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An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment – Window Film

October 3, 2017
An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film


After all the excitement of  Meeting The Designers last week, I thought we’d take a break and take a look at our windows today. The fact that I’ve happened to break my only pair of reading glasses, has also found me in a somewhat rather peculiar position of playing a game of Computer Statues. Not one I’d recommend as I’ve discovered it requires great skill balancing glasses on one’s nose and not being able to move at all. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but to say it’s been a difficult challenge is an understatement. So forgive me if there are any typos,  as I’m quite blind without them!

Right onto today’s business of our windows before they fall off again….

An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment – Window Film


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

Muscat by MissPrint for The Windowfilm Company

Instagram is a wonderful visual sourcebook and one of my favourite hunting grounds for soaking up some interior goodness and inspiration. It also happens to be where I discovered The Window Film Company via surface pattern designer, Mini Moderns.

I love finding quick and easy ways to update our homes and, I think you’ll agree, a hell of a lot cheaper than their alternatives too. I also apologise for what appears to be an emerging pattern of mine; finding products that use the peel and stick method as in my previous posts Furniture Wrap and Alternatives to SplashBacks. I assure you it’s purely coincidental and not my reverting back to my childhood love of arts and crafts although the I.E. hubs thinks otherwise, but we’ll ignore him.


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

As with most products today, advances in technology such as digital printing has meant that window films are becoming an increasingly popular decorative solution. They not only provide solar control (sunlight), privacy, and safety but are perfect for adding decorative touches to your homes. The film itself is long-lasting and durable, making it suitable for application in demanding locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.



An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

If you’ve never heard of The Window Film Company before, they’ve been going since 1998, supplying and installing cost-effective solutions for commercial and residential properties.

With state of the art UV and solvent-based printers, they have the ability to carry out all printing in-house, ensuring exceptional quality and speedy turnaround times for projects with tight deadlines.


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

Jane Foster Design for The Windowfilm Company

What’s exciting about The Window Film Company is that they have recently collaborated with some of the best graphics, surface and interior designers to bring you an array of wonderful pattern design. Designers such as Mini Moderns, Miss Print, Layla Faye, Kate Farley, Lindsey Lang and Jane Foster. See an amazing abundance of talent, you’re sure to find something you’ll like.


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

Kate Farley Design for The Windowfilm Company

Their Kate Farley design above has recently been shortlisted for a 2017 House Beautiful award and I can see why it’s stunning don’t you think?!


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

C-60 by Mini Moderns – The Windowfilm Company

Your children might not remember tape cassettes, but there’s nothing stopping you from introducing this super cool C-60 design by Mini Moderns to their spaces.


How To

It really is a peel and stick job, but just so you know how easy it is to apply, I’ve kindly included a video from The Window Film Company to allay any fears you may have. If you don’t want to be hands-on, they also offer a fitting service.



Reasons To Consider Window Film

Well apart from the amazing choice of designs available and the need or wanting to add some subtle pattern to your windows, there are other reasons why you might want to add window film to your homes.


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

You may want to consider using them in your shower/bathrooms, perfect for fixed glazed shower doors. And especially great if you wake up like me in the morning feeling a bit like a zombie groping around until you’re able to find focus.


An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

Cactus Design – The Windowfilm Company

If you don’t want to be scaring the neighbours or passers-by when you decide to stay in your jimjams for the day then window film might be the answer as it provides a great privacy.  An example of which is the on-trend Cactus design above; printed in perfect detail in pure white ink, it provides an added decorative element to frosted film. The Windowfilm Company’s Frostbrite film provides your glazing with the classic appearance of acid-etched glass, preventing vision from both sides of the glass, whilst allowing good levels of natural light to pass through. I like the fact that this design is visible both internally and externally.



An Alternative Quick & Easy Window Treatment - Window Film

Lindsey Lang for The Windowfilm Company

Since most of us have long since banished net curtains, sunlight streaming in through your windows can cause a problem when it comes to our furniture and flooring. With window film in place, you’ll be saving them from fading and also the cost of replacing them. There’s also no reason why you can’t combine curtains as well as window film as you get the best of both worlds during the day and at night.

Having mainly explored their decorative ranges today, I have to say that The Windowfilm Company have a window film for every solution from heat, glare, security and even troublesome conservatories. If you love colour they also do coloured window film too. You might want to head on over to their website here and have a smooch about. It’s well worth a look.

Right balancing act over, I’m heading off to the opticians in the hope that I’ll have a new pair of glasses before resuming writing my next post or two!


Until next time, thanks as ever for stopping by!

Maria x










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