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Read All About It! – Innovative Ways to House Your Books

September 6, 2016
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Read All About It! – Innovative Ways to House Your Books

Today I am looking at interesting, creative and fun ways to display your books within your interiors. Whilst we may have reduced the amount of books we own over the years due to technologies, books are still prevalent in our lives and in our homes. The books we do own tend to be more meaningful as we become more selective. Even after Marie Kondo’ing the hell out of my book collections, I still own and refuse to let go off a vast amount of books that I have bought and loved over the years.

Traditional bookcases filled to the brim are a sight to behold, but there are some fun and innovative ways to house your collections. Here are a few of my finds……

The Bookworm by Ron Arad

Read All About It! - Innovative Ways to House Your Books

Image – The Interior Editor – Available from Nunido

I had to include this iconic design piece by Ron Arad. I first came across The Bookworm at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London when I first started studying for my Foundation degree in Interior Design. It is such a fun, versatile and  flexible way to display your books in style. Creating an artwork out of your book collections. It was initially designed as a one-off piece in sprung steel but went on to become one of Ron Arad’s best-selling works. Its flexibility enables you to adapt its shape to create different looks.

Good To Know: Available in 3 different lengths. 320cm (with 7 bookends), 520cm (with 11 bookends) or 820cm (17 bookends).



Ptolomeo X4 Short Bookcase

For those of you with no wall space, have limited space or just need to find more storage for your growing collections, then look no further than this multitasking bookcase come side table.  Its functionality is ingenious with its ability to rotate 360° allowing you access up to 75 books. It is a sturdy little number, constructed from lacquered metal shelves and a stainless steel support. I think it would be perfect for night owls as it would serve as a great bedside table.

Good To Know: H 43 cm / W 52 cm / D 52 cm


Robox – Fabio Novembre


I’ve included this Robox Bookcase for the boys, or gals who happen to have grown up with the likes of Terminator, Robot Cop or maybe Transformers. If you have fallen for him, be warned he is super crazily priced at just over £3,175. You have to admit though that a man-sized robot in your home would look super cool if only to provide a different aspect for housing your book collections. I love the fact that Robox has been given a red heart (box).

Good To Know: H 184 cm / W 81 cm / D 31 cm. Painted embossed metal. Robox is exactly the same height as the designer who created it.


Belvedere Opinion Ciatti Mirror / Bookshelf

Read All About It! - Innovative Ways to House Your Books

Another versatile piece for you to be able to display your books is the Belvedere Opinion Ciatti Mirror / Bookshelf.   I love that you can hang this on the vertical or stand it against the wall.  Designed by Marcello Ziliani for Opinion Ciatti, it is constructed from metal and has a lacquered white matt finish. This design offers those of you seeking a more minimal, streamlined look to your spaces whilst displaying your collections. The mirror with its reflective quality breaks up the visual heaviness of the books and provides a textural contrast even more so if you add a few plants here and there.

Good To Know: L94cm, H 210cm, W 16cm



This modular framework system designed by Italian designers Studio 14, is perfect for those of you that require a minimalist shelving for your book collections. Each module is composed of iron framework which  creates a maze to house your books. The designers themselves were inspired by the films, Tron and the Matrix.  I like its simplistic qualities and the fact that you can make good use of corners. An art piece in itself, I think.

Good to Know: There are different modules to choose from. Module A : L.60x 74 D.10,  Module B : L.60 x 74 D.22 Modul C: L.120 x 74 D10,  Module D : Corner: L.80 P.22 – L.65 D.10

Supershelf – Floating Bookshelf by Artori Design

Read All About It! - Innovative Ways to House Your Books

Everyone needs a superhero in their lives right? This floating bookshelf is fun and simple to hang. Simply insert the shelf between a book cover and stack away.   I like that the books appear suspended in air rather than seeing a shelf. Of course, if you’re not into superheroes you could always omit him as he is magnetic and can be attached/unattached at will.

Good to Know: Made of metal painted black. Length: 13cm, Height: 16cm, Width: 12cm (5.11” x 6.3” x 4.72”)



Until next time…

Thanks, as always, for stopping by today!



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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson September 6, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Another fab post. I am currently in the process of turning my hallway (very narrow, very long) into a ‘library’ to house my hundreds of books…..will never get rid of them, any of them, EVER!!! :D Great range of alternatives Maria :) xx

    • Reply maria September 8, 2016 at 5:15 pm

      Thanks so much Amanda for your lovely comments. They mean a lot to me. A hallway library sounds wonderful!! Got to love books :D x

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