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The Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini

February 21, 2020

It’s time to cosy up with the Bohemian Dark and Inviting home of Nadia Martini aka @nadscasa1 who happens to be January’s @eclectically_made winner. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Nadia’s home decor style. I’m thrilled to be able to give you a tour of her wonderful abode. It’s an eclectic maximalist haven that embraces the rich and bohemian side of life.

The Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Bohemian style bedroom with feature wallpaper and jewel colours that pop against dark walls
Jewel rich colours pop against a monochrome dark background. Neon Lighting also makes a statement creating interest together with layered textural delights.

Nadia is without a doubt a super talented Styling Queen of The Dark Side when it comes to her home. Our lifestyles whether old or new do have a tendency to influence our choices when it comes to designing our homes. So it would be rude for me not to include a little about Nadia before taking in the gorgeous views of her home. Ready to be inspired?

About Nadia…

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Bohemian style living room. Dark walls provide the backdrop to layered textures in this cosy inviting living room.

Nadia lives in East Sussex not far from Beachy Head. It’s where she shares her home with a companion and her rescue dog, Maudie. She bought her over from Serbia and in Nadia’s words, “Maudie can’t speak English yet so training her is fun-filled” She’s also going all out and learning some Serbian words to help Maudie too. True fur baby love if ever there was! When Nadia’s not designing her home, she works as the practice manager for a hospital-based adult social work team.

Nadia’s Style

When it comes to style, Nadia admits that hers is a bit random eclectic with bohemian tendencies. But when you take into account her love of travelling when she was in her 20”s, you can easily see how her escapades of hitchhiking and backpacking in the most unlikely of places (including sleeping in crypts, empty dam pipes to staying in a commune in the Alpujarra mountains in Spain), have influenced the bohemian style of her home. It’s a relaxed affair that exudes comfort with a decadent twist. Bold and unique, it is a true representation of those that live there.

I’ve slept in crypts, empty dam pipes, stayed in a commune in the Alpujarra mountains in Spain, taught English in Italy and eventually ended up in Israel where I lived on a Kibbutz for 10 months. Whilst there I drove a tractor around avocado fields before moving on to a Bedouin village in Eqypt where I lived in a handmade cane tent…

Nadia Martini – @nadscasa1

Nadia’s Home

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Bohemian style Living room with dark walls that set the background to cosy textures, lush greenery and artwork

Home to Nadia is an old Victorian house. It was initially converted into two separate flats which Nadia converted back into a house. She’s spent the past 25 years living there restoring all the original features and is still very much a work in progress.

The Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini

Textural Bohemian Delights

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Living room fireplace area. Boho and dark walls provide the backdrop to lush greenery, textures and vibrant colour pops.

If there’s one defining aspect of a Bohemian styled home it’s mastering the art of layering of textures within it. Nadia has mastered the art of texture and its use to the fullest. Layers of contrasting textures, create a comforting and cosy setting that’s perfect for relaxing and conversing.

DESIGN TIP: Darker styled interiors require texture to bring them alive; adding interest lifting each space. Layering contrasting textures draws you to specific areas of a room allowing you to create focus and intrigue.

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Natural textures abound in this boho living room creating a warm and cosy environment.
Relaxed but expressive at the same time, Nadia’s styling choices set the tone in every room.

DESIGN TIP: Choose materials for their reflective qualities for darker colour palettes. Mirrors are great, but so are metallics, which instantly lift a dark interior as well as providing interest and an air of drama. Lighting will also have an impact on the visual qualities of the textures you choose so it’s important to layer your lighting and highlight areas within your space with table, floor and wall lamps.

How To Use Texture & Colour – The Interior Editor

Exoctic Bohemian Colour

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Boho bedroom with vibrant jewel colours and playful pattern.
Vintage unusual furniture pieces abound. Adding character and defining Nadia’s love of the unique.

Majestic, bold colours add richness to Nadia’s home. Pairing with predominately dark backgrounds, Nadia has used these jewel colours to energise and add an air of exuberance to each of her spaces. I also adore her play on pattern within her home. The bold use of pattern, colour and texture not only adds interest and character but also has an instantaneous impact on how a home can make you feel. Nadia’s home has all the relaxed, cosy and warm vibes that allow you to sit back and relax.

Bohemian Inspired Decor

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Cosy Boho bedroom with cultural interesting finds.

Nadia’s home is filled with treasured, unique and interesting finds. Each one offering a cultural interesting element to her home. A home that’s a reflection of her time spent travelling. You could even liken it to an Aladdin’s cave where upon entering you are instantly transported to a world of intrigue and delights. You would never place this house in East Sussex.

Bohemian Kitchen Perfection

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Boho kitchen that uses natural finishes to create a cosy and relaxed vibe.
A combination of open shelving and cupboards allows there to be a feeling of openness whilst providing accessible storage.

There’s nothing like natural rustic finishes to add a cosy and relaxed vibe to a home. Kitchens can predominately feel clinical and uninteresting. Nadia’s kitchen, by comparison, shows how the use of contrasting natural finishes can add interest whilst defining each zone. From the variance of treated/untreated wood to the exposed brickwork, each surface provides a warm, relaxed environment to sit back and enjoy. Anyone for a cuppa?

Lighting Interest

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Boho kitchen that uses natural finishes to create a relaxed cosy vibe.

Not conforming to conventional lighting, Nadia has created focus and interest by using different lighting applications to her home too. I particularly love how the lighting she has chosen not only provides essential task lighting but also adds pockets of visual warmth.

Bohemian Greenery

Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini | Boho living room fireplace
Nadia’s go-to shop for her beautiful specimens is the wonderful Abigail Ahern.

Adding greenery whether faux or real lifts any style interior. Plants look incredibly lush against the darker backgrounds and Nadia’s choice of plants add architectural qualities as well as instilling life into her home. They’re also great for our wellbeing too.

DESIGN TIP: Darker colours absorb light, and shadows are less legible in darker coloured spaces. To prevent a space from looking gloomy, it’s important to add some light-reflective materials. Darker palettes also rely on textural contrast to create interest more than lighter colour schemes. Sheepskins and cowhides are a popular way of adding texture as well as natural woven materials such as wicker and rattan.

How To Use Texture & Colour – The Interior Editor

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s The Bohemian, Dark & Inviting Home of Nadia Martini house tour! Don’t forget, you can follow Nadia’s interiors journey over on Instagram here. And if you’d like to have a chance to have your own home featured, why not join in with myself and my fellow hosts of @eclectically_made.

Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by!

Maria xx

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  • Reply Renaud February 21, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    Nadia’s home certainly looks opulent. I like her bold use of colour.

    Have a lovely weekend.


    • Reply Maria February 21, 2020 at 7:26 pm

      It really is opulent and her use of colour is fabulous 👌🏻✨😍 thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend Renaud!

  • Reply desingmeloveme August 25, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    I love the maximalist vibe going on here, Nadia has really helped make this livable as well as dramatic and unique

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