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Bold & Noble Contemporary Handmade Art

November 22, 2019
'Hydrangea Foxglove' Art Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble

AD| I received one of Bold & Noble’s beautiful hand screen-printed prints to showcase their creative designs.

Bold & Noble Contemporary Handmade Art

Part of creating a home that you’ll be happy with and, more importantly, love, is to be more individualistic when it comes to purchasing for your homes. One of the best ways to do this is by seeking out small independent creators. You’ll be provided with designs that not only bring character and individualism to your home but also the often untold story of craftmanship.

Hydrangea Foxglove' Art Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
Hydrangea Foxglove’ Art Print in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

Today’s Meet The Designer, Bold & Noble, are one such UK independent who strive to bring you the very best of screen-printed designs. Using traditional hand printing methods, each design is produced with the utmost care and attention to detail. I hope you’ll agree with me that their wonderful art form adds a stop and stare factor.

Meet The Designers Behind Noble and Bold

Behind any creative outlet, there are the makers. It would be rude for me not to introduce you to Jane and David who make up the creative duo behind Bold & Noble. After all, it’s the designers behind the designs that make them what they are. Jane and David’s passion for design and their conviction to excel have been the driving force to Bold & Noble’s success.

David Wardle and Jane Tobbit – The Creative Duo Behind Bold & Noble

Both Jane and David were destined as far back as their childhoods to become the great designers that they are today. Their design journeys were influenced and grew from childhood experiences. Jane’s passion for the creative stems from her Grandpa’s beautiful advertising portfolio. Inspired by his work, Jane went on to study design at Newcastle and worked for consultancies in London before setting up Bold & Noble with David. Her role encompasses everything from working on designs for new collection to looking after their stockists and accounts.

David Wardle is the industrious designer and illustrator. Having worked for the most prestigious publishing houses, his book covers are in constant demand. By way of virtue to his work, his hands are always covered in ink. His love of drawing stems back to his childhood. His Granny kept him supplied with endless rolls of wallpaper for his incessant childhood doodling. Today, to counterbalance hours spent sitting and drawing, David is an avid serious distance runner. The type who does ten miles before breakfast and supper. I must admit I feel exhausted just writing that let alone the thought of actually running that far!

Bold & Noble’s Design Story

'Hydrangea Foxglove' Art Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
‘Hydrangea Foxglove’ Art Print in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

Bold & Noble’s design story was born like so many others at the kitchen table way back in 2008. Jane and David’s vision was simply to create beautifully made handprinted screenprints that people would love. As with any small independent creative and being parents, Jane and David juggled the time to find to kick start their first design collection by working nights. Granny may have babysat back then, but eleven years later, their creative brand has moved away from the kitchen table and into a studio in Hitchin, Hertfordshire where they have a small team on board to help.

The Creative Process Behind Noble & Bold

‘Dahlia Waterlily’ Art Print in Bright Yellow

I often wonder how designers come up with their ideas. It’s an interesting process when you put thought to it. For Jane and David, they can literally have an idea in their heads for years before committing to paper. Other times, they have an immediate tendency to work on a design straight away. Either way, time is spent designing and crafting each individual idea for weeks on end before getting the thumbs up from all concerned.

Materials Matter…

British Coast Prints - Bold & Noble | Affordable handmade art
British Coast Prints – Bold & Noble

The materials that Bold & Noble use are as important to them as their design work. They strive to ensure green credentials as well as the weight and surface texture of their chosen materials. Once agreed they then move onto testing inks to ensure the perfect colour intensity as well as coverage. It is this attention to detail that sets the likes of Bold & Noble apart and adds value to their designs.

The whole process from design concept to the actual printing ensures that they offer you not only beautiful artwork in various forms but also considered and loved pieces that they themselves would cherish. For me, this is what sets small independent creators apart from the big guys. You really cannot beat buying individualistic design pieces for your home that hold meaning and are there to be treasured for years to come.

The actual process of screen printing is fascinating to watch and if you’ve never seen it before, you may want to click Bold & Noble’s Youtube video below.

The Design Process…

Bold & Noble

All of Bold & Noble’s designs are made to stand the test of time. From concept to the actual finished design, Bold & Noble have made it their mission to support other small businesses in the process.

From local businesses in Hitchin, Letchworth, Lincolnshire and as far as Cambridge for framers and wallpaper printers in Lancashire. I love that they have chosen to base their business 100% in the UK and support other craftsmen. It is the benchmark that they set out to do when they created Bold & Noble.

Bold & Noble Contemporary Handmade Art – The Designs…

'UK and Ireland' Type Map Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
‘UK and Ireland’ Type Map Print in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

What’s interesting to note with Bold & Nobile’s designs is how diverse their collections are. There is quite simply something for everyone no matter what your style or taste.

Set of Four 'British Butterflies' in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
Set of Four ‘British Butterflies’ in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

I personally love how they have depicted the natural beauty of our countrysides and coastlines here in the UK. They’ve delved into the realms of mother nature and displayed her in exquisite detail. From butterflies to floral delights there are so many to choose from.

'Hydrangea Foxglove' Art Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
‘Hydrangea Foxglove’ Art Print in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

Their Hydrangea Foxglove’ Art Print in Sheer Slate is an exciting addition to my garden room and I love how David and Jane have encapsulated these quintessential English cottage flowers. Perfect for our thatched cottage by the sea.

Bold & Noble - Music Icons available as prints or Tea -Towels - These would look great framed to create a gallery wall.
Bold & Noble – Music Icons available as prints or Tea -Towels

Then you have designs such as their music icons collection which are incredibly popular.

These prints are also available as a tea-towel and would make a great stocking filler for Christmas. Personally, I think these would look great framed and would add a form of textile art to your walls. At £12 each, you could even collect them all and create a gallery wall.

As well as designing our products and books for Publishers, we also work with brands to design logos, packaging, websites. We can’t resist a creative challenge.

Jane & David – Bold & Noble

Bold & Noble Wallpaper

'Province' Town & Country Wallpaper in Graphite - Bold & Noble
‘Province’ Town & Country Wallpaper in Graphite – Bold & Noble

I love decorative elements in the home as they can really make a room sing. Wallpaper is one that I simply adore as you can really make a statement and add the wow factor. I find it incredibly exciting that Bold & Noble have expanded their collection of original screenprints to include a fantastic wallpaper range. These designs are quite simply large scale art for your walls.

'Autumn', Falling Leaves Wallpaper in Charcoal - Bold & Noble
‘Autumn’, Falling Leaves Wallpaper in Charcoal – Bold & Noble
'South Downs' Rolling Hills Wallpaper in Heron Grey - Bold & Noble
‘South Downs’ Rolling Hills Wallpaper in Heron Grey – Bold & Noble

Final Note…

'Hydrangea Foxglove' Art Print in Sheer Slate - Bold & Noble
‘Hydrangea Foxglove’ Art Print in Sheer Slate – Bold & Noble

There are so many beautiful designs to be had over at Bold & Noble. They’re also incredibly affordable. And dare I say it, with Christmas, just around the corner, you may just find the perfect gift for a loved one or two.

When you own a handmade design you’re not only supporting a small business, you’re owning a piece of the creator/s themselves. The skill of craftsmanship, dedication, attention to detail and love of their work are drawn from childhood dreams and aspirations for the future. Each creator has a story to be told and what better way to tell it than by buying a handmade design.

Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, Bold & Noble Contemporary Handmade Art For The Home!

Maria xx

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