quiroga’s Back-To-Basic Desk at the London Design Fair.  However, ALL of her designs captured my eye and imagination and I couldn’t let you miss out on this talented designer and…

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Meet The Designer Pattern Room Decoration

Meet The Designers – Wilful Ink & Studio 27

October 20, 2017
Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

There’s a reason behind my Meet The Designer posts and that is to introduce you to a whole new world of design for your homes that you may not have yet discovered. It has to be said there are some pretty damn amazing independent designers out there creating wonderful individual designs that you just won’t find on the high street.  They provide us with the opportunity to step away from the mainstream and create spaces that encourage personality, individuality and…

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Sustainable Living

The Eco-Friendly Living Room & Guide

October 17, 2017
The Eco-Friendly Living Room & Guide

  A fresh new week has begun and all is looking rather rosy now I have my new glasses and can see properly again. Although, I have to say there was a positive side to my not writing as much with more time to daydream think about design and interiors. One such moment caught me procrastinating about our environment and the effect we have on it, especially when it comes to redesigning our homes. Today’s post is the result of my…

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Furniture Design Small Space Living

Choosing The Perfect Sofa – Small Space Living

September 15, 2017
Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

When your local public loos get turned into, not just one, but two of the tiniest one bedroom properties, it kinda reinforces the fact that living spaces of the future are indeed getting smaller and smaller.   Making the most out of any space that we are fortunate enough to live in, no matter what its size, is important to our well-being. Afterall, our homes are where we seek sanctuary and unwind to be with our families and friends. So…

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Furniture Design


August 29, 2017

I’m still swooning after finding the outdoor/indoor Islay rocking chair from John Lewis from my post a couple of weeks on Indoor-Outdoor Furniture so today I thought we’d look a little more closely at the rather fabulous Rocking Chair and the many designs available.   ROCKING THE ROCKING CHAIR DESIGN Having spent many an hour as a child in my mothers rocking chair growing up, I have to say that there are not many furniture pieces that can provide the…

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