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The Versatile Stool

April 3, 2018
The Versatile Stool

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Easter bank holiday weekend albeit a wet and soggy one. At least there’s been chocolate to distract from the weather. Today’s post is shorter than usual as I’ve woken with a dreaded sinus infection, but hopefully, it’s a useful one as you may have overlooked a small piece of furniture that is actually very versatile for your homes.   The Versatile Stool If there’s one piece of furniture to consider for your homes it has…

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Contemporary Metal Designers – AnthologyFive

March 22, 2018
Contemporary Metal Designers - AnthologyFive

When contemporary metal designers AnthologyFive offered me a chance at a behind the scenes tour of their engineering workshops, I literally jumped at the opportunity. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see the design process let alone understand the complexities of how a design comes together.  And, if you’ve yet to have heard of this relatively new and exciting company, I can assure you, you’re in for a treat.   Contemporary Metal Designers – AnthologyFive AnthologyFive’s high-quality…

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How To Create A Happy & Healthy Home You’ll Love

March 13, 2018
How To Create A Happy & Healthy Home You'll Love

  For some of us putting a home together that makes us happy and, dare I say it, one that is good for our health,  can be a tricky one for us to master.  On the one hand, we want our homes to not only look great but we also need them to feel comfortable to live in too. Then there are, of course, the everyday practicalities and reality of how we use our home to take into consideration whether or…

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Meet The Designer – Isabel Quiroga

October 31, 2017
Meet The Designer - Isabel Quiroga

  If I’m completely honest with you, today’s post nearly didn’t make it as a Meet The Designer one today.  You know when you discover something refreshingly new and innovative, and you find yourself thinking about it 24/7? That was and, still is me, from when I came across Isabel Quiroga’s Back-To-Basic Desk at the London Design Fair.  However, ALL of her designs captured my eye and imagination and I couldn’t let you miss out on this talented designer and…

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Furniture Design Small Space Living

Choosing The Perfect Sofa – Small Space Living

September 15, 2017
Choosing The Perfect Sofa - Small Space Living

When your local public loos get turned into, not just one, but two of the tiniest one bedroom properties, it kinda reinforces the fact that living spaces of the future are indeed getting smaller and smaller.   Making the most out of any space that we are fortunate enough to live in, no matter what its size, is important to our well-being. Afterall, our homes are where we seek sanctuary and unwind to be with our families and friends. So…

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10 Of The Best Versatile Outdoor-Indoor Furniture Pieces

August 15, 2017
10 Of The Best Versatile Outdoor-Indoor Furniture Pieces

Come rain or shine, (well ok mostly rain), here in the UK we are very much ALL about the weather. Whilst we may not have had the best of summers so far, I, like most of the population, live in hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get an Indian summer once the kids are back at school. So with that in mind and the fact that our outdoor spaces are very much an extension of our homes, I thought we’d…

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