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Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review – Modern Rugs

June 12, 2018
Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

Hasn’t the weather been rather glorious this past week and it looks set to stay, well at least until the children break up for summer and then your guess is as good as mine. As a nation of garden lovers does it even matter as we’ll be making any excuse to get outside and make the most of our outdoor spaces even if it’s just for a cup of tea. With this in mind, we’re dipping one toe outside and one indoors today as I’ve been kindly asked to review a rug that works for both spaces by Modern Rugs. Ready to find out more?

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review – Modern Rugs

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

Having written about outdoor rugs last year, I have to say we’ve been contemplating one for our patio area for a while but it hadn’t quite made the top of our to-do list. That said, we really wanted to spruce up our outside family space so it was great timing on behalf of Modern Rugs as like many of you we’ve been spending every opportunity to embrace the weather in the garden. In my case, writing and drinking coffee whilst the hubs obsession with mowing the grass every five minutes may have reached its peak *raises eyebrows. Oh and he’ll kill me for saying this but he also vacuums the artificial grass around the tree house….. what can I say other than that he loves his garden.


Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

Our outdoor spaces have become much more of an extension of our homes don’t you think? More and more designers have been helping us to explore and utilise our gardens much like we do indoors. There’s plenty of new and innovative designs to encourage us to add a little versatility to our outdoors and I’m definitely up for adding a little creativity to mine.

Of course, the increase in popularity of bifold doors may have set the whole indoor/outdoor living off. With no visual obstructions both spaces blend into one.  They’ve literally opened up our homes and blurred the lines between our indoor and outdoor spaces.

We’re also entertaining at home more and seeking the perfect outside space during the warmer months. I also think that we are more aware of our need to connect with mother nature. Taking a break from today’s technology and work and embracing the outdoors is perfect for our wellbeing.


Why Consider An Outdoor/Indoor Rug

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

I understand that there will be some of you wondering why even consider a rug for your outdoor spaces and that it may appear as a bit of an extravagance but apart from the aesthetics, there are other valid reasons you may want to consider.



  • Banish Ugly/Unsightly Patios – If you haven’t the time or money to replace that crazy paving or have decking that’s seen better days an outdoor rug is a perfect cover-up.
  • Slippery Patios – Some patios can be slippery when wet especially decking so if your little ones are in and out of the pool and house a rug will help prevent those slips and falls.
  • Too Hot – our slate patio can get incredibly hot underfoot on a hot day. An outdoor rug will help protect you and your tootsies as you venture outside.
  • Protect Against Damage – Garden furniture can leave scrapes and possible long-term damage to patio surfaces and maybe your furniture legs. This is one that we have a problem with as slate marks easily when chairs are dragged across it.
  • Comfort Underfoot – As with indoor rugs outdoor rugs offer you a layer of comfort underfoot and I’m all for comfort.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review – Modern Rugs

Whilst we don’t have bi-folds leading on to our garden area, (we live in an area where foxes are in abundance) we have used the same slate floor tiles in our kitchen dining area for our adjoining patio. It was as much about creating a visual connection between the two spaces as well as being practical. And opting for a natural tile at the time, it’s actually held up incredibly well these past ten years.


Alternative Layout

Whilst I covered the practicalities above, there are also the visual and decorative benefits of considering an outdoor rug. This is where the rug we chose from Modern Rugs has helped transform our outdoor space.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs
I have to admit our patio didn’t quite look like this ‘before’ photo above as we had a circular table and chairs set up for the past ten years. Due to funds being set aside for other projects we still craved an update and a more chilled area for entertaining and spending time with friends and family.

With new garden furniture not on the cards just yet, we moved the table down the bottom of the garden and set up a seating area above. As you can see there was no definition to the seating area. They pretty much look like ships lost at sea. And those scrape marks on the slate are on show which although can be cleaned off, time is often against us.


Outdoor/Indoor rugs are hardwearing and waterproof, so perfect for our family home which sees a lot of activity and errr spillages!


Anchor & Ground Seating

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

With the outdoor/indoor rug, we chose from Modern Rugs we were able to ground and anchor the seating area above making it look more natural and thereby creating a welcoming space. The rug literally has pulled together our outdoor seating area from blah to hell yeah with very little effort.


Texture, Pattern & Colour

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

I utilised two Fortnum and Mason storage baskets as an impromptu coffee table that also allows us to store cushions and throws when not in use. They can also be lifted indoors quickly if the weather turns.

There’s also that wonderful contrasting textural element that rugs add to our flooring whether it be indoors or outside. It’s another visual layer for our eyes to feast upon. And whilst we opted for a neutral rug that we wanted to work with both our interior decor and outside spaces, you could quite easily incorporate splashes of colour and pattern to your patio areas. It all depends on whether you’re move the rug indoors during the colder months, your decor for either area.


Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

With the prospect of hazy summer days and cosy evenings spent with family and friends, I’ll be adding a couple of floor cushions to allow for extra seating and the rug will at least provide a layer of comfort when it comes to those that have lost out on the game of musical chairs i.e., who can ever get one first!



Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

Using the same rug under our dining room table has added another layer of visual interest to our kitchen area. It also anchors the table and helps zone this area in our open plan space.

With such a great range of Outdoor/Indoor rugs to choose from, we opted for Match Green Rectangular rug that we would work both indoors and outside. (To be fair it did look a lot greener on their website, but it’s actually a subtle shade of green in reality which I’m happier with.) And as both areas have the same slate floor, we went with a plain rug that complimented each setting. Of course, if you saw my Kitchen Makeover, you’ll know that green features massively so this influenced our colour choice.


TIP: If you’re considering transferring the rug indoors during winter months, consider your decor i..e, colour scheme and where you’ll be using it. Size and colour to both areas will have to be taken into consideration before making a decision.


Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

The Match Green Rug is actually reversible but we preferred the green side.

We also considered using this rug in another part of our downstairs living space and layering it, but as it’s incredibly hardwearing, we opted for the kitchen area to help stop those scrapes from chairs. To be honest those chair leg pads only last a very limited time in what is the heart of our home.


Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

Even Tabitha The Interior Editor cat has given the rug her royal seal of approval!

Having styled the rug in both indoors and outside, we are now faced with the dilemma to order the same rug for our kitchen as a permanent feature. We love the look and feel of this rug so much!

If you fancy changing the look of your outdoor spaces, you might want to head on over to Modern Rugs and browse their fantastic range of Outdoor/Indoor rugs here. They’ve every colour and pattern you can think of and they’re reasonably priced too!

So what do we think of Outdoor/Indoor Rugs?  I’m smitten with their versatility and the ability to create a new look to our outdoor area with very little effort. It’d be great to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria x


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Disclaimer: I received the above rug from Modern Rugs free of charge for the purposes of review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rug Review - Modern Rugs

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