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Meet The Designers – Wilful Ink & Studio 27

October 20, 2017
Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

There’s a reason behind my Meet The Designer posts and that is to introduce you to a whole new world of design for your homes that you may not have yet discovered. It has to be said there are some pretty damn amazing independent designers out there creating wonderful individual designs that you just won’t find on the high street.  They provide us with the opportunity to step away from the mainstream and create spaces that encourage personality, individuality and creativity. There are so many talented creatives for us discover together and I hope you’ll enjoy finding out about them as much as I have. So are we ready for today’s designers? Let’s go!


If you love colour and pattern then you’re in for a treat today as we are meeting not one but TWO very talented designers who have a passion for both. Wilful Ink and Studio Twenty Seven have recently collaborated to bring our homes some wonderful statement designs and I got to meet them both!


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27


I’ve been following Wilful Ink’s amazing design journey over on Instagram for a while now, but last month I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Emma, (the designer) as well as seeing her beautiful designs first hand at 100% Design.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Wilful Ink Display of Wallpapers & Homewares 100% Design

Wilful Ink is the creator of some innovative wallpaper designs as well as some creative homewares. From botanicals to mystical creatures, it’s all about providing you with vibrant and unusual colourways to create interest and make your homes unique. These bold and striking designs definitely capture the eye and your imagination.

Offering you more than most wallpaper, Willful Ink has taken the creative further than most. From glow in the dark wallpaper (and yes it really does glow!) to a playful magnetic bug wallpaper.  And for those of you who love a bit of sparkle, you’ll adore their Swarovski crystal adorned wallpaper.



Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Crystal Embellished Wallpaper – Deep Sea Sparkle

Wilful Ink’s concept behind their Deep Sea Sparkle wallpaper was to capture the bioluminescent signals sent out by those glorious deep-sea dwellers. Some use their glow for attracting a mate, communicating and of course for luring unsuspecting prey into their jaws. The sparkle of the crystals emulates this flashing, twinkling and often deadly dance, far beneath the surface. It really is rather magical to look at as the light reflects onto its surface! Personally, I think it’d look great in a bathroom or cloakroom space as it would definitely add the unexpected with its dramatic colouring and finish.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

3D Magnetic Wallpaper – Possi Of Beetles

The magnetic wallpaper is for those who are looking for something showstopping and luxurious, yet fun and interactive. You decide where the beetles rest in their world of brightly coloured leaves. I’m  loving the detail of these realistic bugs.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Gallinule Wallpaper – The Purple Gallinule struts its stuff amongst other tropical creatures.

If you’re a little apprehensive about applying full-scale colour and pattern to your walls, Wilful Ink has produced a selection of their designs available as inky art prints. They’ve also just launched their homewares collection; a great way to introduce these two design elements for those who like to experiment before taking the plunge!



Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

This year also sees the launch of their colossal floor cushions using bouncy British wool with luxurious indoor and outdoor fabric choices. How great would this look in the garden on a hot summers evening!


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Gigantor porcelain tiles display frogs, fish and chameleon, all in the brands signature illustrative style.

The tiles available in 3 different sizes and there’s a huge choice of designs from elaborate patterns to single creatures. All artwork is originally drawn in pen and ink with watercolour added.  These work well as singular pieces of art, an impressive wall of curiosities or feature tiles amongst plain tiles for a more frugal approach.

The large tiles are especially effective as stand-alone art pieces, placemats and worktop protectors from hot pots and spills. If used in the bathroom or kitchen they are easier to clean with less fiddly grout between! These tiles are handcrafted in the UK.

To see more of Wilful Ink’s fabulous designs click here to their website and if you want to follow their design journey you may want to check out their Instagram account too.



Right onto our next fabulous designer, Studio 27.  I’ve featured them here with Wilful Ink as they’ve collaborated to bring you wonderful bespoke upcycled furniture featuring their individual designs.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Kata – Studio 27 – 100% Design

Studio 27 was founded in 2015 by Kata who offers a unique range of bespoke, luxury upcycled furniture. Upcycling and producing bespoke luxury furniture from vintage, retro and contemporary pieces. They source vintage, retro and contemporary pieces and refinish them to the highest standards using specialist, artistic techniques. The highest quality trade grade heritage paints, stains and sealers like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Designers Guild and Mylands and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are applied to their rustic, distressed pieces.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27
As a small business based in Essex just outside of London, Studio 27’s aim is to provide a high level of customer service from initial consultation to delivery. So if you’re looking for a bespoke, one of a kind furniture piece, Studio 27 is definitely one to consider.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

I love Studio 27’s attention to detail and how they work with each piece. I’m sure you’ll agree that their collaboration with Wilful Ink’s unique designs creates eye-catching individual works of art in furniture form.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

It’s no surprise that Studio 27 has been featured in House & Garden as well as Huffington Post and I expect we’ll be seeing their work a lot more in the future.

Studio 27 uses a diverse range of striking materials to create unusual designs. Below are a couple of my absolute favourite designs they’ve produced.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

Up-cycled Retro chest of drawers by Nathan Furniture painted in jet black and a bespoke Tamara De Lempicka print applied on the drawer fronts.


Meet The Designers - Wilful Ink & Studio 27

A unique upcycled retro chest of drawers made in the 1960s by Meredew. This stunning and very substantial tallboy is painted in black and a bespoke print by The Curious Department was applied on the drawer fronts and they received layers of varnish for protection. The handles are original Meredew.


You can find more beautiful designs at Studio 27’s website here and their Instagram page here is definitely worth following as you’ll get the heads up as and when their latest designs as they appear!


On a final note…..

I hope you’ll agree with me that by stepping away from the mainstream channels of shopping and seeking out independent designers like Wilful Ink and Studio 27, you can significantly alter the way your home looks and feels for the best. Sometimes just adding one individual piece is all you need to create a truly special place of your own.


Have a great weekend wherever you are and thanks, as always, for stopping by today!



Image credits:  Wilful Ink & Studio 27










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  • Reply Vicki October 21, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Wow the wallpapers are amazing! Never heard of magnetic wallpaper before, that’s a really fun idea!

    • Reply Maria October 21, 2017 at 10:47 am

      So pleased you love these wallpapers too Vicki!! And yes how amazing is the magnetic wallpaper :D

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