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Avalana Design – Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor

April 1, 2020
Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor - Silver Oriental Mural

Avalana – Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor

One of the advantages of being in lockdown is the time we have available to us. Ever the glass of full kind of person, I like to think now is a great opportunity to start planning or indeed implement some home updates. From entire room redesigns to just adding a few small instant refreshes with cushions and lamps. It’ll certainly help pass the time and provide us with some much-needed distractions. After all, if the new going out is permanently staying in, then our home’s will mean more to us than ever!

It’s also a great time, to help those small independent creatives that could do with your help to keep their dreams alive until this is all over. Today, I thought we’d take a look at one of my favourite new designers that I recently discovered this year, Hazel Carruthers. This incredibly talented artist and textile designer is the creative behind Avalana Design. I have to say I’m completely smitten by her work. I’ve already earmarked one of her designs a couple of months ago for when we get around to updating our bathroom. I wonder if you can guess which one… Answer at the end of this post!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Avalana Design and their nature-inspired luxury home decor.

Avalana Design – Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor

Meet Hazel Carruthers

Hazel Carruthers - Avalana Design
Hazel Carruthers – Avalana Design – Having studied Printed Textile Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Hazel has designed for a wealth of high street brands including Graham and Brown, John Lewis, Next and M&S.

With 10 years of experience as a textile designer and artist in the wallpaper and textile industry, Hazel Carruthers finally took the plunge and set up Avalana Design in 2018. Her vision was to bring luxurious home interiors inspired by nature, folklore and travel.

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Hand-painted design

Avalana, for Hazel, was about getting back to creating hand-painted artwork and reconnecting with the love she has for designing. It was pretty much a now or never moment when Hazel turned 31 to invest in her own creativity and adoration for design by starting her own design studio. Having worked for an array of high street brands including Graham and Brown, John Lewis, Next and M&S it was time to realise her own dream. A time to create from the heart and bring her passion alive for nature led design.

It’s this that sets individual independent designers like Hazel apart from the mainstream. Every unique and inspiring design created is a piece of not only their design journey but of themselves. It’s their dedication and individualism that sets them apart. And by investing in designs created by creatives such as Hazel, your home will hold more meaning too.

Nature-Inspired Designs

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Blush tropics velvet cushion
Blush Tropics Velvet Cushion – Avalana Design

Considering our need to feel connected with the outside, nature-inspired design is going to help with our well being more than ever.

Luckily for us, we’re in luck as nature is without a doubt at the forefront of each of Avalana’s designs. Hazel’s adoration for painting botanical forms and wildlife from different habitats sings true with each individual design.

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Bamboo wallpaper design
New Bamboo design coming soon to Avalana Design

Personal experience from travels to Costa Rica have heavily influenced and inspired her first collection for the Avalana brand. As well as her interest in folklore which Hazel has been exploring from the tales she has learnt from her travels.

There’s an element of longevity with each of her designs that eliminates the fear of outdated trends or seasons. Each design offering you the unique and individualism that will last the test of time. An investment in your home that ensures you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy for years to come.

Avalana Design – Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor

Avalana Design The Collections

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Inky Leopard wallpaper
Inky Leopard Wallpaper – Avalana Design

With a beautiful array of designs to choose from, each of Avalana’s collections offers you a choice of hand-illustrated cushions, lampshades, wallpaper, murals and a selection of art prints. All of which are made to order.

Bespoke screen design using Avalana Black & Gold Orient Wall Mural by Sarah Parrmenter
Bespoke screen design using Avalana’s Black & Gold Orient Wall Mural – Created by Up-cyclist Extraordinaire Sarah Parmenter – @Reloved MCR

And with Avalana offering a bespoke service, you can truly create a unique and personable home. Their bespoke service provides you with the ability to create variations in colourways and the ability to ensure a particular design fits your brief. This unique service is available upon request. More on this further down this post… But first, let’s explore Avalana’s beautiful collections.

Avalana Design – The Collections

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor Lucky Monkey framed art and dark tropics wallpaper
Lucky Monkey Framed Art & Dark Tropics Wallpaper – Avalana Design

One of the advantages to that Avalana offers you at this time is the opportunity to escape from our current landscapes of boring and bland walls/decor. Even more so if you have no outside space! You could consider creating a tropical oasis or why not head to the Orient and add blooms and wildlife that will offer your home exquisite luxurious detail that nature has to offer. Choose from hand-painted home accessories, wallpaper and murals to keep you feeling connected to mother nature herself.

Collection Tropics

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Cantaloupe Jaguarr Wall mural in bathroom pink and green
Cantaloupe Jaguar Wall Mural – Avalana Design

Avalana’s tropics collection provides you with a choice of tropical palms, prowling jaguars at sunset, to life-sized toucans at play with delicate jungle foliage. All inspired by Hazel’s recent holiday to Costa Rica. Every detail is captured by Hazel including the very essence of the rainforest and its inhabitants at its most beautiful.

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor Toucan art print
Toucan Art Print – Avalana Design

Choose from luxurious Palm printed velvet cushions, to decorative lampshades and gorgeous art to add a subtle hint of the Tropics. Or opt for the wow factor with one of Avalana’s signature wall murals to add unmissable style statement. Either way, you’ll be winning at making your home the perfect sanctuary.

Collection Orient

Avalana Design - Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor | Silver Orient Wall Mural
Silver Orient Wall Mural – Avalana Design

The Orient Collection is there for those wishing to add a touch of Eastern flair and decadence to their homes. Avalana’s flamboyant designs are exquisite. Each design combines an air of luxury with their richness and delicate details to them.

Striking kimono-inspired blossom prints alongside intricately hand-painted wall murals capturing Great Blue Herons wading through a moodily lit lily pond, surrounded by golden-green leaves. Descriptively, this collection has my head spinning with joy. Just imagine how it would look on your walls! It is, of course, my personal favourite. And I adore the timeless qualities of these designs. The murals are available in two different colourways.

I want Avalana designs to be created with a timeless feel, with beautiful hand-painted artwork at its core, and with a love of colour shining through. 

Hazel Carruthers – Avalana Design

Made To Order…

Bespoke screen design using Avalana's Black & Gold Orient Wall Mural - Created by Sarah Parmenter - @Reloved MCR
Bespoke screen design using Avalana’s Black & Gold Orient Wall Mural – Created by Sarah Parmenter – @Reloved MCR

Something that most definitely won’t find with mainstream brands is made to order bespoke designs to fit a customer’s brief/requirements. It’s another unique aspect that Avalana offers and one that is truly individual.

valana Bespoke Screen design using Jungle Jaguar Wall Mural - Created by up-cyclist extraordinaire Sarah Parmenter - @Reloved MCR
Avalana Bespoke Screen design using Jungle Jaguar Wall Mural – Created by up-cyclist extraordinaire Sarah Parmenter – @Reloved MCR

Whether it be tweaking a layout of one of Avalana’s murals to fit a bespoke design. There are endless opportunities to be had. This beautiful screen above was created using Avalana Black and Gold Orient Wall Mural by another talented creator Sarah Parmenter. You may recall her fabulous home and upcycled creations which I wrote about last year. If you missed it you can check it out here.

I have found clients who discover they can tweak a layout or colour of a wall mural to fit perfectly within their own space have a much better experience than buying off the shelf.

Hazel Carruthers – Avalana Design

Upcycled Furniture piece using Avalana Bespoke wallpaper by Sarah Parmenter - @Reloved MCR
Upcycled Furniture piece using Avalana Bespoke wallpaper by Sarah Parmenter – @Reloved MCR

To changing the colour of a wall mural to fit your desired space. It’s a truly bespoke service that allows you the freedom to express yourself and add a personal touch. This fantastic service also takes away any frustrations that we sometimes encounter when decorating our homes with not being able to find that exact match or to be able to alter a mural/wallpaper to size. Avalana definitely has its advantages over mainstream brands in a really great way!

I really enjoy working with people to create their perfect layout. The client ends up with a completely bespoke service and a product that is unique to them, which has allowed Avalana to become a very versatile and design led brand which is what I always 

Hazel Carruthers – Avalana Design

Avalana – Nature-Inspired Luxury Home Decor

Independent designers and creatives such as Avalana provide you more than just the latest trends. Investing in their unique and individual designs ensures not only will you get to enjoy them for years to come, but you’ll do so knowing that you’ll be owning so much more than the aesthetic or purposeful qualities that you seek. You’ll own a little piece of the designer herself and her journey so far. There’s a more meaningful and deeper connection when buying a unique and individual design. It is an investment on so many levels not only to you the beholder but that of the creator too!

I hope you’ve been inspired to consider new beginnings or quick updates to your home with Avalana’s beautiful designs. Even if you’ve no immediate plans, I hope today has been a wonderful distraction.

You can find Avalana’s s full range of beautiful designs by clicking here.

Until next time, stay safe, stay home!

Maria xx

Did you guess which design, we’re planning to use in our bathroom? Yes/No? It’s the Orient Wall Mural.

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