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The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them – Updated

April 16, 2019

Pulling back one from the archives today because you may well have only come across this blog and two, it’s always good to recap on some design ideas for your homes. Rugs are an important aspect to creating a fabulous home and deserve a second mention don’t you think? The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them – Updated   I see rugs in our homes as shoes are to a well-dressed outfit. You wouldn’t go to the trouble…

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Home Trends

The Fringe Trend For Your Homes

March 26, 2019
The Fringe Trend For Your Homes

Forget your pompoms and tassels, we’re talking fringing for your home today. This growing trend has been stirring things up in the interiors world and there appears to be a bit of a divide when it comes to those that are willing to embrace it and those that won’t. Marmite or not, I’m all for a bit of extra decorative detail. I think its to do with the expectation of movement that fringing brings to the table no matter what…

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Colour Inspiration Home Trends

Neo Mint – The Colour of 2020

March 22, 2019
How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020

We’re stepping into Spring with a little bit of colour to brighten up these somewhat grey days we’ve been having. Neo Mint has been described as big news for 2020. Of course, it’s already filtering its way into our interior choices so I thought we’d take a look at this versatile colour. WSGN is a trend forecasting company and like Pantone, they put a lot of thought into what will be hot for interiors and fashion and Neo Mint is…

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Real Homes Tour

An Eclectic ’70s Home Filled With Vintage Finds – Jenasie Earl

March 19, 2019
An Eclectic '70s Home Filled With Vintage Finds - Jenasie Earl

How are we all? Ready to take a nice slow cruise over the pond to @greathomestaketimes latest winner Jenasie’s aka @msviciousdesign’s beautiful home? If you’re obsessed with all things vintage and have an eye for eclectic design, then you’re in the right place today. Jenasie’s Utah family home is all of the above and more. It’s a home worth taking a look around just to be inspired by what you can achieve when you take time to build a home…

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Interior Inspiration Real Homes Tour

Two Homes & A Love Affair of Reclaimed & Vintage – Susan Mears

March 8, 2019

We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time for another house tour. I was thrilled to have declared Susan aka @susiesblue_rooms as one of our Instagram @greathomestaketime winner. In fact, we have the pleasure of taking a peek at two homes that belong to Susan and her family. They’re completely at the opposite of the spectrum in terms of architecture. Her main family home is Edwardian and the other, a cottage retreat in Suffolk. Two Homes & A Love…

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Accessories Form & Function - Design Finds

Time To Celebrate With LSA International – TATRA Collection

February 1, 2019
Time To Celebrate With LSA Glass International - TATRA Collection

Ready to celebrate February arriving? Me too which is why I thought you might like some inspiration from the wonderful people at LSA International. If you’ve managed dry January, (we haven’t) I expect that there will be lots of you raising a glass or two. It really is time to celebrate! Time To Celebrate With LSA International – TATRA Collection With January being the month of austerity after the indulgences of Christmas, it’s definitely time to start living a little…

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