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Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

February 27, 2017


A photo below popped up on my feed on Instagram a few days ago, and I was instantly inspired by how Ashley from Little Glass Jar upcycled this cool Tolix style stool into a bedside table. Who would have thought a stool could look this good in a bedroom space.


There’s a natural tendency for us to shop for furniture made specifically for certain rooms. Today’s post is to inspire you to think outside that box, have a little fun and add some personality to your bedrooms.

Bedside tables are all about function as well as enhancing the decor of your room. They should provide ample surface space and storage.  So before deciding on your bedside furniture, there are a few things you need to consider….

  • Think realistically how you use your bedside surface. You might be a minimalist or are your someone who likes to have a selection of media to read i.e, books, technology to pick from.
  • Storage – do you need an extra place to put pills, lotions.
  • The height of your bed. You don’t want to be reaching upwards or too low.
  • If your bedroom is on the small side, can you make more of the space beside your bed by combining additional storage as well as somewhere to put your cup of tea in the morning?

Ready to be inspired?


For me, storage is essential not only for but for my stack of books, iPad, notebook, pens, glass, photos and lamp,  so this section is for perfect for me, and maybe for you too.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image –Diynetwork

Combining storage with some upcycled painted suitcase and trunk combination allows you to store and have a reasonable size surface to place your essential bedside reading.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Memorabledecor

If you’re an avid reader, this space would be perfect. Combining shelving with a small low surface like these tree trunk side tables. You can find something similar here.  Using wall lights ensures surfaces are kept free. We are in need of updating our bedroom, so will be considering something along these lines.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Veespeers

For those of you that like to be organised without the clutter, this small filing cabinet is perfect. It also doesn’t look out-of-place showing us that anything goes.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Clickinteriores

Ok its’ a bin, and it may not be something you’d want by your bed,  but it would house a lot of bedroom paraphernalia. I think I like this space because it is the unexpected, but also because the contrast of metal and soft textures in this bedroom aesthetically work really well.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image –Anossavida

Utilising crates adds an alternative texture to this serene bedroom space. Great if you like to have a stack of bedtime reading close by.


The Minimalist

This section is for those of you who literally need very little to hand, of which I am sadly not one, but I adore the clean looks each of these spaces has to offer.

Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Frenchfancy

A simple layered effect by using two smaller trunk side tables, adds interest and contrast in colour.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Homeedit

Utilising a upcycled ladder is a fun a creative way to use the side of the bed, although, I don’t know where that cup of teas going, but this might work for you. It also takes up little space, so would be great in smaller spaces as it uses the vertical.

The Shelf

Ever practical, the shelf has seen a popular rise over recent years as a bedside surface. This is again for those who don’t need to have the storage. Visually it opens up the bedside areas and creates space.

Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Voga

This innovative bedside shelf has been designed with the reader in mind whilst keeping the overall look simplistic. Paired with wall lights, it creates a streamlined look.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image –Immyandindi

I like the idea of the shelf combination and a basket/trug for additional storage. Wall/hanging lights free up space and help keep minimal surfaces free for bedside essentials. It’s definitely one to consider if you like the minimalistic look but require somewhere to put your bits and bobs for a clutter-free bedside zone.


This amazing bedroom has been designed by Norsu Interiors. The shelf compliments the bedroom decor with its black straps, and I love it.


I’m not sure about the practicalities of a hanging shelf, especially if you are a bit a mover in your sleep, but I do like the concept, and this one might be perfect for your bedroom space.


The Table

The side table doesn’t have to just be for your living rooms. They can be easily incorporated into other spaces, such as bathrooms (if you have space), and as shown below, bedroom spaces.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Homeandgarden

This eclectic styled bedroom has utilised an antique table to add to its personality. Its surface area provides enough space for lighting as well as all those pretty bits and pieces that go into dressing your bedroom spaces and allows your character to shine through.


Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Flipandstyle

The copper trend has meant looks like it’s here to stay, for a while anyway, so there’s nothing to stop you adding some to your bedrooms, with a side table or two.


The Mix Up

Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Cdn.decoist

Don’t think you have to go match your bedsides either. You can mix things up as they’ve done here with a chair and a crate. If the crates a bit too far for you, then go for two different chairs to create interest.




Alternative & Inspiring Bedside Tables

Image – Sweetharmonie

Sometimes, we don’t even need to acquire a bedside table. You can always utilise those books or magazines and put them to good use, and you’ll have them to hand for a bit of bedtime reading. Just be careful with that cuppa in the morning.



Until next time ……..

Thank you, as always, for taking your time to comment, likes or share!







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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson July 4, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    This has my name stamped all over it! If I can choose something totally odd and unexpected, then I will!! I have no fears whatsoever :D I loved this post Maria, some excellent design suggestions :) xx

    • Reply Maria July 5, 2017 at 1:13 pm

      Amanda, I just knew you’d love this post somehow. I think it’s the rebel in you ;) xx

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