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Neo Mint – The Colour of 2020

March 22, 2019
How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020

We’re stepping into Spring with a little bit of colour to brighten up these somewhat grey days we’ve been having. Neo Mint has been described as big news for 2020. Of course, it’s already filtering its way into our interior choices so I thought we’d take a look at this versatile colour.

WSGN is a trend forecasting company and like Pantone, they put a lot of thought into what will be hot for interiors and fashion and Neo Mint is their prediction for 2020.

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint inspired rug set in a contemporary dining room.
Graphic Jungle Green Rug from £339 from

You have to admit that Neo Mint sounds and looks a bit of an ice cream colour. It’s a soft, fresh, clean hue that fits right in with the other muted candy colours that have been seeping into our interiors lately. It also pairs beautifully with pink which is still hugely popular and shows no sign of going away.

A Neo Mint Tale…

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Glitterati Plan Neo Mint wallpaper to introduce a fresh clean look to your home decor.
Glitterati Plain Pattern Wallpaper from £17.99 per roll from 

Before we begin to delve into Neo Mint and what it has to offer, I actually have a bit of a confession to make about this colour. It isn’t exactly that new to the I.E. Household and I’m not so sure we will be indulging in it again.

Before I moved into the Hubs house, he had, in fact, Neo Minted practically every part of his living room spaces. From curtains and cushions to painted walls. And, lest I forget, a luxuriously deep pile carpet that he was renowned for vacuuming as if it was a lawn. Yes, we did indeed have Neo Minted stripes in our carpet.

The Hubs had quite literally embraced this colour to it’s fullest. That was 14 years ago and I’m most definitely NOT going to tell him, he was ahead of the game. If I did, he might just want that carpet back! So swiftly moving on let’s see what offerings there are and, of course, a better way to utilise this predicted colour of 2020.

How To Use Neo Mint – The Colour of 2020

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 Selection of Neo Mint wallpaper inspired designs for your home decor.
Botanical Fruit Flower Wallpaper from £14.99 per roll from 
Paradise Garden Bird Wallpaper from £13.99 per roll from   
Glitterati Plain Pattern Wallpaper from £17.99 per roll from 

As with any colour, it all boils down to personal preference and more importantly how you want your homes/spaces to feel. Colour, after all, is the first thing we notice when stepping into a room.

If you’re looking for a change and like Neo Mint, then there’s nothing stopping you. As I’ve said before, trends come and go but if you are truly drawn to a particular colour (the Hubs obviously was), then I say go for it. Just make sure you and your partner agree!

The Philosphy of Neo Mint…

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Darwin Loveseat from Darlings of Chelsea for a more vibrant pop of Neo Mint to your living spaces.

Darwin Loveseat, Amalfi Duck Egg – Darlings of Chelsea

This cool-toned colour has been set as a colour that heralds the start of a new decade. Embodying an optimistic mood with advances in technology and science. It also represents new life, oxygenating nature and plant matter.   Whether or not you agree with the proverbial hype that normally accompanies colour trends, it all just boils down to personal tastes. After all, Pantone’s Ultra Violet last year really didn’t appear to cut it with many shying away from it completely. Maybe, Neo Mint will do better. I’ll be on the lookout. In the meantime, I thought we’d take a closer look…

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint wallpaper "Which came First" by Paperboy Interiors

PaperBoy Interiors ‘Which Came First’ mint wallpaper – PaperBoy Interiors Ltd

As a lover of all things green, Neo Mint has a fresher cleaner look to it than the previous greens that we’ve been seeing in recent years. Sage green (my personal favourite as we’ve painted both our kitchen and bedroom in it) was one of the most popular colour searches on Pinterest last year.


How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 | Neo Mint inspired wallpaper. Bits & Pieces by Karlie Klum introduces pattern and colour to your walls.
Bits & Pieces Wallpaper by Karlie Klum
Lime Lace

It’s a fact that a lot of us lack colour confidence when decorating especially our walls which is why so many play it safe with neutral shades. Not surprising then that there’s still a lot of popularity for grey. It’s a shame when you think about it as our walls are the backdrop to our rooms. Colour and pattern can really make a room sing and change how you feel about a space. Neo Mint has an uplifting feel-good factor to it that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

How To Use Neo Mint Colour of 2020 - Paradise Garden Bird wallpaper that introduces Neo Mint Colour of 2020 into your home decor choices. Perfect for adding pattern and subtle colour that is uplifting and calming.
Paradise Garden Bird Wallpaper from £13.99 per roll from   

I particularly like the array of wallpaper choices available that introduce other soft candy-like colours that add some warmth to this cool hue and prevent it from making a room look and feel cold.

Look To Your Floors…

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Introduce Neo Mint into your homes through a choice of rugs that add texture and colour to your floors.
York Rug in Mint from £39 – from
Prism Rug in Green from £159 from
Pearl Shaggy Rug in Mint from £84.99 from

After walls, floors are the next largest expanse in a room. Rather than opt for carpet as the Hubs once did, I’d suggest a rug or two. They’re a great way to introduce your preferred colour and they add interest to a room with their texture. We’re currently in the process of freshening up our connecting living rooms and rugs are on our list to get. They can really help transform a room especially if you’re on a small budget.

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Prism rug in Green introduces Neo Mint with complimentary grey to your home decor.
Prism Rug in Green from £159 from

If funds are limited rugs or your flooring has seen better days, rugs are your new best friend.

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Monsieur Mint Canvas Print from Lime Lace that adds a pop of Neo Mint to your walls.

Monsieur Mint Canvas Print – Lime Lace

Remember, if you’re opting to introduce Neo Mint with a rug, you’ll need to introduce it in smaller doses of accessories such as cushions or throws to create a cohesive scheme. Or why not look to artwork like this fun Mineheart piece from Lime Lace.


How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Holden Shimmering Geo Striped Wallpaper that adds Neo Mint colour and subtle pattern into your homes.
Holden Shimmering Geo Striped Wallpaper £11.99 from

If you have fallen deeply madly in love with Neo Mint, you can, of course, go for a monochrome design scheme. Just ensure you balance it out with textures. Natural wood is perfect at adding warmth to cooler colourschemes. You may want to think about introducing some black/grey hues too, as these will add some substance to the room and prevent it from looking wishy-washy.

Vary the types of textures/materials you use when using Neo Mint monochrome design room. It will prevent it from looking and feeling bland. You don’t want to be residing in a Neo Mint box like we did! Think of adding pattern into your decor choices.

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Holden Shimmering Geo Striped wallpaper is perfect for introducing Neo Mint into your bedrooms. Fresh clean and easy on the eye.
This wallpaper above enables you to play with the Neo Mint colour in its entirety and adds a great deal of interest.
Holden Shimmering Geo Striped Wallpaper £11.99 from

And in case you were wondering… Monochrome isn’t all black and white! It simply refers to a colour scheme that uses a base colour and the shades, tints and hues of that colour to create a cohesive design scheme. Use lots of different finishes/texture and lighting to prevent a room from feeling bland and lifeless.

Calming Bedrooms

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint roman blinds are perfect for this bedroom setting adding a fresh clean look.
Macy Sage Roman blind (from £188) and Gemini Ivory curtains (from £264) by

Neo mint works incredibly well in the bedroom. Whether you prefer a fresh clean look like above, or darker vibes (below). As with nature, any shade of green works well with all colours so you might want to experiment.

You could create a calming soothing vibe to your bedroom spaces with Neo Mint. Add small doses by way of accessories such as throws or why not add to your windows by way of blinds like these from Style at Studio to break up white/neutral walls.

Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint roman blinds add a refined look to dark styled bedrooms.
Neo mint paired with darker walls and metallic touches allows a cleaner more refined look than bolder brighter colours such as reds, yellows.
Lima Spa Roman blind (from £188) and Rumi Silver curtains (from £264) by

Refresh Those Kitchens & Bathrooms

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo mint blinds add a touch of fresh clean colour to kitchens and bathrooms.
Infusion ASC Jade Pleated blinds (from £92) by
Palette Spring Roller blinds (from £80) blinds by
Palette Spring Roller blinds (from £80) by

Most of us like to have a fresh clean look to our kitchens and bathrooms and Neo Mint works well in both. Use those windows to introduce with easy to care for blinds or why not opt to tile those walls.

Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint tile perfect for adding a clean fresh look to bathrooms and kitchens alike.

Original Style Winchester Metropolitan Field Tile Cornflower W.RCR2005 – Original Style

Original Style has the perfect tile for those splashbacks and they would look fab with neutral or darker decor. Just throw in some metallics such as brass to help create some drama if you’re opting for the latter.

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Neo Mint blinds introduce a clean fresh look to kitchen spaces and compliment dark decor choices.
Palette Spring Roller blinds (from £80) by

Investment Pieces…

How To Use Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Harrow Midi Velvet Sofa from Darlings of Chelsea introduces Neo Mint into your living rooms with a fresh clean look.

Harrow Midi Sofa – Darlings of Chelsea

Key pieces such as sofas are a longer-term investment than paint or wallpaper but are worth it if you happen to love the colour. Neo Mint is a versatile colour to introduce to your living rooms. This velvet sofa from Darlings of Chelsea would look great styled with metallics to add a touch of glam in a darker styled room. Or why not introduce those other candy shades for an uplifting and fun look.

Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - 366 Armchair from Lime Lace is the perfect occasional armchair to add a pop of Neo Mint colour into your living rooms.

366 Armchair – Velvet Collection – Lime Lace

If a sofa is too much of an investment there is always an occasional chair that would be perfect for adding a pop of colour into a corner of a room.

There’s Always Tea!

Neo Mint - The Colour of 2020 - Good Morning mugs from Audenza - 3 colour choices are available including Neo Mint.

Good Morning Mug (available In 3 Colours) AUDENZA

Finding yourself not ready to delve completely into Neo Mint? Well, there’s always tea, or coffee in my case, with a beautiful new Neo Mint mug. Now that’s an idea…

Are we ready for the next big colour trend? Or have you been there before like we have? It’d be lovely to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx

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  • Reply Lucy March 24, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    I really like it. It’s very uplifting. Especially love the sofa from Darlings of Chelsea x

    • Reply Maria April 3, 2019 at 8:24 am

      Isn’t it just! And the sofa from Darlings of Chelsea is fabulous. I’d have it in any colour! x

  • Reply Lin Warwick March 24, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    Great post! – I am in the middle of renovating a house and all the doors hadn’t been painted for about thirty years and were either orange or mint green. So don’t think this colour is going to be for me.

    • Reply Maria April 3, 2019 at 8:27 am

      Thanks Lin! Oh my goodness, I can only imagine the horrors of 30 years and not surprised your steering away from both orange and mint green!

  • Reply Catherine Cornelissen March 24, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    I can’t say it’s my favourite colour, but I particularly love it on the velvet Darlings of Chelsea sofas you’ve so tastefully picked out! I can see the appeal and it’s a very subtle colour that feels fresh!

    • Reply Maria April 3, 2019 at 8:30 am

      I agree it particularly looks rather fabulous in velvet with the Darlings of Chelsea sofa. Thanks Catherine.

  • Reply Mary Middleton | hello peagreen March 27, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    There’s lot of mint in fashion at the moment (COS and M&S both have it in) so I’m not surprised its being hailed as an interiors colour to watch. It’s not really my colour but pastel lovers will be over the moon. I really like the Bits & Pieces Wallpaper by Karlie Klum above!

    • Reply Maria April 3, 2019 at 8:31 am

      Yes, it’s filtering through everywhere at the moment. I’m with you on the Bits and Pieces wallpaper as it’s a more subtle way to introduce neo mint with complimentary colours.

  • Reply seasonsincolour March 27, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    It was all good until I got lost into a rabbit hole on the Rug Seller website. Pretty standard for me on a Wednesday (crying emoji here). Well isn’t it a great colour. I did a little youtube clip about if anyone is interested! The Limelace wallpaper terrazzo oh-em-gee !

    • Reply Maria April 3, 2019 at 8:33 am

      Oh Jenny, it’s so easy to do and I find myself doing the same when researching for these posts! And what a great Youtube clip! Thanks for sharing x

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