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The Fringe Trend For Your Homes

March 26, 2019
The Fringe Trend For Your Homes

Forget your pompoms and tassels, we’re talking fringing for your home today. This growing trend has been stirring things up in the interiors world and there appears to be a bit of a divide when it comes to those that are willing to embrace it and those that won’t.

Marmite or not, I’m all for a bit of extra decorative detail. I think its to do with the expectation of movement that fringing brings to the table no matter what it is attached to. It’s something you don’t often find with design pieces unless their forms create a sense of flow. Fringing hones in on our senses with the anticipated soft swish and tactile silkiness to it that brings our spaces alive.

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Latest fringed sofa Vivienne is available in an array of colours and seating options. Available from Sofology.
Latest fringed sofa Vivienne is available in an array of colours and seating options.
The Sofology Vivienne – Sofology

Much like the resurgence of velvet in our homes, there’s an element of what’s been before inevitably finds it’s way back into our decor and fringing is one of them. There’s definitely a sense of more is more as our decor choices are taken to new heights.

Luxury and glamour go hand in hand and we’re now seeing fringing attached to almost every piece of decor choices. I thought we’d take a look at the latest of offerings.


The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Heavily adorned velvet and fringed yellow mustard velvet table lamp.

Fringe Yellow Velvet Lamp Abode Living

Lighting has definitely been given a fringe makeover when it comes to adding the glam factor. From heavily adorned velvet numbers like this funky little number from Abode Living to more elegant refined designs like this elegant silk table lamp below that incorporates metallics into its design. It’s merely a case of choosing the style to suit you and your home.

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Silk fringed elegant table lamp from Hurn and Turn adds an elegant feel to a room.
Bloomingville – Gold Table Lamp With White Fringe Lampshade – Hurn & Hurn

Mirrored Art…

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Demi Lune Mirror with Fringing from Audenza offers your walls a decorative form that adds character and personality.

Demi Lune Mirror With Fringing (small) – (AVAILABLE FROM END MARCH) -AUDENZA

Combining fringing with functional pieces such as mirrors not only adds the decorative but creates a feature out of them too. Decorative mirrors are so much more fun in the home and add a bit of soul and character to a space.

The Layered Effect

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Double layered fringed cushion in blue velvet from Audenza. Great for adding interest and texture to your sofas and chairs.
Blue Velvet Cushion Cover With Fringing – Audenza

Why have one row of fringing when you can have two. Fringing is a great way to add additional texture to a room.

Velvet is the perfect partner so designs like this cushion from Audenza are sure to up the glamour vibes.

Maximalists Style

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Noctorunal Faunacation Fringed Balmoral lampshade from Divine Savages is the perfect partner for the wallpaper in the same design. Perfect for maximalist interiors.
Nocturnal Faunacation Fringed Balmoral Lampshade – Divine Savages

Masters of everything maximalist and always ahead of the game, Divine Savages fringed lampshades definitely kick a punch to your decor choices. This one with its extra long fringe is from their Midnight Faunacation Design and it definitely gets my fringe loving thumbs up!

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Deco Martini Blush Lampshade from Divine Savages takes it's inspiration from the roaring twenties adding an Art Deco vibe to your homes.
Deco Martini Blush Lampshade – Divine Savages

For less grrr and more aargh, Divine Savages also have a lighter more feminine design in their iconic Deco Martini print. Just imagine the amount of swish you’d get with this fringing. Flapper girls eat your heart out that’s all I can say.

Taking its inspiration from the Roaring Twenties and the decadent tastemakers of the jazz age the bold Deco Martini graphic print brings art deco opulence to your interior with exquisite colours of blush and blue. Classic has never looked so iconic. This stunning Micha lampshade is adorned with our sumptuous velvet and finished with double fringe.

Deco Martini Blush Lampshade. Divine Savages

Cousin It, Eat Your Heart Out

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Ibride Fringed Bedside cabinet in green is an eye catching furniture pieces that adds an air of exuberance and decandence. Its a fun quirky piece that is also provides functional storage.

Ibride Fringed Bedside Cabinet in Green – Out There Interiors

The fringe has been taken to new heights or lows whichever way you’d like to look at it. And it appears the longer the better. This eye-catching Fringed Bedside cabinet (which would also work well in a living room) is a fabulous example of exuberance and decadence. Cousin It seriously has nothing on this piece and it’s a lot more attractive don’t you think?

I for one love a bit of quirkiness in the home and this most definitely hits the spot but it’s not without functionality. The silky curtain of fringing hides away everyday clutter with hidden shelves. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, there’s a secret compartment under a removable top to this cabinet too. To be honest, if I had seen this whilst researching for my bedroom makeover, this would have been a real contender.

Natural Textures…

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Hula natural fringe baskets from the Farthing.

Hula Natural Fringe Basket Set (2) –The Farthing

And don’t be fooled into thinking that fringing has to be all airy and lightness either. If you’re inclined to opt for a more rustic boho look to your homes, you can still have your fringing to add that extra special decorative touch.

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Boho Pouffe with fringing from the Farthing

Pouffe Woodstock – The Farthing

Keep It Simple…

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Burgandy fringe cushion from The French Bedroom Co offers an elegant pared back look for the ultimate luxe feel to your homes.

Burgundy Fringe Cushion – Lifestyle – The French Bedroom Co

You don’t have to go overboard with your decor choices to incorporate fringing into your decor. Keep it simple for a pared-back elegant look and work with accessories such as cushions to pull off this key trend. Don’t forget to throw in some metallics for the ultimate luxe look and feel.

Elegant & Decadent

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes Emerald Green Fringe Wall Light - The French Bedroom Co provides wonderful textural detail to your walls. Metallic and decorative elements that lift minimalist of spaces.

Emerald Green Fringe Wall Light – The French Bedroom Co

Fringing can add wonderful textural detail to even the minimalists of homes. Personally, I love metallic and decorative elements in the home and these lighting pendants hit the spot embracing both. They’re very much Art Deco in their design which is still high up there with on of the ongoing key trends.

Jewelled Tones

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Freya cushion covers with fringing from Audenza in jewell tones adds to an Art Deco vibe.
Freya Cushion Cover With Fringing – Audenza

Combine delicate fringing and jewel tones with the all essential cushion and you’ll spice up those sofas and chairs no end.

Fringe Investments

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes Latest fringed sofa Vivienne is available in an array of colours and seating options. Available from Sofology.
The Sofology Vivienne – Sofology

Obviously, if you’re wanting to embrace the fringe trend in its entirety, there are key investment pieces to be had. Sofology’s latest design Vivienne is a far cry from the nostalgic seating your grandma would have had. Although you might want to think twice if you have cats or little ones.

Throw In The Fringe

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes | Soft fringe throw in blush from Cox and Cox
Soft Fringe Throw Blush – Cox And Cox

And if you find this Fringe Trend too much, you could keep it simple with a throw or two. And no one will ever know that you’ve indulged in the latest trend.

So who’s with me on fringing? It’d be great to hear your views.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx

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    Thank you so much for featuring some of our items, Maria! Great post x

    • Reply Maria March 30, 2019 at 7:34 am

      My pleasure…. you have some absolutely fabulous designs 💞 x

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