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#Recycled Paper Lights – Sustainable Living

February 1, 2017

How are we all? If you managed to get through Dry January without a drop, well done to you!! Personally, I’ll be raising a mug or two of coffee to the arrival of February as I’m currently feeling under the weather, but still, here’s to Spring knocking at our door…… Cheers!

Right, let’s get down to business with today’s post……

#Recycled Paper Lights – Sustainable Living

It’s becoming easier to adopt an eco-friendly approach to decorating our homes as designers are providing us with some fantastic alternatives that are not only sustainable, but are stylish too. To inspire you, we are returning to some Sustainable Living inspiration by way of #Recycled Paper Lights.


Magazine Pendant Light by Dyberg Larsen

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Available from Littlemillhouse

First up is this fun Illumin Magazine light. It’s available from the Little Mill House, who are an online interiors brand offering a whole host of eco-friendly goodness for your homes. Definitely worth a look.

The Illumin is made from layer upon layer of polypropylene leaves designed with reused magazine pages. It makes for a unique pendant light that offers character and diffused lighting. It reminds me of the iconic PH Artichoke designed by Poul Henningsen, but with an eco-friendly fun twist to it.

Good To Know: The pendant requires some simple assembly at home. The pendant comes complete with a 3 meter fabric cable and ceiling rose. It measures 45cm in diameter and 40cm in height. It requires a small E27 bulb 60W max.

Create Your Own Illumin Pendant Light by Dyberg Larsen

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Available from Littlemillhouse

If you thought that the Illumin pendant was fun, then it get’s better as I discovered they also do a Create Your OwnIllumin pendant.  I’m thinking it’ll be perfect for children’s bedrooms, where you could use pages from favourite story books, comics….  Or for the romantics out there, why not reincarnate old love letters or notes….. it is Valentines soon after all.

Barborka Design – Minimal Big Hoc

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Eco paper lamp Kitchen pendant light Nordic style by Barbaroka Design

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

BarborkaDesign Paper Eco White Oryginal Hoc Big

Barborka Design offers a range of different lamps that are simple, minimalist, with a choice of forms using recycled magazines.  A variety of shapes are available to choose from, and are sold through her Etsy store. Barborka makes her beautiful pendants to order in Poland.

Although most of her designs are predominately white in colour, there are scattered fragments of text and colour throughout, providing you with glimpses of the once written word and imagery. There’s a choice of coloured flex  to add a pop of colour too, which I love.

The Minimal pendant lampshade Hoc Big (featured above), provides great ambient lighting as its light bulb is partly exposed. You could add a decorative light bulb too.

It’s also practical, lightweight, durable and water and temperature resistant so there’s no excuse not to add into your considerations.

Good To Know: Recycled paper is coated with several layers of ecological clear matt varnish. Size: diameter 50 cm, height 13 cm. Lamp power cord included. Wipe clean.

UFO Side Lamp

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Available from Dezigne

Don’t you just love this retro classic UFO style lamp? Made from recycled cardboard, it looks like it might just take off! Light, and durable due to the  layers of cardboard, it provides the texture and look of wood. Personally, I’m loving the off white design, but it does come in zingy yellow or natural brown. Mounted on a metal tripod it is designed to look good on or off and bring an interesting element into a room. Cardboard Boutique are the creators behind this and other lighting designs. Their ethos is to use predominately repurposed materials such as cardboard and Corex. Corex by the way is the material used for making For Sale signs for houses.
Good to Know: Width of shade 12″. Total height with tripod 16″


Recycled Paper Lamps – Maria Fiter of Crea-re Studio

Industrial Lighting Pendant Light – Globe

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Globe Paper Lamp Shade Available from

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Globe Paper Lamp Shade Available from

Maria Fita’s beautiful recycled paper lamps are handcrafted from used newspapers collected from local bars and pubs in Barcelona. Because they are handmade no two are alike, making each one completely different. You can learn more about the process and her story by visiting Maria’s atelier page.

The Globe design above, refers to the shape of the Earth with it’s nucleus the source of light, which brings it alive. The structure of makes a play on dry, cracked soil, and was inspired by the paintings of Polish Grupa Nowohucka. Globe is part of a collection of lamps connected by the common name “Copernicus”.

Good To Know: – 41 cm/ 16 inch diameter – 36 cm/ 14 inch height. Also available in other dimensions: – 30 cm/ 11,8 inch diameter – 22 cm/ 8,6 inch diameter

Moon Scraplight Pendant White

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Available from E-side

The first time I came across the iconic Graypants Scraplight lampshades, I instantly fell in love, and now they are available in crispy moon White goodness, so there’s no excuse not to consider one.

Custom hand-made with pure white corrugated cardboard and precision cut on advanced machinery. The Scraplight omits a rustic warmth to a room, and are without a doubt, an eye-catching lighting feature.

Good To Know: Requires  1x 40W (small) and 1 x 60W (medium and large) maximum incandescent – E27 socket | 230V 50Hz | Class II. Includes a 2 meter black fabric cord and a black powder coated steel canopy


Egg of Columbus E27 Ø 35 cm Set 4 Pendant lamp



#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Italian designer, Valentina Carretta of Fabrica, has designed these lamps for Seletti from coarse paper like the kind used in egg boxes. Available in three sizes, the Egg of Columbus combines a shade made of moisture-resistant recycled paper with a ceramic lamp holder, and fabric cord. Carretta’s inspiration came from the great explorer, Christopher Columbus, and how he challenged his detractors to make an egg stand on its tip. When they gave up, he did it himself by tapping the egg on a table to flatten its tip, thereby demonstrating how an idea can seem easy once you know how it’s done.

Good To Know:  Available in pink natural, blue, green, anthracite. Dimensions: diameter 35 cm


Tide Lamp 

#Recycled Paper Lights - Sustainable Living

Available from Dezigne


Inspired by the sea and piers, the Tide Light offers the design concept of how light is seen through the lattice-work as your walk along a pier. Recyclable cardboard is one of the materials used by Cardboard Boutique, whose whole purpose is to create lighting using repurposed materials such as cardboard and Corex.

Good To Know: Available in red, yellow, off-white, black or natural brown.

Sustainable design is without a doubt inspiring and imaginative don’t you think?


Until next time, thank you for taking time out to read today’s post and for any likes, and shares. It’d be lovely to hear from you to….




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  • Reply Amanda Dodds-Hooson July 8, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    I do try to add as much eco-friendly stuff into designs as possible, though this is not always achievable, especially when dealing with Grade I Listed buildings. However, the range of items available has grown massively, so there is room for everyone to try and incorporate at lest one or two items that are eco-friendly :) These light fittings are beautiful, the industrial pendant is particularly beautiful. Maria, you incorporate far too many ‘buy me’ items in your blog, it takes me all my time to resist!!! Fantastic post, and a great way of highlighting one of many eco-friendly approaches to design. :) xx

    • Reply Maria July 8, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      Thanks Amanda :D Yes, we can all do our little bit for the environment and there’s so much more choice available now, and I love unearthing new eco-friendly interior finds. Every little helps as they say. Thanks again for stopping by :D xx

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