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Wall Stickers – Quick & Easy Children’s Bedroom Decor

March 16, 2018
Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor


I can’t help but love a quick and easy design solution that offers instant gratification by the mere act of peeling and sticking, can you? And whilst I’ve covered quite a few stick and peel designs from windows, kitchens to furniture, I thought we’d turn our attention to the little one’s bedroom walls today.

Wall Stickers – Quick & Easy Children’s Bedroom Decor

Having had 3 children myself, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed and that is how quickly they evolve from a baby in your arms to suddenly being a spotty teenager. It can be hard to keep up with them as their personalities start to shine through and you start to take into consideration their likes and dislikes. One minute they want to be a palaeontologist and the next minute they have visions of becoming the next soon to be discovered rock star! (I’m speaking from personal experience here with my eldest son). So I know how tricky it can be when decorating their bedrooms and yes I’ve learnt the hard way as many of us do.



So unless you’re keen on decorating your child’s room every year and don’t mind the cost or time involved, then I may have a solution to your child’s ever-evolving personalities, wall stickers or decals as they’re also known. These not only offer you the ability to change the look of a room instantaneously with very little skill, they’re easily removed too so you can update at a drop of a hat.

They’re also helpful if you rent, so they’re a wonderful way to give your little one’s room some personality and make them look great too. All you need is a relatively neutral background as a backdrop or you could just let your imagination run wild and create a whole scene! I’ve selected a few to get you going…..

 The Nursery

Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

PÖM Le Bon Homme Black Adventure Wall Stickers – Mini Maison

As well as currently being very on trend, monochrome nurseries do have a scientific benefit for children from 0-3 years. Whilst we as adults might appreciate colour, a baby’s retina isn’t fully developed which basically means they can’t distinguish between different shades of light and colour. They can, however, detect large contrasts between light and dark i.e., black and white.

There are a number of designs available, but opting for ones like these adventure wall stickers by French brand PÖM Le Bon Homme, will at least see your little darlings through their first few years if not more. This particular pack comes with 46 stickers which are enough to decorate a small nursery with ease.


Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

Children’s Sticker Shape Sets – Inkmill Vinyl

Studies show that infants not only prefer to look at black and white graphics they’re also beneficial too!


  • help increase concentration skills
  • stimulate brain cell connections (using both left and right side of brain)
  • increase attention span
  • enhance curiosity

Which leads to…….

  • Increased sense of self
  • Increased confidence
  • Creativity and self-expression


Starry Nights

Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy DIY Children's Bedroom Decor

Moon & Stars Wall Sticker Set – Koko Kids

Encouraging children to have a sense of adventure can be as easy as popping a wall sticker on their wall. I’m particularly loving this moon and stars sticker set it allows you to create a truly magical scene for your budding stargazers and you get to opt for a darker wall colour so you can really create a starry night scene.


Unlike set designs such as wallpaper or murals, wall stickers offer greater flexibility and versatility. Where a design might ordinarily be loss behind furniture such as wardrobes and storage, wall stickers can be put up wherever you decide and will be seen.


Story Telling

Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

Croatian Tree Fabric Sticker Sets – Sian Zeng

I’d happily introduce this Croatian Tree Fabric Sticker set into my home children or not. It’s one of Sian Zeng’s creative designs and happens to be an award-winning design company renowned for their imaginative wallpapers. And there’s no denying that children love a story and imagery is a powerful tool to use in their bedrooms.   Fueling their imagination and encouraging creativity, this is more than just a wall sticker as you can you can set out a woodland scene with wonderous flying pigs and a friendly hedgehog. These actually remind me of the Beatrix Potter books I used to read my children but a modern-day version.

This may not be the cheapest sticker collection at between £180-£190 but when you acknowledge the fact that it was originally handpainted using traditional Chinese inks, is matte, tear and scratch resistant and can be repositioned and removed with ease, (great if you’re on the move constantly) its actually a work of art in itself. It’s also innovative in its design as it’s made from eco-friendly Eco-Sol MAX® ink, which is eco-solvent and Greenguard-certified. The high-density ink for a print-like quality provides you with the effect of it being painted directly onto the wall. Oh, and it’s PVC free too.


Friendly Faces

Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

Arctic Animals Set – Chameleon Wall Art

Wall stickers are also great for introducing children to the wonderful creatures that inhabit our earth and I’m loving these Antarctic animals and their simplistic friendly forms by Chameleon Wall Art. These decals have a matte/fabric finish which blends in better with a painted wall and are less obvious at being stuck on.


TIP: Instead of sticking directly on to your child’s wall, you could frame larger wall stickers to hang on to their wall to create a piece of original artwork. This could actually work out cheaper than purchasing individual prints!



Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

Dinosaur Height Chart – Inkmill Vinyl

And if you’re struggling to find something that you and, or more importantly, your children like, then there are companies such as Inkmill Vinyl who provide a bespoke service. Offering not only a vast array of designs, and colour choices but different finishes too.  They can even scale your chosen design to a size that suits. So there’s something to please every child and their imagination.


The In-Betweeners

Wall Stickers - Quick & Easy Children's Bedroom Decor

Glow Bulb Sticker – Glow

I’m actually contemplating this wall sticker for my soon to be ten year old to go above his desk. It’s a contemporary lightbulb wall decal that actually glows in the dark. Its printed onto long glow photoluminescent vinyl, which provides a more grown-up feel to the usual glow in the dark stars and its patented technology means it will glow brighter and for longer than other wall decals. You actually get a pack of four stickers including one large (30cm) lightbulb print and three smaller bulbs (9cm) so that you can add contemporary luminous effects to more than one room in your home. You never know it might actually encourage them to do their homework rather than having to do the usual bartering tactics! It’s also a bargain and is on sale at the time of writing from £13.99 to £10.01


So are we tempted to have a go? I wish there had been the availability of these wall stickers when my daughter was younger, it might have saved me from having to peel off the book pages she had stuck onto her wall with a glue stick all those years ago!


Have a great weekend and thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria x















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  • Reply Cara - Caradise March 19, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    These are so cute! I especially love the starry night and giraffe height chart. xx

    • Reply Maria March 20, 2018 at 7:22 am

      Aren’t they just Cara! I love them all and would find it hard to decide if my children were little again :D xx

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