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10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

March 27, 2018
10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

A small disaster beset the I.E. household last week. Ok, not so much a disaster, but more of the breakage of a favourite kitchen lamp of which the I.E. Hubs is guilty. In his defence, it did happen whilst in the throes of decorating the other end of our kitchen dining space so all is forgiven.

This has, of course, meant I’ve been doing a bit of virtual shopping in search of a replacement. With our new botanical look and feel of our kitchen with our wall mural from Photowall, it was only apt to look for something nature-inspired that would compliment our new look. So I thought I’d share with you my finds as the bringing the outdoors in and our love of nature is a continuing trend in the interiors world.


10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great way to add not only a decorative element but also another level/layer of lighting to your rooms. We ‘re naturally attracted to light and using a table lamp can help draw the eye around a room and brighten up even the darkest corner. Throw in an unusual decorative touch with your lamps and they’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention. They’re definitely worth investing in whatever your style or taste.


Flamingo Table Lamp

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Flamingo Table Lamp with Sage Shade – Outhereinteriors

Anyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I am completely and utterly petrified of birds in real life. I once locked myself in the loo of my florist shop when a wee robin flew in and I ended up stranded there for a good hour before being rescued. However, that said, I absolutely adore their beauty in the form of art or sculptural numbers like this Flamingo Table Lamp and would happily have her live in my home. Its handmade in an antique finish from Out There Interiors. Price: £130.00


Palm Tree Table Lamp – Audenza

Palm Tree Table Lamp – Audenza

If you’re loving the tropical vibe this brass palm tree lamp will bring your homes an element of the exotic with its intricate detailing. It’s handmade which means no two are alike with an aged handcrafted look rather than the mass-produced perfect finish which offers a more unique and interesting piece to light up your rooms. Price: £299


Monkey Table Lamp

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Monkey Table Lamp – Audenza

Monkeys are having a bit of a moment in interiors, so if you want to keep up to date with the trends, or you just like to add a bit of quirkiness to your homes, then this cheeky chappie fits the bill perfectly. Looks best styled without a shade and to keep it feeling really contemporary, just go for a striking bulb to finish the look off. I can definitely picture this chap in amongst my indoor garden! Price: £116.00


Lamp Ananas Pina Colada (Pineapple to me and you)

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Lamp Ananas Pina Colada – Nedgis

Because one can never have enough pineapples here’s one for the collection. A Victorian symbol of wealth and hospitality this lamp is lit from within, revealing a warm glow when switched on and showing off the texture and detail.  Designed by Lorena Canals for the Goodnight Light house and is available in a variety of colours. Price: £79


Palm Tree Monkey Table Lamp

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Palm Tree Monkey Table Lamp with Green Shade – Alexanderandpearl

A subtle but intricately detailed lamp in the form of a palm tree with its very own gold climbing monkey. This is one of my favourites it has to be said and I’m considering it for our connecting room if not our kitchen. Price: £140.00


A Parrot, Table Lamp

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

A Parrot, Table Lamp – Made.com

If you’re looking to inject some playful colour appeal into your room, this parrot lamp by Made maybe the one. It’s only available in teal which has is proving to be a rather popular colour choice this year. The intricately moulded lamp base is a reflection of the taxidermy trend and offers a quirky lighting solution. The lampshade is available separately or you could add your own. Price: £79


Perching Bird


10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Perching Bird Gold Table Lamp – Alexanderandpearl

I really love the clean lines of this clever lamp with its bird perched elegantly on its golden branch. It’s an abstract sculptural piece that would look great in a contemporary setting. The bird is illuminated through contact with the perch and this lets the bird balance and swing without any visible cables whilst maintaining luminance. The bird has been precisely counterbalanced to sit in a resting position on its perch unless activated into gentle motion by wind or touch. Price: £195.00

Neon Cactus

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Neon Cactus Lamp – Redcandy

We should never take life too seriously don’t you think? What better way than to introduce a bit of fun than with a neon number in the form of a neon cactus that sits in its own terracotta plant pot.  A funky lighting feature for your homes that emits a soft green glow to remind us of warmer climates. Price: £75.


Hummer Lamp – Anna Jacobs

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

Rose Hummer Medium Lamp With Rose Flex – Anna Jacobs Art

You may recall I attended one of Ann’s workshops a while ago where I made my own lampshade using one of her fab designs. Since then Anna’s nature-inspired work is going from strength to strength as she now has her very own shop in London right next door to Heals no least.  How amazing is that!  If you can’t make it to London, you can visit her website where you can find the likes of this beautiful Hummingbird design that comes in a variety of colourways as well as a selection of accessories such as cushions and artwork. Go check her out! Price: £199


CIPRIANO – Sculptured Cactus Table Lamp

10 Of The Best Nature Inspired Table Lamps

CIPRIANO – Sculptured Cactus Table Lamp – Darlighting

If you prefer to bring nature inside in a less obvious way, this sculptured cactus with volcano effect glaze, maybe one to consider. It’s handmade in Portugal and produced in small batches. It uses a specialist hand-applied glazes which undergo transformations during firing to produce a unique work of art. Price: £108.00


So which one would you have in your home or would you go for them all?


Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

Maria x









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  • Reply Hollie Brooks | Audenza.com March 28, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Thank you so much for including 2 of our lamps, Maria! x

    • Reply Maria March 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm

      My absolute pleasure Hollie. They’re wonderful and unique designs that would really add character and interest to a room! Maria x

    • Reply Maria April 12, 2018 at 12:16 pm

      You’re very welcome Hollie! They’re such fabulous designs :D x

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