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On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling

February 5, 2021

If you were one of those that didn’t spend last year getting your DIY on, you may have reached that point of realisation where staring at those walls really won’t change your dated decor or, indeed, get things done. Just think with Spring just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to give your home a quick and easy update. Especially as we’ll all be looking to enjoy more outdoor activities having spent what seems like the longest winter ever in lockdown. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your decor, that’s on trend, today’s post may just be for you.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling Wallpaper in navy blue ready to hang and popular for bathrooms
Panel Wallpaper – Wallsauce

I’m not one to banter on about trends because let’s face it they have a tendency to come and go AND then come back again in another guise. If ever there was evidence of this it has to be wall panelling.

If you weren’t aware, wall panels have been around for some considerable time. They originally came about in the late 15th Century. Initially used to help insulate stone buildings to make them more comfortable and help keep draughts at bay, wall panelling was definitely not about the aesthetic but more about functionality. A century later, plain vertical designs became the in thing. With the Tudor and Jacobean eras they decided to opt for smaller squares and rectangles when it came to their walls. Whereas the Georgian period saw the more classic appearance of larger simpler panels of which have regained popularity. I could go on but then you’re not really here for a history lesson and I think I’ve made my point in question of trends and how we’ve adopted them over time.

Wall panelling, for all it’s guises, has and still is a perfect way to add effective detail and subtle pattern to a room.

Why Wall Panelling Has Grown As a Trend…

Dusky Pink Wallpaper Panelling – Mineheart

Wall panelling’s popularity has escalated to the point where you really cannot scroll through Instagram without coming across it. And whilst I’m not an advocate of it being used in every home, (I personally think period style properties are more appropriate), it does provide some positive attributes that can help make your home feel that little more up-to-date.

Wall panelling definitely adds a classic understated look to a room, adding longevity to your decor. A win, if you’re the type who avoids redecorating regularly. And a money saver in the long run too. What’s not to love.

Be Brave & Creative

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang wallpaper Ameythst panelling by Mineheart
Amethyst Panelling Wallpaper

Gone are the days of just being happy with painting a wall, ticking that DIY box and sitting back. As a whole, we’re getting braver and more creative with our decor choices. Maybe lockdowns and no visitors means we are deciding to take into account what we like rather than seeking the opinion of others. I say that’s a step in the right direction if I were to put a positive twist on life this past year.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling

Wall Panelling Attributes

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang Mustard yellow wallpaper by Mineheart. Combining two trends with Colour of the Year 2021 and wallpanelling.
Mustard Panelling Wallpaper –
Mineheart perfect for this year’s Colour of the Year 2021

When you think about it, it comes as no surprise why wall panelling is proving to be a popular a choice. Subtle pattern of repetitive blocks are easy on the eye. They also allow you to introduce raised textural detail that’s unobtrusive. Providing a classic more expensive look to a room.

Whether you leave the panels bare or use them to create a framework for choice pieces of art, they add interest to a room without committing too much.

Faking It With Faux Wall Panelling Wallpaper

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling Pink ready to hang wallpaper by Wallsauce
Panel Wallpaper – Wallsauce

Wall panelling DIY tutorials are in abundance but let’s face it some things definitely require an element of expertise and this is one of them. There is a simpler way and that is realistic faux panelled wallpaper. Ready to hang without the need to get your geometry kit out or the investment in specialist tools. Not to mention the potential dilemma of then deciding what colour to paint it all when you’ve finally finished measuring, cutting and gluing it all up!

As a trend, it may just be easier on your sanity to consider faking it with faux wall panel wallpaper.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang wallpaper by Wallsauce
Panel Wallpaper – Wallsauce

There’s a range of 3D effect paneling wallpaper available and with a variety of colour, pattern and styles.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang turquoise wall panelling wallpaper by Wallsauce
Panel Wallpaper – Wallsauce

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang panelled frieze for stairs and hallways by Lime Lace
Library Frieze Wallpaper – Cole & Son – Great Masters
Lime Lace

There’s even a wallpaper panelling frieze to make life a little easier for those stairs/hallways. Perfect for adding wall panelling detail without the full commitment.

Considerideratons For Faux Wall Panelled Wallpaper

Scale & Proportion

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready to hang pink panelling wallpaper by Mineheart
Dusty Pink Panelling Wallpaper – Mineheart

Before deciding on which wallpaper wall panelling make sure you choose the right size panelling for your room.

Consider the scale and proportion of the wall panelling before committing to buying. As a rule of thumb smaller rooms will benefit from smaller scale panelling allowing you to take in the pattern repeat. Although it can be overwhelming if used in too small a room especially if you have low ceilings. In which case you could opt to go half way up the wall and add a dado rail.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling ready too hang wall panelling wall paper by Wallsauce
Panel Wallpaper – Wallsauce

Larger scaled panels look best for rooms that have taller ceilings and larger rooms otherwise the pattern repeat will be lost in a smaller room. This goes for any wallpaper design that has a large scale pattern and not just wall panelling wallpapers.

On Trend Easy Faux Wallpanelling

So what do we think? Would you consider faking it with faux panelled wallpaper or would you go for the real thing? It’d be great to hear your thoughts.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria xx

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