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The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

November 8, 2016

Recently, on Facebook, a friend posted some amazing knitted sheep she had made. Jacquie,(I am sure she won’t mind me using her name), is without a doubt, a multi-talented lady. She appears to have countless abilities, and knitting is just one of them. These adorable knitted sheep, actually inspired today’s post. My crazy designer mind finds inspiration everywhere, and always connects with interiors ;)………Ready to read on and find out more?  Let’s go…..

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

We have been using wool since the Stone Age, so you would think it would be an obvious choice when considering purchases for our homes. However, with the vast array of materials and products out there to tempt us, wool can often get overlooked. So today, I am recapping on why wool is still a great choice for our homes.

Why Wool?

  • A renewable source due to sheep producing a new fleece every year, makes it an eco-friendly option. If you are worried about the environmental consequences, the wool industry are constantly striving to ensure that the industry is sustainable for the long-term.
  • 100 %natural and biodegradable, wool at the end of its life will decompose naturally. Releasing nutrients into the ground, unlike manmade fibres that are very slow to degrade.
  • I didn’t actually know this, and maybe you don’t either, but wool is actually a protein fibre that is formed in the skin of sheep.
  • Wool is a hygroscopic fibre that absorbs and releases water vapour. Perfect for insulating our homes. Using this natural type of insulation will help keep energy loss to a minimum and reduce energy costs, which benefits our environment in the long run.
  • An allergy sufferer? Wool doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria, unlike other materials, which can cause certain allergies. This makes wool a much healthier option.

Here are some fab woollen products for the home to get you going….


With soft furnishings and accessories, especially for your little ones, safety is paramount. Wool has a high water and nitrogen content which makes it naturally flame retardant. Wool won’t melt, stick or cause burns, and produces less noxious fumes than other materials.

Lazy Lamby & Sleepy Sheepy Merino Wool Head Pillow by The Gorgeous Company

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

Lazy Lamby Merino Wool Head Pillow available from

These adorable pillows are to die for aren’t they? Made from woven merino wool, they’d make the perfect gift for a little one. Sleepy Sheepy is a neck pillow whereas Lazy Lamb is a super soft head pillow. Naturally providing warmth and comfort at home or on long journeys they also double up as perfect woolly snuggles.

Good to Know: Made from merino wool with synthetic filler. Hand or dry clean. Dimensions: Sleepy Sheepy is 58cm in length, Lazy Lamby is 35cm in length.


Throws and blankets are a great way to add texture and visual warmth to a room. If you are worried about buying woollen throws don’t be. Wool has a natural protective waxy coating to its fibres. Think of it as having it’s very own built-in stain protector. Personally, anything that is easy to care for has the thumbs up for me especially with a OH, who has the propensity to spill things a lot!!

Gotland Wool Blanket/Throw by Urbanara

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

Wool is naturally anti static so you won’t find your clothes sticking to it if you were to wrap yourself up in a cosy woollen throw such as this fab one by

Urbanara’s Gotland blanket has a fab diamond weave and is woven from 100% pure Scandinavian wool. Apparently, where sheep are raised, and what grass they graze on has an effect on the appearance of the wool produced. Gotland wool gives this throw a silvery quality to it due to the climate of where the sheep graze. Other colour combinations are available too, such as grey and cream, green and grey. Personally, with the festive season fast approaching, I am loving the richness of the red and grey combination. It also carries the Woolmark trademark which ensures it meets industry certification standards.

Good To Know: 140 x 220 cm (with additional ten centimetre fringe) or 220 x 260 cm (with additional ten centimetre fringe)


With most of us opting for wooden or hard flooring these days, dust bunnies can be a nightmare. However, opting for a rug made from wool can help reduce floating dust as it’s fibre’s microscopic scales are able to trap and hold dust, which are easily vacuumed up.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Multi Vloerkleed by The Naked Flooring Company

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

Available from thenakedflooringcompanyy

The Louis De Poortere Vintage Multi Vloerkleed rug is a truly gorgeous rug made from 100% pure new wool and cotton chenille. It is also reassuring made using ethical methods in Belgium. Multiple textured layers have been created with the addition of distressed and intricate stitching details. It really is a showstopper. I’m loving it’s ‘vintage’ look and can already picture it in my living area….. where’s the tape measure!

Good to Know: A range of sizes are available and prices start from £90

Looking for a different style? The Naked Flooring Company also offer the option to create your own customisable natural rugs.


The Hembury Chair by SolidWool

The Benefits of Choosing Wool for Your Home

Available from Goodwin and Belle

You can’t beat this chair and the innovation behind it. The Hembury chair is handmade by a small company, SolidWool, based in Devon. They have developed a new way of working with wool considered worthless from hardy sheep by mixing it with a bio resin that is eco-friendly. This ensures you can sit comfortably and know it’s ethically made.

Good To Know: Dimensions H 78cm x W 47cm  Legs made from UK sourced Ash, Frame black powder coated steel.


Lastly, not forgetting any pets you may have, there are woollen products such as these fun Cat Caves to be had.

Cat Cave – Handmade Felted Cat Bed – Sleepy cat! by VaivaIndre

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home

Available from

These fun cat caves are made from 100% merino wool and are hand felted using only soap and water. Each house has a tail attached adding a fun toy for your cat to play with. They certainly put a smile on your face with their cheerful colours.
Good To Know:  Depth 30cm, W 46cm, H 60cm. Other colours available.


Hopefully, I have provided you with some inspiration to consider choosing wool for your own homes, and enjoy the health and environmental benefits that this wonderful natural material provides us with. Oh, and don’t forget to look for the wool trademark symbol, which ensures that it meets high quality standards and quality control.

The Benefits of Choosing Wool For Your Home


Until next time……

Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s post.

Maria x

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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson November 8, 2016 at 10:22 am

    I agree, wool is fabulous for the home. Its good to get an interior design view on the subject. Jacquie is indeed talented, I am lucky to have two of her gorgeous, original pieces in my home :) I used the rug pictured here in one of my recent projects, it is beautiful :) Another great post Maria, keep them coming :) xx

    • Reply maria November 8, 2016 at 1:07 pm

      It certainly is an interesting material to use in the home. Lots of lovely texture and it’s great how it can be used in different ways in our homes. Yes I’ve seen your fab pieces Jacquie has made and they are gorgeous. Love, love, love the rug it’s a beauty ?. Thanks for reading today and taking time to comment ? xx

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