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The Alternative Kitchen

October 24, 2017
The Alternative Kitchen


I have to say the I.E. kitchen is the most used space in our home which has resulted in it looking a little tired and battered around the edges. From time to time I get to thinking about how, if we could afford to (it’s on the large size so would cost a fortune), I’d change how it looks.

Having opted for a traditional set up of wall cupboards and base units ten years ago, I wish we could transform it into something a bit more unique. There may be those of you thinking the same about your kitchens too so I’ve scoured the web and put together some alternative kitchen designs for us to ponder and swoon over.


The Alternative Kitchen


Blending in your decor with your kitchen units by way of a monochromatic design scheme creates a contemporary look and feel.

The Alternative Kitchen

Vip Kitchen – DigDigs

Stepping away from your typical white, this deep grey Vipp Kitchen is the perfect example of how a monochromatic kitchen design can really add the wow factor. If you’re thinking about using a monochromatic colour scheme you really need to address the ever important element of texture. 

The kitchen above is a perfect example of textures at play. From the concrete window ledges, the stainless steel sink to the accessories, artwork and lighting. They all play their part in adding interest to the space preventing it looking bland and uninteresting. You’ll also need good levels of lighting to highlight textural contrasts so make sure you add functional and decorative lighting to highlight areas/surfaces within your space too.


Kitchens can often look sterile and uninteresting. Adding accessories and artwork that you would normally find in other parts of your homes can bring them to life and make them more exciting too.


The Alternative Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen – Archiexpo

Decorative touches add character and personality to any space and there’s nothing stopping you from applying this to your kitchen spaces.  There’s a tendency for us to accessorise our kitchens with kitchen related decor. Up your game plan like this kitchen space above with its table lamp, artwork as well as applying some pattern and colour through the use of textiles such as a rug. Doing so will make your kitchens sing!


The Alternative Kitchen

Dinder House – Studioilse

I love this kitchen space above. It applies an unexpected mix of styles, from the traditional chandelier to the funky floor lamp, to the luxurious marble island to the pop art on the wall. It’s a space of conflicting styles that come together to create a unique and personalised kitchen space. I love it all including the chocolate-brown walls which I would never have thought of for a kitchen area.



The Alternative Kitchen

Kitchen- photographed by Line Thit Klein and styled by Helen Wiggers -Image – Amara

Minimal kitchens like the one above display an air of not actually being one. It’s been achieved by choosing kitchen units to create a long sideboard effect. A streamlined look with no hardware (handles) adds to the no kitchen feel.



Freestanding kitchens offer you some flexibility and versatility to your kitchen spaces.  As they aren’t fixed to the wall or floor you can configure them exactly how you want. There are some fabulous contemporary styles out there and are great for apartments and open plan spaces.


The Alternative Kitchen

URBAN SieMatic 29 Kitchen Design – Siematic

The Alternative Kitchen

URBAN SieMatic 29 Kitchen Design – Siematic

The freestanding kitchen unit has been reinvented by Siematic to create a contemporary delight. Compact, sleek and elegant, this kitchen would be perfect for smaller spaces. It’s available in a range of finishes, colours and sizes too.



The Alternative Kitchen

Miuccia Kitchen – Tmitalia

If you don’t want your kitchen cupboards to say kitchen cupboards, then there are kitchen units out there that offer you an alternative look. I found these gorgeous midnight blue textured units with rose copper legs and handles from TM Italia.

Sophisticated and elegant, no one would ever know these armoires conceal kitchen necessities such as a sink and stove. There’s ample storage compartments as well as the usual kitchen appliances of dishwasher, ovens, fridge etc. I love their sophisticated surface incisions and contrasting metallic details.



The Alternative Kitchen

Kitchen by Olivier Chabaud Architectes via Archilovers

Add some doors and you get the hidden kitchen. Ideal for those of you that are perhaps seeking a clean minimalistic look to your spaces. Or maybe you’re a messy cook like myself and need something like this kitchen to hide it all when you have guests over. Now that’s an idea!


The Alternative Kitchen

Image- Decorgirl

Sliding doors are another option to the hidden kitchen as they don’t encroach on your space and are more practical if you have kids. Choose materials for your doors that blend in with their surroundings, but have some textural contrast. This type of kitchen design is great for open plan areas.

Whats brilliant about this style kitchen is that every bit of space is utilised unlike traditional kitchens with separate top and bottom units.  You could create a bespoke kitchen to fit how you work in the kitchen and afterwards just slide the door shut. No mess on view nothing!



The Alternative Kitchen

Wallpaper Mural from Muralswallpaper -Image  Decoist

There’s nothing like pattern to draw the eye and this colourful geometric wall mural turns this kitchen into a fun place to be. So if you love colour and pattern why not go for it!

Not so brave, you could always choose a subtle pattern that’s less colourful and still create a unique space. There are some great wallpaper choices out there at the moment.


The Alternative Kitchen

Image – Devolkitchens

Of course, you don’t have to buy new to create a unique and inspiring kitchen. This kitchen from Devol Kitchens Instagram feed shows that kitchens can be places that have a soul and tell their own story by utilising salvaged furniture and giving it a new lease of life.


If the kitchen above was a little too rustic for your liking you could always introduce one unique piece, mixing old with new. Antique cabinets are the perfect way to add some personality to a kitchen like this fabulous one above, which is great for storage.



The Alternative Kitchen

Image – Ashgrovekitchens

Ok, this last kitchen is really a bit of fun as unless you live by the sea or a lover of nautical themes it might be a step too far. However, it does show you that if you really want to create a unique kitchen that is totally different, all you have to do is think outside the box and have a bit of imagination.


Which ones your favourite? It’d be great to hear from you.


Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria x












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  • Reply Schilly Construction Inc December 12, 2017 at 5:32 am

    Great options! I love that you chose the hidden kitchen as an alternative. Having the kitchen as the focal point of a home is my favorite option though… so a vote for the monochromatic kitchen.

    • Reply Maria January 9, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      So pleased you enjoyed this post on Alternative Kitchens. There’s such an array of choice available to us for sure. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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