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Meet The Designer – Bujnie

December 19, 2017
Meet The Designer - Bujnie

With less than a week to go, you may be suffering from a little Christmas fatigue.  I know I am so with this in mind, today is going to be the last post of the year.  Being a huge plant and design lover,  I’m  combining both with Meet The Designer – Bujnie. I’ve been itching to write about them for some time and today is my chance to share with you this relatively new design company.


Meet The Designer – Bujnie

Meet The Designer - Bujnie

Mellow Nu Plant Stand

Bujnie is a design studio that specialises in plant design for your homes. Forget your common plant pot balancing on a shelf or window ledge, Bujnie offers you the opportunity to introduce plants as an integral part of your home.

Their clean minimalist forms are handmade with attention to detail. I fell in love with them back at the London Design Fair in September, and have been following their journey ever since. They’ve even had an article written about them by Design Milk! They’re definitely a design company that are going places and one to keep on the design radar when it comes to your homes.


Meet The Designer - Bujnie

Izabela Serej & Szymon Serej – Bujnie

Izabela Serej is an architect and landscape architect, and chief designer of Bujnie. Szymon Serej is a filmmaker, advertising strategist, and designer as well as the owner and manager of Bujnie where they operate from Silesia in Poland.


Our products are created to focus attention on plants and fully expose their beauty. Both functionality and design are equally important to us. We would like to make it easier for everyone putting and organizing plants in homes, offices and urban spaces. In our work, we follow the principles of “biophilic design”. We always put a human in the centre and his need to commune with nature. (Bujnie)


They are both dedicated to design that incorporates plants with how we live.  Their products ensure that your plants get the star treatment that they deserve whilst incorporating functionality with the designs that they create.

Meet The Designer - Bujnie

Bujnie understands the importance of having plants in our homes not only for our well-being and health benefits but how they can bring our spaces alive. Their designs capture and bring plants to the forefront and if you haven’t guessed, I absolutely love the designs they’ve created. You can read more about Houseplants and Your Wellbeing here.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at what they’ve got on offer.




Meet The Designer - Bujnie

Meet The Designer - Bujnie

Ovio is an ingenious multifunctional coffee table that allows you to drink coffee in the company of plants. The table is divided into two parts. Full, functioning as a classic coffee table and openwork. In the openwork part, they have provided a place for plants or you could insert a bowl for snacks or items that you need close to hand.  The openwork bars also allow you to hang newspapers/magazines from helping you keep everything organised and in its place.

You can find out more here.


Meet The Designer - Bujnie

This is my absolute favourite from their collection and one that definitely caught my eye and imagination at the London Design Fair. It’s the Mirror Halo.

Mirrors are always brilliant interior features but this one isn’t just for you to check yourself out or to add light and reflection to your homes. It’s another multifunctional piece that allows you to incorporate a single plant to adorn your walls.

Although it’s minimalistic in its form it’s a decorative piece that would work well if space is tight and you want to add some greenery. I think this would be perfect for awkward spaces that can be difficult to find that finishing touch to such as a hallway. In fact, the Mirror Halo would work in any space that you want to add light reflection and decoration to. Houseplants can make such a big difference to a space.

Meet The Designer - Bujnie

The Mirror Halo has a shelf with a cut-out under the cover of the plant which is handy for other decorative accessories or just somewhere for you to put your keys. What I love about this design is the reflection of greenery that you’ll get creating more of an impact on a space.

The frame is made of stainless steel and powder-coated. The mirror itself is made of smoked glass ad includes wall mount bracket.

You can find it here on Bunjies Website



Orio is a wall plant hanger of pure geometric shapes. It took its name from Orion’s belt which consists of three stars. Another minimalistic design that allows you to show off your plant collection using the vertical turning your plants into a feature rather than an afterthought.

Handmade products made from 6 mm powder steel. Powder coated provides the highest quality protective coating, scratch-resistant and external factors.



Meet The Designer - Bujnie


I love this elegant Neo plant stand. Its form’s inspiration has been taken from the Empire State Building and is available in two colourways black or white (seen above). Neo definitely elevates your plants to a higher standing within your home environment and would fit perfectly in a contemporary space and certainly makes a feature out of your favourite plant. I personally would add a trailing plant which would take advantage of the height of this plant stand. Again it’s handmade using 6 mm powder steel and the powder coating provides not only a protective coating but ensures it scratch-resistant. You could also be creative and use it for vases of flowers.



Another design that uses the vertical to show off your plant collection is the Cosmo design collection. Geometric shapes form this lightweight plant hanger that actually turns your plant into a piece of artwork for your walls. You could even go for a trio of these to create a type of gallery wall effect if you have the space. You can find it and others here on Bujnies website.

Integrating plants into our every day is beneficial to us on so many levels. Bujnie’s mission is to bring our green friends into our homes and workspaces to restore nature to our everyday lives. They certainly get a massive thumbs up from me with their creative planter designs.
I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our designer today and if you want to discover more of their designs you can click here.
Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are and I’ll be back in the New Year all refreshed and raring to go!
Maria xx


 (All images are courtesy of Bujnie)



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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson January 9, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Interesting post. I adore plants and always use them, though the pot holders are a little modern for my taste, they still look fabulous! xx

    • Reply Maria January 9, 2018 at 4:53 pm

      I agree they are a great way to show off your plants albeit in a modern way. Thanks for stopping by and reading Amanda xx

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