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August 15, 2018


Yep, it’s voting time folks (gulps). The Oscars of the Interior Blogging World aka the Amara Interior Blog Awards have opened for voting as of today!

Just in case you missed it, a few weeks ago some of you lovely people nominated for The Interior Editor for Best Design Inspiration Blog and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

To get through to the shortlist stage, I need you to actually VOTE!! If you think The Interior Editor blog deserves to go through then all you need to do is click on the link below. It literally takes less than 30 seconds and there’s no spam involved unless you want to follow the awards where you’ll be updated along the way. There’s also a chance to win a SOFORT instant camera to one lucky voter.


I’m up against some amazing interior design blogs so I’d also be eternally grateful if you could share with your friends and family to help get as many votes as possible to be in with a chance.


I’d also like to thank all of you that take the time to pop by and read the blog as well as your massive support on social media with your likes, comments and shares. I can’t believe the blog is now 2 years old and how many lovely people I’ve met in the real and virtual world as a result of my ramblings! Each and every one of you has helped me on this incredible interiors journey with your support and kind words. It’s so easy to doubt yourself when sitting at a keyboard by yourself and knowing that you are there has been my driving force!

I’d also like to thank the poor I.E. Hubs who has been subjected to proofreading my posts as well as having to listen to me go on and on about interiors since forever!

Other Inspirational Blogs That Deserve A Vote!

Of course, there are hundreds of other blogs that deserve a vote or two so if you have time you might like to have a nose at some of my favourites and give them a well-deserved vote along the way.

Colour Inspiration Blog – The Colour File

Best Company Blog – Audenza,  Sketchup Hub ,  so many others to choose from!

Best Interior Lifestyle Blog – Britishstyleuk

Best Newcomer Blog – Boreal Abode, Nordic Notes, The Girl With the Green Sofa

Best Photography Blog – Dainty Dress Diaries, Design Hunter

Don’t forget every vote counts as this year the judging day takes place during the voting stage.

Thanks again for the nomination and for any voting that you may do!!


Maria x

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