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The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

November 27, 2018
The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Whilst shopping this Christmas, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see a llama or two on your travels. It appears, the unicorn may have had its heyday and we’re all set to embrace the fluffy, cuddly llama instead.

Less mystical than your unicorn, the cheeky fun-loving llama is one to watch out for when it comes to your home especially when it comes to children’s decor. Although there’s no saying you can’t add a llama or two to your own spaces if you decide you like him too. Or maybe you’ll be donning the latest llama clothing as there appears to be plenty to choose from too.

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Llamas appear to have become part of a natural progression from the global trends that we have seen in recent years. Here’s some of my favourite llama finds to date.


Kids Decor

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Hipster llama – Pixers Available worldwide

If there’s one room in the house that you might be tempted to introduce the fun-loving Llama it would be the kid’s bedroom. This South American animal is set to add a friendly face that your kids will love. He’s a lot fluffier and cuddly than your unicorn that’s for sure. And you get to indulge your inner child animal lover too.


Pyjama Case

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Snuggle Me – Llama Pyjama Case Pillow – Debenhams

I have to admit that I haven’t come across a pyjama case pillow since I was a kid when we all had to make one at school which fell apart. It was replaced with a pink fluffy pyjama case pillow that also doubled up as a secret place to hide the odd sweet or two from my brothers.

If I were a kid again this soft and cuddly llama case from Aroma Home is definitely something that I would want to snuggle up to. The simple zip opening on the back makes it very easy to use and when filled with pyjamas it can be used as a comfy pillow, making it an ideal companion on journeys and sleepovers.  Dimensions (HWD): 36 x 30 x 12cm. Price: £18

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

LESS DRAMA MORE LLAMA Colourful Metal Sign Llama Lover Gift Luck & Luck

I could definitely do with this sign in our home especially with the daughter having moved back home recently. Get your message across to those loved ones. Perfect for all Llama lovers and would make a perfect stocking filler. Size 24x19cm approx. to be hung as shown with wire attached. Price: £5.95

Llama Those Walls

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Back to school| Fluffy Llamas Pixers

Pixers have gotten the Llama trend spot on with their absolutely fabulous wall murals. For those of you that prefer a more neutral background and larger than life Llamas to feed your child’s imagination. This wall mural is made from durable vinyl that allows the walls to breathe as well as being environmentally friendly as it’s made from sustainable materials. Price: £218


The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Back to school| The World of Llamas Pixers

Another wall mural from Pixers this time The World of Llamas. It introduces a softer colour scheme to a child’s bedroom. Again this vinyl wall mural is matte, durable and is made from ecological material. Great for those of you that may have a little Tasmanian devil on your hands and the need for something practical and hard-wearing. Price: £301


The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Llama Green Striped Cushion Red Candy

Whether you want to jazz up the sofa or want to add some interest to a bedroom scheme the llama is all set to do his stuff. I’m particularly taken with this one from Red Candy. You’ll be getting two for one on trends with lines of cartoon Llamas and green cacti print. Made from soft faux suede, giving it a luxuriously plush feel and ideal for getting comfy on. Price:  £38.


The Arty Llama

Next up, I thought I’d introduce you to a local up-and-coming artist to myself, Samantha Brooks.  This is Sam’s fab take on the Llama trend. Sam has recently started using origami as the basis to her art. And this fun Llama poster would add a wonderful abstract graphic quality to your walls. And a 15×10 inch poster will cost you as little as £10!


The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Fiona Walker England Llama Felt Animal Head – Wall Mounted Hurn & Hurn

Adding a 3D aspect to your child’s wall is the llama felt head. Easy to hang with a single hook on the back supported by a bamboo cane inside. It’s handmade by Fiona Walker England which in turn makes each llama rather unique. He’s also environmentally friendly too. Who could resist such a charming face as his? Price: £75


The Christmas Llama


The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Llama Christmas Bedding – Marks and Spencers

You can’t beat Marks and Spencers for quality bedding and they’ve obliged you with some fun llama loving Christmas bedding that offers the alternative to snowflakes and the like.

Fluffy llamas all decked out for the holidays with twinkly lights, holly leaves and Santa hats.  It’s made from a soft cotton mix material to keep you cosy, and the reversible duvet cover gives you two styling possibilities. Price: £17.50 – £29.50

The Alternative Christmas Llama

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Rainbow Party Llama – Hanging Ornament – heartfelthandmade

Not just for Christmas this Rainbow hand-felted Party Llama is something to cherish year in year out. He would look fantastic as part of an alternative Christmas decor.

You can also have this colourful llama personalised with a neck banner/pennant. Choose a name, age or short message.

Handmade using wool blend felt and pom pom trim galore! He has a handmade glitter fabric tassel and party hat. He measures approx. 12 cms wide and 18 cms tall, that’s 4.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Price: £17

The Fun Loving Llama Home Trend

Fiestive Llama Decoration – Talking Tables

Lastly, who can resist this Christmas llama from Talking Tables.  I have to say they have nailed every aspect of the llama trend with 101 different ways to decorate your table with this friendly fella. He’d make the perfect party centrepiece don’t you think? Price: £24

I’ll leave you with the three wise llamas from Samantha Brooks as a last attempt to find your inner llama love and to get you into the Christmas spirit.  If that is, you haven’t already…..


Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Maria xx

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