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The Versatile Stool

April 3, 2018
The Versatile Stool

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Easter bank holiday weekend albeit a wet and soggy one. At least there’s been chocolate to distract from the weather. Today’s post is shorter than usual as I’ve woken with a dreaded sinus infection, but hopefully, it’s a useful one as you may have overlooked a small piece of furniture that is actually very versatile for your homes.


The Versatile Stool

Handy in a bathroom for an extra handy surface area for popping towels or a candle or two on.  Dipped Teak Stool in Black – Outthereinteriors

If there’s one piece of furniture to consider for your homes it has to be the humble stool. It’s perfect for so many areas of our homes, especially if you’re lacking in space which so many of us do.  The stool is one of those pieces that are easily adaptable to suit a variety of uses and not necessarily just for perching your bottom on.



The Versatile Stool

MENU Flip Around Table – Light Ash – Black By Design Ltd

Stools don’t take up that much space and are easy to manoeuvre around your homes. And with an abundance of choice and styles available, there’s something to suit every taste and decor. There are even multifunctional stools available too like the Menu Flip stool above where the seat is removable and flips into a tray offering you even more versatility.


Alternative Side Table

The Versatile Stool

Image – Atkin and Thyme

Stools are handy for those additional unexpected guests at family gatherings especially if there are little ones but they’re also useful in that they make great impromptu side tables in between and can be moved around easily to provide an additional surface area for that all important cuppa.


Make A Statement

The Versatile Stool

Carnaby Footstool in Emerald Green Velvet – AitkinandThyme

You may wish to choose a statement stool for putting your feet up in style. Utilise stools to reinforce the style of your room and decor. This gorgeous on trend velvet stool would certainly make a design statement to a space and would look great in a bedroom or living room space.


Have Some Fun

The Versatile Stool

Baa Stools – Baastool

There’s nothing stopping you from having a little fun either. Afterall, we shouldn’t take life or our homes too seriously. Anything that puts a smile on your face when you walk into a room has to be worth it and this Baa stool just that for me.



The Versatile Stool

Bent Hansen Stool – Urban Avenue

I say why stop at one when stools are so versatile. These particular stools from Urban Avenue come in a range of heights and upholstery finishes and look great grouped together or spread them around a room. You could even make a makeshift coffee table effect.


Mixing The Trends

The Versatile Stool

Georgie Baa Bar Stool and Erin Baa Stool Footstool – Baa Stool

Trendseekers beware as you’ll not be disappointed as there are stools to tempt you like these from Baa Stool where they combine two trends in one; sheepskin and metallic elements.

Alternative Bedside

The Versatile Stool

Skagerak Turn Stool – Cloudberry Living

The great thing about stools is that you can move them around your homes and put them to use in other parts of your home. A great alternative bedside to a guest bedroom or you may prefer to use one as a permanent feature on their own.



The Versatile Stool

Garden Trading Clockhouse Stool – Raw Oak – Garden Trading

Choose wood for longevity and character that will stand the test of time and can be handed down through the family. They’re also great for providing a little help in the kitchen when you need to reach that top shelf that always alludes us when we need something.


Small Kitchens

The Versatile Stool

Viborg Painted Mahogany White Breakfast Table And 2 Stools With Cushions – Viva Lagoon

Stools are also really handy for small kitchens where they can be popped under a counter for freeing up floor space when they’re not in use.


Natural Elements

The Versatile Stool

Nomad Stools – Sweetpea & Willow

Consider a stool that combines different textures. Adding natural elements like wool and wood to your home will give visual warmth and textural contrast especially with neutral colour schemes where texture is key.


Great For The Kids

The Versatile Stool

Rattan Stori Stool Storage – Little Baby Company

Stools that combine hidden storage are great for little ones like these on-trend rattan stools. I think they’d look just as great in other areas of the home and not just their bedroom. Don’t forget the teenagers either where additional seating for their friends to hang out are perfect.

Fold Away

The Versatile Stool

Nola Stool – Canvas/Iron – Rose Down/Brass Legs – Amara

And if space is truly tight then a fold-up stool may be the answer. Although, when a stool looks this good, I’d have it up permanently. Wouldn’t you?


Watch out for a post this coming Sunday where I’ll be providing you with some exciting competition news as well as introducing you to new designers!

Until then, thanks, as always for stopping by!

Maria x






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