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How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter Using Texture

October 11, 2016

Yes, it’s time to finally embrace the transition from summer to autumn, as the leaves fall from the trees and the crisp air catches us unawares as we venture out on early starts and late finishes.  We tend to look to our homes with eagerness as they become welcome retreats from the changing weather. It is definitely time to think about snuggling up and getting cosy.

The colder seasons get me thinking of all the wonderful textures that we can add to our homes to create the vision of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Texture is one of my favourite design elements. Without texture, any space will look boring and bland. You can check out my earlier post here to find out more about texture in your homes.

Personally, I think we need more tactile textures about us during the winter months. More so than at any other time of the year. We need to feel cocooned and secure as the weather worsens, and we spend more time indoors. There is nothing more lovelier than being curled up under a throw, with a fire blazing and candlelight twinkling.  So without further ado, I am going to share a  few wonderful textures that you can incorporate into your homes by way of accessories.

Faux Fur

The sumptuousness of faux fur is without a doubt a wonderful, tactile texture. It just oozes warmth and  speaks of winter wonderlands. Adding a faux fur throw to a bed, chair or sofa will really up the cosy factor to your home. Here are a couple to get your cozy factor going.

Polar Bear – Cream Faux Fur Throw

How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter Using Texture

Polar Bear – Cream Faux Fur Throw by The Natural Bed Company

This gorgeous polar bear throw by The Natural Bed Company is great for those of you with a more neutral colour scheme. At £90, this fab throw is about midrange in price.

Good to Know:

130x 170cm Materials: Front 80% acrylic, 20% polyester. Velvet look reverse 100% polyester.

Siberian Sable Luxury Fur Faux Throw

How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter Using Texture

Siberian Sable Luxury  by Fauxfurthrows

Looking for a more luxury brand that offers more realistic faux fur throws and you will be looking at around the £150-£200 mark. Like this gorgeous sable affair from Faux Fur Throws.

Good To Know:

180 x 140 cms (71 x 55 inches) Price: £179.00

There are, of course, cheaper faux fur throws on the market, but as with most things, it’s good to invest in a good quality throw that you will be able to use year in, year out. Quality and longevity ensures we are protecting our environment and prevents us from filling our landfill sites.


If faux fur isn’t your thing, then look to wool.  A wonderful natural product, wool is a great choice if you’re looking to buy with the environment in mind.

Welcombe Chunky Hand Knitted Throw by LAUREN ASTON

How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter

Welcombe Chunky Hand Knitted Throw by LAUREN ASTON from

There are, of course, a number of different style woollen throws and cushions to choose from, but I couldn’t resist showing you this rather large oversized knitted throw. What a fun way to add some warmth to your evenings.

Handmade in Devon, UK, you’ve got to love the supersize knitted texture.  It will definitely add a wonderful visual impact to your homes. And how incredibly tactile is it! I could quite easily see myself cosied up on the sofa. Its made from merino wool which lends itself to being amazingly soft to touch. Merino wool also boasts natural benefits as it’s breathable , and helps to regulate body temperature so perfect for the bedroom.

Good To Know:

Small – 150cm x 90cm sits from the bottom to around half way up a double bed, approx 3kg

Large – 150cm x 180cm covers the majority of the bed, approx 5-7kg

Spot clean any spills and dry clean as required.


KNITTED RUG, chunky knit rug by Panapufa

Sticking with the oversized knitted look, but for the floor this time. This fab chunky knit rug is handmade by Panapufa over on Etsy.  Again, it is made from merino wool offering you a natural, anti allergic and environmentally friendly rug. Perfect for those of you who enjoy spreading out on the floor in front of a fire with a good book.

Good to Know:-

Price: From £44.70  You can order it in one of 35 colours. MOON is the colour in the photo. size 47×60. Also offers made to measure and shipped from Poland.


Velvet is a wonderful tactile texture to add to our homes and, of course, it is right on trend at the moment. Not that I need an excuse to adore the richness of this luxurious fabric. Velvets’ opulence in our interiors ensures that it is a real showstopper. Think of velvet as you would when putting on a little black dress for a special night out. The same applies when adding this texture to your homes. It just oozes a certain sophistication and elegance and I love it.

Large Italian Blue Velvet Button Upholstered Pouf

How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter

Large Italian Blue Velvet Button Upholstered Pouf by

Want to add a dual purpose piece of furniture for those extra guests? Then the pouf is a great addition to any living room. Doubling up as a coffee table, this beautiful sumptuous pouf by Juliette Interiors is certainly a classy act. Although, it is most definitely out of my price range at £4,680.00!! I have included this Italian made piece because, I like to dream, and you never know when your dreams will come true….

Good To Know:

Materials: solid wood structure, upholstered with a non-deformable, differential-density expanded polyurethane for superb comfort and durability.

Height 42 cm x width 110 x depth 110 cm.

Velvet & Linen Backed Cushions


How To Make your Home a Welcome Retreat For Winter

Velvet & Linen Backed Cushions by Graham and Green

Looking for a more affordable way to introduce some velvety heaven into your home?  Then look no further than these gorgeous velvet and linen backed cushions by Graham and Green. A bargain a £35 a piece. Feather filled, these would make super soft floor cushions whilst adding a little bit of splendour.

Good to Know:

Rectangle H.35cm x W.50cm, Square 45 x 45cm, Dry clean only.


Hopefully, I have provided you with a small taster of some winter cosiness for your homes using the above textures.  Until next time….

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!!






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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson October 31, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Mmmm texture :) I saw a post on how to make the arm weave rugs…..if only I had the time lol!! Another great post Maria :) xx

    • Reply maria November 3, 2016 at 1:15 pm

      Those arm weave rugs are fabulous but sadly my knitting skills are awful so wouldn’t attempt to make one myself lol. Thanks for stopping by Amanda :D xx

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