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The Natural Rattan/Wicker Trend

May 24, 2019

It’s a fact that we’re becoming increasingly more conscious of our environment and the effect that we have on it. It’s no surprise then that we are seeking more natural organic designs to fill our homes with. There’s also the element of what goes around comes back again and rattan is just one example that has seen a resurgence in our homes.

Rattan/wicker was a huge hit in the 70’s and one that lasted a decade. It may well bring back memories (if you’re as old as I am) and if not, then this will be all new to you.

All Natural Goodness

Wicker Saucer Lights 
Abode Living

Of course, we’re talking natural materials today not the synthetic rattan that we see everywhere for outdoor furniture. Rattan is specifically a natural material, whereas wicker designs are whole host of different materialsĀ ranging from bamboo, straw and in some cases rattan. Whichever one you decide upon, they’re all biodegradable which helps the environment in the long run.

The Natural Rattan/Wicker Trend

I thought we’d take some inspiration from this latest home trend as it fits in beautifully with most surroundings and is one that doesn’t really date so offers you some longevity with your decor choices. A win win in my books.

Make A Natural Statement

Bloomingville – Natural Rattan Pendant Ceiling Light – Hurn & Hurn

In its natural organic state rattan works well with neutral as well as earthy palettes. Think about partnering it with other natural textures such as natural woods, linen, cotton and wool.

Decorative Objects…

Recycled Glass & Rattan Demi John – Cox & Cox

Decorative objects are a fantastic way to introduce smaller elements of this ancient craft of weaving. And because they’re neutral in colour and texture, they’ll never go out of date.

Storage Solutions…

Madam Stoltz Wicker Baskets – Printer + Tailor

We can never have enough storage and woven baskets are a real treat for the senses as well as the ability to hold everyday to day essentials to housing those plastic toys. They also look great with a plant or two popped into them, creating a relaxed boho vibe.

Double Up!

Kitchen Breakfast Rattan Bar Stool, Luxury Vintage & Industrial Chairs – Smithers of Stamford

If you’re going to introduce rattan into your homes, consider pairing up, when it comes to smaller furniture pieces. It’ll create a more decisive look and feel to your spaces.

Make A Statement

Normandy Rattan Bed, Low Footboard – Lifestyle – The French Bedroom Co

Or opt for larger statement pieces like this beautiful Normandy Rattan bed above. The rattan detail provides a wonderful natural textural contrast and detail to a bedroom space.

Combine Trends

Hurn And Hurn Discoveries – Terrazzo Natural Rattan Table Lamp – Hurn & Hurn

You could always kill two birds with one stone (pardon the pun) and combine two trends. Rattan and terrazzo compliment each other beautifully. This table lamp adds more organic natural detail and texture to a room. Particularly great if you’ve opted for neutral decor choices.

Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Living

House Doctor Coon Sofa Black Rattan – Viva Lagoon

Rattan is such a versatile material that opting for furniture pieces will ensure that no matter where you decide to put them, they’ll look great. Rattan works beautifully indoors and outside. Although, it’s not completely resilient to wet weather and should be taken in or stored in a dry place should there be bad weather.

Thankfully, rattan furniture has come a long way since those 70’s conservatory pieces with designers embracing this natural material. Adapatable pieces like this bench from Lagoon, provides versatility in your homes. You never know investing in larger key pieces like this may be investment pieces that will be sought after by vintage hunters.

Introduce A Natural Sound Barrier

Cozy Living Queen Rattan Room Divider – Cuckooland

Screens are not only decorative pieces to include in larger spaces, they happen to help with reducing sound too. They’re perfect for open plan spaces for this reason alone. Screens can also help zone areas and/or create privacy where you might need it which is another important aspect to consider with open plan areas. We all need five minutes to enjoy by ourselves now and again don’t you think?

On Trend Pets!

NEW Rattan Pet Tipi – Cox & Cox

Of course, there are your pets to consider too. As long as they’re not chewers, then the latest wicker pet beds are a wonderful natural addition to the home with no nasty chemicals for your beloved fur babies to enjoy.

Rattan Pet Cocoon – Cox and Cox

What with our Tabitha claiming nearly every chair and bed, I’m beginning to think we need to invest in one of these ourselves.

Authentic Designs…

An Eclectic '70s Home Filled With Vintage Finds - Jenasie Earl
Jenasies Living room – Real Homes Tour

The great thing is, as much as there’s the opportunity to buy new, you could bag yourself an on trend bargain by hunting for vintage designs such as Jenasie whose home I featured last month.

So what do we think? Are you ready to incorporate some natural goodness into your homes whilst helping the environment?

Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria xx

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