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Small Space Living –  Clever Everyday Furniture Solutions 

July 22, 2016
Small Space Living -  Clever Everyday Furniture Solutions 

Small Space Living –  Clever Everyday Furniture Solutions 

Continuing with my ‘Small Space Living’ series, today’s post offers some help with furniture solutions for those seeking some inspiration. And, I hasten to add, this post is not just for small spaces. Why I hear you ask?  Purely because there are some very clever furniture designs out there, and you may just feel compelled to find a place for them in your own home.

Ready to enjoy and appreciate some clever furniture design? Let’s go……

Embrace Magazine Rack (John Green, York, UK)

Clever and simple in its form,  I am in love with the Embrace Magazine Rack from John Green. It is an award-winning piece of furniture design and its name really doesn’t do it justice. It is actually so much more than a solution to storage.  Two low modern tables that when put together, ’embrace’ each other. When apart, it provides different functionalities, such as a laptop table, a bench and desk.  If space is really tight and there’s no room for a dining table, you can use one of the tables as a serving tray………. breakfast in bed anybody?

Good to Know: The Embrace Magazine Rack:  Each unit is numbered, stamped and signed upon completion: Materials Bent plywood, available in Birch, Oak and Walnut: Dimensions H.375 W.850 D.350

Hay Tray Table

The Hay Tray table meets minimalist idealism. Small space living requires a lot more thinking about in terms of the form of furniture design. You don’t want to be going for large bulky furniture that’s going to take up a lot of space. This tray table offers the visual aspect of streamlined minimalism whilst also be a clever design in that, the tray lifts off and provides you with a dual purpose. You can transport your coffee and snacks, as well as eat of it, (great for those of you who like to dine in front of the TV). For those of us that don’t, its great for transporting all those empty cups of coffee back to the kitchen. I think I could certainly do with one of these just on the principle of the coffee cups!
Good to Know: Tray tables are available in four sizes to suit every need, Materials & finishes: Powder-coated steel finish. Also available in white.

Grid Daybed from POOL Design Studio

A daybed, how is that a small space furniture design, I hear you say! I’m looking at this beautiful piece of French design as more than just a day bed.  It is from the Bauhaus style and will fit perfectly in today’s modern living space. Sure you can have an afternoon nap on it, but what I am loving is that the fact that this seating has the advantage of providing somewhere to sit and place your books, coffee cups or a plant or two. I adore its versatility and its simple design.  Its combination of seating, resting and useful incorporated table, makes this a great piece whether you’re living in a small space or not.
Good to Know: Materials: leather, walnut wood, coated steel, Dimensions: Depth 71cm, Height 92cm, Width 187cm.

Revolve by Lincoln Rivers from Wireworks

Small Space Living - Clever Every Day Furniture Solutions

Revolve available from

I love this revolving wall unit by Lincoln Rivers from Wireworks. It is designed for bathroom spaces, but think it could work well in other spaces such as the bedroom or if you are lucky to have one,  a dressing room. One of the reasons I am attracted to this design is that it keeps your spaces clutter free as everything is hidden at a gentle push. Trying to keep a small space visually and physically clear of clutter is hard, especially as we tend to own so much these days. The bonus with this piece is that it is made from bamboo which is a sustainable material so its great for our environment!

Good To Know: Colour: Brown, Depth 18cm, Height 140cm, Width 28cm, Material: Bamboo & glass

Big: Ledge Shelf By Anne Linde, Copenhagen, Denmark

A little shelf that has big potential for small space living. I’m loving this simple shelf design that can be utilised just about anywhere you need to display and store your bits on whether it’s the kitchen, hallway or as shown here as a bedside shelf.  Again using the vertical as opposed to floor space is ideal for the smaller bedroom and would look great with a hanging pendant or wall light above it.

Good to Know: Available in Black, White and Brown. Made from powder-coated steel for durability, Height: 33cm Diameter: 22cm, Width 34.5cm

That is all for me today, but be sure to check back next week for some more inspiration!

Have a great weekend wherever you are!




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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson July 24, 2016 at 10:01 am

    In a world where houses/flats/apartments seem to be getting smaller, getting the furniture right and being able to fit it all in can be a battle!! Great read Maria…keep them coming :) x

    • Reply maria July 27, 2016 at 8:13 pm

      So true Amanda small spaces can be more complex to get right. Thanks for your lovely comments and heres hoping others feel the same! :D x

  • Reply Todd Smith December 19, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    While I love all of these designs, the first table I definitely my favorite! With my work at Jarrimber, practicality is always something we try to incorporate into each design.

    • Reply maria December 21, 2016 at 1:50 pm

      It’s a great versatile table Todd, and its good to hear that your designs are being thought out with usability in mind. I’ll have to head over and have a look at your work :D

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