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Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights – Review

May 8, 2018
Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

If you’re looking for some fun, colourful and subtle lighting that also adds a decorative element to enhance areas of your homes, you’re in the right place today. Perfect for children’s bedrooms and play areas and I’ve been kindly sent a set of Cable & Cotton’s LED fairy lights to review. And I have to say that they’ve made quite an impact in the daughter’s bedroom. And although she can’t be really classed as a child at 19 (she also stands a head and shoulders height above me), they’ve added a rather lovely decorative element to her bedroom.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights – Review

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

The daughters a patisserie chef in case you wondered why there are cookery books in her bedroom. Oh and she’s obsessed with owls!

If you’ve never come across Cable and Cotton, they provide LED fairy lights with a difference. It’s all about adding pops of colour to your home with a sprinkling of soft lighting that’s provided by the lighting element hidden inside.

A Rainbow of Colours

You’ll also be pleased to know that they come in a mind-blowing array of 49 colours which opens up a whole host of possible colour combinations! What’s even better is that Cable and Cotton offer you the ability to choose your own colour combinations as well as their preset colour ranges. All I can say it’s just as well as the daughter suffers from an extreme case of OCD when it comes to matching colours especially when it comes to her bedroom space. And they have an online tool to help you mix and match which I found really helpful when trying to ensure the right colours so as to not disappoint the daughter.

Our LED Fairy Lights are completely customisable so you can mix and match your own colors, showing from the 49 available colors fairy light colours – that’s millions of possible color combinations !

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights – Review

What’s In The Box

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

Delivery was super quick and the appropriate packaging ensured they arrived without damage.  I’m a bit of a postman stalker when I know I have a delivery coming so I was promptly put out of my misery and the postman was happy as he didn’t have to watch me watching him haha!

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

I chose pure white, primrose yellow, pale yellow and pebble grey to compliment the daughter’s bedroom.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

Everything you need is in the box and you’ll also find a useful instruction leaflet so you’ll be ready to hang/place your lights in no time.

How To Assemble

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

Each ball has a pre-slit opening which you can find by depressing the ball with your finger or thumb. Just so you know, some colours were harder to fit the lighting element into than others. After conferring with their online tutorial, it was just a case of cutting the slit a little with a sharp pair of scissors.

Once, you have the opening you just slot the bulb into place.

TIP: You may want to layout how you want your colours to run along the wire which I didn’t think about until I had started!

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

It’s just a case of them pushing the LED lighting element into the slit and pulling back gently on the wire to seal it.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

I like the fact that the bulb is safely hidden behind the balls of colour and the clear wire is great as it’s not that noticeable when you hang or drape the lights.

The Fun Begins

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

Once you’re done, the fun begins as to where to put them. Unlike fairy lights, these colourful balls are great for adding pops of colour as well as highlighting different areas of a room. And as they’re lightweight you can literally hang them anywhere without having to worry about pulling or dragging things down.  I initially used them to highlight some my daughter’s artwork by her desk area.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

Adding matching pops of colour and textural contrast and interest to the wall. There was no need to add any hooks in this instance, but you might want to use those sticky command strips if you’re worried about them falling down.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

I love how they emit a soft gentle glow through the strands of the cotton balls accentuating their texture and providing warm welcome lighting to any area that you want to add interest to.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

And then I thought they’d look fab around her mirror above her chest of drawers which doubles up as a dressing table. They highlighted and helped create more a focal point to this area of her bedroom which was perfect as its the first thing you see when you enter her bedroom.

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

My set consisted of 20 balls which I found adequate but Cable and Cotton do have larger sets of 35 or 50 lights to choose from. These would be perfect for shelving, or why not consider other uses such as camping, wedding venues or a child’s play teepee.

They’re EU & UL safety certified to ensure your peace of mind and with the bulb being fully covered will provide you with peace of mind when using in a child’s bedroom or play area.

Cable and Cotton also offer a replacement service so if you need a new bulb or wire, or if a ball gets damaged, you can acquire these from their website.

Fair Trade & Handmade

Cable & Cotton Ball Fairy Lights - Review

You’ll be glad to know that each and every one of their LED fairy lights are hand-made by skilled craftswomen in Thailand and when you purchase their lights, you’ll be supporting an entire community of women in a remote southern region of the country.

Set up with the help of the Thai government’s project OTOP, and designed to support small sustainable business projects in rural Thailand, Cable & Cotton guarantees year-round income for our workers.

Each and every lamp is hand-made. So with our decorative lighting, your home gets a shot of beautiful colour, and you get the feel-good factor of knowing you’ve supported the livelihood of true craftswomen. It’s a win-win for everyone. (Cable and Cotton)

Considering each ball is handmade and the vast array of colours available, they are very reasonably priced from £29.95.

On that note, I’ll leave you to go and have a look for yourselves at the glorious world of colour and subtle lighting they offer you and your homes.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria x

*Disclaimer: I was sent these Cable & Cotton lights free of charge for the purposes of review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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